Things I wasn't ready for in Insurrection

1. Bastion skin
2. Orisa skin
3. Gabriel Reyes in a tank top
4. Trainee Pharah
5. Orisa skin
6. GaBrIEL ReYEs in a TaNK tOP
7. Widowmaker midrif
9. Sombra hacking a coffee machine

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Young Avengers x Young Justice (comic/cartoon) crossover? I love reading your opinions! Have a great day!

Aw, that’s really sweet. okay…

Kate and Artemis would be bonding over why both their costumes have open midrifs (and yes I know Kate’s had other costumes. I don’t care). 

Cassie meets the Atom and wonders how he managed to shrink. There’s a science conversation in there somewhere. Then Bumblebee comes in and the two have an entire event thing going on at a really small level and Bublebee gives her great design input on her costume for when she becomes Stinger. 

Tommy and Kid Flash probably start out racing to see who’s faster. (Tommy’s faster because he manipulates time in space) and then gets super psyched to learn about the Speed Force and how it works….while the two are eating  lots and lots of food. 

Teddy and M’Gann would totally be bonding as alien shape-shifters would. There’s no question there. He later talks to Superboy and they bond too. 

Billy would kind of be floating, he’d be trying not to stare at Dick or fangirl over seeing Batman and Wonder Woman and discussing magic stuff with Zatana.  Later he and Batwoman have an epic discussion on being gay and Jewish and superheroes. 

Eli starts off brooding in the corner and then gets into a cool conversation with Dick and Barbara and then Kate joins and there’s a conversation about being superheroes with no powers. 

Vision would be really fascinated by Red Tornado and the fascinating way Blue Beetle’s Beetle works. 

The Young Justice gang tell them about Atlantis when Kaldur comes in, and then Billy says something to the effect of “So is your king a dick like the king of our Atlantis?” And the Young Justice kids are confused because Aquaman is a really good guy and really nice. 

They tell  them all about the Avengers and about the Guardians of The Galaxy. 

“You mean like the Lantern Corps?” Asks Wally. 

“Sure,” Tommy would reply, “Except less organized, more variety of powers, and waaaaay more annoying.” 

“Don’t forget the talking Raccoon.” 

“How could anyone forget that,” replied Kate with a monotone. 

Then (I’m cheating a bit) Lady Blackhawk comes in and five minutes into talking to her, Cassie goes “Let us introduce you to our friend and mentor. Steve. 


I want to talk about the women of Stargate, this show came out in 1997, and managed to have several incredibly well-developed strong women.

Samantha Carter: The face of the show and the actress is named the Grand Empress of Scifi. Sam herself is an incredible character. She was treated not only like a person, but respected as the military officer she was. She crushed anyone who dared to treat her differently for being a woman and one of her first lines of Stargate was “ I’m an Air Force officer just like you are, Colonel. And just because my reproductive organs are on the inside instead of the outside, doesn’t mean I can’t handle whatever you can handle.” She crushed their sexist views and immediately held respect ever since. She is considered the smartest, one of the toughest, and most beautiful women on base. 

Janet Fraiser: Firstly she was an in charge and ready to tell you what to do kind of doctor. She was known on the show to hold herself in a lady-like decorum, but the minute she saw you do something that could endanger your life she took charge. She was smart and unafraid of anything the SGC threw at her. She adopted an alien girl whose whole planet had been exterminated and became a single mom. She lost her husband long before joining the SGC, but never let it affect what she did. Janet Fraiser was not afraid to be bossy or feminine and knew that those two things will never be mutually exclusive. 

Carolyn Lam: Carolyn was never considered a big member of the show by many fans, but she was just as strong and able as anyone else. She stepped in as almost a replacement for Janet after her death. Her father was the leader of the SGC and was estranged from her for years, but she still took a job she knew would boost her career and be a life changing experience. Carolyn had the least face time of anyone of SG1, but she had an immense amount of character-development that made her relatable to anyone with estranged and divorced parents.

Elizabeth Weir: Known for being one of the smartest people to ever cross the US government. She was a semi-diplomat mainly working in creating peace-treaties at dangerous waring countries. She was brought in by the NID because they thought she would be easy to control. In reality she broke more rules than any other leader of Atlantis, but saved it more than any leader ever will. She was smart and well-versed more focused on her work than her dating life but they never made her seem like she was broken or lost without one. They made her seem like a normal adjusted woman who chose to focus on her work and didn’t need a man to satisfy her.

Teyla Emmagon: Teyla was an alien woman who was also leader of her tribe who joined the Atlantis expedition in the hopes of keeping her people safe. Even though she wore an outfit that showed off her midrif, but no one ever saw her as a sexual object. She was treated with respect and was one of the best fighters in the Pegasus galaxy and was the only person on base able to take on Ronan Dex, the strong giant outcast of the base. She fought for her people and was cool-tempered never letting herself get over-emotional.

Jennifer Keller: Jennifer was never considered the strongest woman at Atlantis, but she was definitely not the weakest. She had character development out the wazoo and she was only on the show two or three seasons. They treated her like human being and became a valued part of the Atlantis team. Many people may think of her as just a love-interest for Rodney, but was so much more than that. She was a child protegee with pressure on her almost her entire life but she never let it over-whelm her and she became a doctor in another galaxy.

Vala Mal Doran: Probably one of the most unappreciated characters by the fan. She is considered over-sexualized and just a love-interest for Daniel. To me however she is just sexy and yes, at first she may have been there only to create love-interest for Daniel, but she became so much more. She became Sam’s best friend after Janet’s death and helped her move on in ways Sam couldn’t do on her own. She helped Daniel move past losing his wife and gave him a chance at love again. She crushed the patriarchy all while looking cute and being an alien on a foreign planet. Along with being an ex-con who had to prove herself worthy of being in SG1. She was a sexy cunning woman who was way more than a love-interest and was treated as such.

In conclusion Stargate was an incredible series that treated their women like people and developed their characters in ways other shows have yet to follow.