First of all I apologize for everything and second, please don’t kill me for this. I am a terrible human being to be honest.

Also, please don’t repost!

EDIT: I inittially took inspiration of this post to do this comic but I couldn’t find the link to it. I got it now though so here you go but a dog dies in this so if you don’t want to double the tears I advise not to click it-

“Don’t try to steal my boyfriend, greenie!”

So I watched Maze Runner today and nobody can actually tell me Gally and Newt aren’t secretly a thing and that Thomas just messed it all up when he walked in! Man, I actually have actual stuff to work on but I had to get this out of my system… Might do some more fanart for this movie/books when I get the time though!!


So today I was on a roll and did all this during the afternoon night! The first one is actually for the facebook group “Daily SpitPaint” where you have 30 min to draw something with one of the daily themes so I did the Ocean Ballet one with Pearl from Steven Universe! That’s also why it looks so unfinished but I might work more on it some other time.

Everything else were palette requests over twitter! Except the other Pearl in there and the dark haired guy in the last drawing (which belongs to dserpentes) they are all original characters!

I did this little doodle of my character Edgar last night and I just have to share because look at this sun kissed idiot. Too pure for this world if it wasn’t for the fact he is homeless and a witch/necromancer. On other news though I have been working for a Indie Game Dev team and that has been using up all my time but hopefully I can share some work from that soon!


A while back I posted a few concept art drawings I had done of Miranda and of her clothes but in the meanwhile I drew up all this other characters from my comic so here you go. Starting at the top we have Felix and his sister, Helena, then Tiago and Miguel and to finish it off Irene and Eleazar. I also did a height comparison chart including Miranda!

On other news though, I just gotta revise the pages a little bit but I should start posting the second chapter really soon!


This is it guys! I am starting up a webcomic that will hopefully update weekly. For now though I am working on the introductory chapter which will be sold as a physical copy in Comic Con Portugal in December! It will obviously take longer to post so if any of you portuguese folk is curious stop by my table at the Artist’s Alley!

As for the ones that can’t make it, as I said above, this is also a webcomic and you can follow it HERE! I’d really appreciate it if you stick around to see this story of my silly OCs grow! 

I should make a sketch dump of things related to this story soon too.

Since I haven’t had the time to draw outside of school work and the wbecomic at all I will just leave this work for my concept art here. We had to create a new vehicle and so I came up with this hover motorbike. The text is in portuguese but it doesn’t really say anything in special. I was just trying to make this seem like an ad to sell this bike for races.

Either way, enjoy!