My inability to follow recipes usually turns out one of two ways… And luckily this time it was epic 😉👌🏼
Sri Lankan Style Chickpea Curry (inspired by my mum’s recipe)
• Boil dried chickpeas until cooked (or skip if you’re using canned)
• In a pot sauté onions in water with 1tsp each of curry powder, chilli powder and tumeric.
• Add a handful of curry leaves and 1tbsp of mustard paste (not too hot with crushed seeds not smooth)
• Add the boil chickpeas and mix until combined
• Add ½ cup of water and 2tbsp of coconut milk powder (or use fresh instead).
• Cook until you have a smooth curry and everything is mixed - optional add 1tsp of midras curry paste (find this at your local Asian grocery).
• Add a pinch of Himalayan rock salt if you like.
Serve with rice and greens🌿 👌🏼

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