this is a pimp post; ★ Feel my halo; Midoyo ★

 "If you can’t cope with the worst of me, you don’t deserve to be my saint" 

Full name: 张昕泽羽 [Zhang Xin Ze Yu] 
Nicknames: [Midoyo] , Narcissus, Angel, Little Millet Xin
Birthday:  November 26, 1989
Blood type: B 
Star sign: Sagittarius [he seems to heavily believe in horoscopes]
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Talents: Singing, dancing, writing song-lyrics, playing piano, looking like a perfect porcelain doll, having flawless fashion sense [most of the time]
Hobbies: Photographing [read: selca-hoaring], music, watching movies, travelling, eating, sleeping
Pet: Husky


 Notable history: [translated by the lovely arienneee

  • 曾经为中央电视台电视剧《亮亮的世界》演  - previously starring in a drama “Shining world”. [he sang the title song as well]
  • 2005年钢琴之夜 最佳外型奖 - 2005 ‘night of the piano’  best overall award
  • 2006年亚洲魅力星人冠军最佳荧屏奖 - 2006 asia’s charming stars, first in 'best screen award’
  • 2007年《酸甜的心》男生组前三强 -  2007 - 'a sweet and sour heart’ - top three in the male group
  • 2008年韩剧NONSTOP男主角招募全国20强. 2008 in the korean drama NONSTOP, top 20 to be chosen for the male character
  • 2008年去韩国娱乐公司培训. 2008 went to a korean company for training Here is his JYP auditions from 2008. 
  • 2009年南北OK王亚军 2009 nanbei ( a place) , participated in OK-king singing contest, second place
  • 2010年当红不让两期擂主 -2010 played 擂主 (Leizhu)’s character in  红不让两期 (drama).


disclaimer! I do not speak Chinese, and since it’s pretty impossible to find any info about him from western sites, my only source of finding out about him has been google translate and friends’ help, so please deal with me and the possible mistakes. I’m still only trying to find out more about him, but everything’s pretty much under the rock. 

But he does happen to be at least on 

OK-king performance links

超级自恋,不放过任何一个可以反光的东西当作镜子.认真起来,看起来很稳重,很成熟,玩儿起来,性格又会变的很外向,小孩子脾气暴露无疑… 爱打抱不平,很有正义感,很有爱心.. 超级自信…

Described by his friends, he appears to be 'super narcissistic’ [hence the nickname Narcissus]. He’s quite a perfectionist, and doesn’t miss a single thing. He has both a very mature and serious side, well put-together - but when he’s with his friends, he can become quite a child. He’s outgoing and sometimes naive. He has a great sense of justice, and is known for his confidence. Midoyo is a caring friend. 

Little facts: [from Jianghai’s sina [Jiangsu satellite TV - outstanding contestants interviewed] 

  • Favorite book: Twilight-series
  • Favorite person: “my grandmother”
  • The person who loves him the most: “my grandmother”
  • Favorite pet: his first dog PIKA
  • Favorite idols: DBSK, BoA, Chris Brown, Justin [I assume this means Bieber? He didn’t mention surname] - [note! he has SJM’s Blue Tomorrow on replay on his journal page, and he has commented on weibo that he finds Taec of 2PM 'hot’. ]. Lately, he’s been spazzing over an Irish Eurovision duo Jedward 
  • Most adept style: Pop jazz dance
  • Biggest fears: That he won’t get enough sleep [according to his journal entries, he sounds like a rather sleepless person], running out of money [to spend], acne / skin problems [e__e vain guy is vain]
  • Favorite leisure time: playing piano, singing songs he enjoys to people who like to listen them, going to movies
  • Favorite girl type: Generous, temperamental, independent, has a good body, has a good fashion sense, someone he can understand and relate to.
  • Place he wants to visit: Northern Europe [aldkhjkdfhnj!!!!], either alone or with his best friend. 
  • Favorite food: meat, yogurt, fruit and ice cream dumplings 

1. He’s almost like your long-legged Chinese Alexander, but not quite. Midoyo posts a lot of food on weibo, yet still he keeps losing weight. [what is it with me and fashionable chinamen who need someone to feed them?]. 

2. He is a selca-master. I am biased, but I would say that he’s like Zhou Mi when it comes to loving cameras. 

3. He likes honey jasmine tea because a fan gave him once said drink and told him that she liked him, and whenever he drinks honey jasmine tea, he thinks of his fans and the lovely gesture. He cherishes his fans so much. 

4. When he was younger, he nearly drowned in an indoor pool after he finally managed to gather the courage to jump. His friend saved him, and they are still good friends. In moko, he has a whole folder dedicated to his friends [the pictures are single pictures of his friends], called “my <TOP> boyz and <TOP> girls”. Sometimes on weibo, he calls his friends 'darlings’. Or sluts. 6__9

5. He is your special snowflake adorable badboy. A sunshine kitten at heart, but with a rougher edge. He smokes, and is not that quiet about his hangovers / drinking habits. Sometimes his humour is really … perverted. 

6. He also blogs a lot of beauty rants, about his skin condition or puffy eyes or how he needs to shave but he’s so lazy. All this and detailed descriptions of his numerous shopping trips. 

7. He has a thing for vampires. He reads Twilight, is addicted to Vampire Diaries, and has several vampiresque photographs of himself.

8. He has throat problems [just like Zhou Mimi. >: ]

9. He also talks a lot about weather and other random things. According to Midoyo, everyone should be themselves and happiness is easy to find, if you just believe. [more reasons why he is of the sunshine kitten family]

10. He has a thing for angels and angel halos. 

11. He’s an undergraduate. 

12.He is a magical fruitcake unicorn who can post Sailor Moon Doraemon just because he can

Okay first off, this man has absolutely nothing to do with Zhou Mi. He is not him, he is not his brother, cousin, relative, whatever. [Most of the time they look nothing alike anyway.] The closest relation between Midoyo and Zhou Mi is that they share a friend - Kara Chung. This is also how I found out about him in the first place, since I follow KC on weibo, and one day she was having a conversation with Midoyo, and this sparked my interest because I am creepy and it happened to be over one of his pictures where he had a striking resemblance to a Zhou Mi/Kangta lovechild. The end. 

I am still not exactly sure has he debuted or not, I’ve found one MV from baidu, but it doesn’t work [so it might be just a fanmade video as well, but idek]. Please excuse my fail. I’ll add more info if and when I’ll find something :V

  • Listen

midoyo -dbsk

To tell the truth
Ever since I met you
I only thought of you
From when I woke up in the morning until I fell asleep
There was only one thing on my mind

I believe in you… as I look at you
I will send all my feelings for you
I want to keep the feelings I have for you hidden
Even my fears that you might leave me one day

Love is a nervous feeling in your heart
It is like a breathtaking loneliness
Please keep looking at me with the same eyes
Always and forever like this

If I knew you could stay close to me
So that my heart can relax
So that I could see you
I would be very happy

I spent yesterday pretty much creeping on Ze Yu, and oh my goodness this man is absolutely adorable. The way he talks about things is really similar to Zhou Mi, he’s so… positive. And such a perfectionist, and just… Even if  I could only read his journal blog via google trans which sucks, the overall impression was… woah. He made a long post about how he loves honey jasmine tea, and whenever he drinks it, he remembers a girl (fan) gave him a bottle of said tea and told him that she liked him. It was… the way he cherishes the little amount of fans he has [I don’t think he’s a big name in any industry yet?], and how he’s striving to get better… wow, my respect for this man [he’s 22 now] grew so much.  

Midoyo, I hope that life will treat you well. You certainly deserve that. <3 

… Also, he has Blue Tomorrow on replay on his blog page how squishyyy. And he’s a Taec fanboy and loves DBSK. And seems to have thing for angel halos. ;A; <3