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[Scanlation] Shin-chan in Wonderland {KnB DJ, MidoTaka}

Just a short funny piece to start off the holiday season. ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ This is from a MidoTaka fairytale theme anthology; I will be doing 4 short stories from this so please look forward to it (*´▽`*)

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Warning: MidoTaka + rainbows in alice in wonderland costumes, tsundere-ness galore, PG-13

Title: Fushigi no Kuni no Shin-chan (Shin-chan in Wonderland) from Fairy-tale Destiny Anthology

🏀💚  Happy End  💚🏀

I miss midotaka. can’t wait for the announcement of who’s gonna play midorin and takao in the stage play.

Now excuse me why I continue to spazz out from the news that kensho will be playing Kuroko on stage akldjalfjdkjlajlldkl ヽ(๏∀◕ )ノ ….it might be easier to win lottery than getting a ticket to first showing fml OTL

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