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Please #1 for MidoTaka! I love your writing!

Title: De-Feet
Characters/Pairing: Midorima/Takao
Prompt: 1.“Come over here and make me.”
Warnings: T for misuse of furniture.
AN: Thank you for complementing my writing, anon. Here you go, I hope you like it. You guys I’m going to be honest, I don’t think I can keep up this writing schedule. I’m exhausted and I’ve got fics I need to update. I definitely plan to fill the prompts that have been crossed off the list, I just don’t think I can keep posting one every other day. Sorry. In the meantime, please read my MidoTaka series, You’re the One, on AO3.


Midorima Shintarō and Takao Kazunari had been cohabiting for over a month now. You’d think having been high school sweethearts and having spent so much time together during their three years as Shūtoku’s shadow and light would’ve made moving in together a cakewalk. You would think.

If you asked Shintarō, Kazunari was not an easy person to live with. If you asked Kazunari, living with his boyfriend was like living with a cleanliness obsessed dictator. He wasn’t allowed to be comfortable in his own home.

Feet off the furniture, Shintarō would tell him when he came home from class at night and Takao was laying on their deep-burgundy, velvet couch watching television, the hawkeye’s bare tootsies resting comfortably on what was supposed to be the armrest.

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