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How would Shin-chan react if he saw his little sister holding hands or even kissing Takao on his cheek (on a date) when he was hunting for his lucky items alone? And vice versa (since takao also has a little sister, how would he react to his lil sis dating Shin-chan)

Midorima: “I had fun, Kazu.” Midorima heard his sister’s voice from the house. He looked over from the end of the walkway to see who she was talking to. 

“T-” Midorima almost jumped out and shouted at the boy, who happened to be his teammate, Takao Kazunari.

“Me too. Thanks for bringing me out.” He smiled at her, and released his hand from her’s. She stood on her toes and kissed him once on the cheek. Midorima stared, then cleared his throat. The two of them turned and looked at him.

“S-Shin-chan! W-what are you doing here already?” Takao stepped away from the younger Midorima.

“I finished getting some lucky items.” He said blankly. His sister glared at him. 

“You’re early.” She scowled. Midorima shrugged.

“And you’re dating my best friend, nanodayo.” Midorima argued. Takao stepped toward the green haired boy.

“Shin-chan, I’m your best friend?” Takao smiled. Midorima nodded.

“Yes, now go home before you see me yelling at my sister.” 

“Actually, I, Midorima-san, I had fun tonight, but I think I may be in love with a different Midorima.” Takao said sheepishly and glanced at Midorima [Shintarou.]

“Oh. I see. Well, in that case…” She ran into the house and locked the door before the boys could follow.

“Well, that happened, I’m going to leave now, see you at practice Shi-” Takao tried to escape, but he was pulled into Midorima’s arms.

“Thank you.”

“Sorry. I made things awkward.”

“Not really, I appreciate it.” 

“Do you…”


Takao: “Shintarou, thanks for taking me out! I had so much fun.” She grinned at him. He pushed up his glasses.

“I did as well, nanodayo.” He stated, her smile flatlined.

Was that nanodayo thing actually real??

“Well, see you~” She kissed his cheek to be polite, even though she probably wouldn’t go on another date with him…

“Hey, what are you doing?” Takao opened his bedroom window and called down to them.

“N-nothing!” His sister waved and backed into the house.

“Shin-chan, do you want to hang out? Tell my sister to open the door again.” He grinned. Midorima nodded.

“Could you allow me to come inside, nanodayo?” he asked the girl, she rolled her eyes and nodded. She pointed to the staircase and Midorima walked to Takao’s room.

“You were on a date with my sister?” Takao tossed a small basketball to Midorima, who shot it directly through the mini hoop on the door. 

“Yeah, I think she hates me.” Midorima said. Takao giggled.

“Really? I thought you guys had fun.”

“My sign isn’t compatible with hers.” Midorima sat on the bed.

“What’s it compatible with then?

“Scorpio. It seems that signs such as these often combine well, each partner’s strengths balancing the other’s weaknesses, nanodayo.” Midorima stated.

“So? Any scorpio’s you like then?” Takao smirked. Midorima nodded.

“Scorpio includes November 21st.” Takao turned red.

“R-really? That’s nice…well, it’s getting late so you should-”

“Your mom said I could spend the night.” Midorima interrupted. Takao crossed his arms.

“W-well, I’ll pull out the futon then.”

“I’d rather share the bed with you.”

“Oh my god, Shin-chan you’re impossible.” Takao threw his hands up in the air. Midorima grabbed them and stared at Takao.

“If I make you uncomfortable, tell me. If you truly do not return my feelings, say so. I’ll leave as soon as you tell me.” Midorima released his hands. Takao opened and closed his mouth, but couldn’t say anything. Midorima smiled.

“Then, will you go out with me?” Midorima pushed up his glasses.



Drabble: On Second Thought

Drabble: On Second Thought

Pairing: MidoTaka

Prompt: Boredom

Summary: Midorima missed; Takao missed seeing it.

A/N: I’m a Kagakuro lover at heart, but I’m falling more and more in love with MidoTaka by the day.

The Shūtoku gym was in stunned silence. They’d never seen anything like it.

Midorima Shintarou missed.

They’d been playing five-on-five, testing some of the new first-years to see how they’d hold up against a Miracle when Midorima went up for a shot at half court. The ball was only a fraction off, but it slammed hard against the rim before rolling out of bounds.

And Takao was livid.

“You missed, and I missed it! What the hell, Shin-chan? I swear you did that on purpose!”

“Takao! Go run laps! Everyone on the court, rebound next time!” Coach shouted, and Midorima pushed up his glasses and ran back to play defense.

Takao, of course, didn’t let it go as they walked home. “I can’t believe I missed it, and I had to run laps. You’re just cruel, Shin-chan.”

“Shut up, Kazunari.” He only used Takao’s real name when they were alone. “It was your fault anyway.”

“My fault! How the hell is you missing my fault?”

Midorima looked down at him with a fierce expression, and Takao thought Shin-chan would finally snap. Instead, he just hmphed and walked away, muttering, “Stop doing backflips in practice after you score. They’re distracting.”

“Distracting!” He ran to catch up with Midorima. “How the hell are backflips—”

“They mimic other…physical activities we enjoy together,” Midorima explained, his cheeks bright red. He didn’t elaborate, and he didn’t need to. Already, an evil smile was crossing Takao’s mischievous face.

Sure, he missed Midorima’s failed shot again, but Takao loved hearing Midorima shout his name in frustration the next day. And hey, why not give the newbies something to talk about?

“TAKAO!” the coach shouted again. “GO RUN LAPS!”

On second thought…

The End


It’s really frustrating, losing.


黒子のバスケ III
↳ Midorima Shintarou & Takao Kazunari: The Light and Shadow of Shutoku (aka fucking otp yo)

❝Though they have a different style, they’re really similar to you guys. They really look like the light and shadow of Shutoku.❞Hyuga to Kagami & Kuroko