Midorima all offended by Takao’s words like a grumpy cat in the end lol

But, Midorima’s words. LET’S TALK ABOUT MIDORIMA’S WORDS, PLEASE. Midorima Shintarou, the man who (as Aomine said once) liked all the things right, in the right moment and in the right way… The man who got angry at Murasakibara because he was eating his snacks with not proper manners (?), always so demanding about people’s behavior. That was Midorima then, in Teiko… And this is Midorima now, Shuutoku’s Midorima, the Midorima who looked at Hyuuga confronting the referee and, of course, said it was an “intolerable act of stupidity”, but also that he can’t blame him for what he did, because that was just how much he wanted to win.

Because now, Midorima knows. He has been a hard worker even from his Teiko days, when nobody could defeat him… But now Midorima knows, he knows how it feels that desperation of wanting to win, he knows how it feels to do your best and feel that it’s not enough, that you can’t do more to win with your teammates, even when you’re trying so hard. 

And that’s why, Midorima can’t blame Hyuuga for what he did. Because Midorima is too honest all the time even when he’s a tsundere, and he can’t honestly blame someone for doing something he would perfectly do, if he was in the same situation. Because yes, I think so, I think Midorima –the composed, always so well behaved Midorima– would do it. Because he knows the feeling of real passion, now… And passion it’s not something you can always control, no matter how proper your behavior usually is, so sometimes you can’t help doing stupid things, even when you know they’re stupid.

That’s what Midorima’s words meant for me. “I can’t blame you, Hyuuga Junpei, because this is just your passion. Your love for basketball, for your team, the desire in your heart of winning with them, of going to the end with them. I can’t blame you because I love basketball too; I love my teammates too; and I would really do anything to achieve that dream. Even if I know it could be worse at the end, even if it’s just for a little hope of continue fighting, I would do it”.

Midorima Shintarou has grown so much and I’m so, so proud of him.

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RANDOMLY SHOWS UP AND SAYS /do midotaka/ gasp plot twist


Who would throw the other in the pool:

Takao do you even need to ask that is such an ridiculous question. Midorima pulls him after him tho

Who is the better carer when the other is sick:

For a doctor I think Midor is pretty hopeless when it comes to taking care about people so I guess Takao.

Who would force the other to do extreme sports with them:

Takao just to take a piss at shinchan but then he’s also screaming bloody murder bc TERRIFIED. (or more like he both screams and laughs)

Who would cook the better romantic dinner:

Take out. Takao brings candles tho.

Who would build the blanket fort in the living room:

Takao I think and Midorima at first would be annoyed but then he would be aggravated how poorly Takao is doing and so he would do it himself.

Who would have the best holiday ideas:

Takao imo, he’s more into going places, seeing things and meeting people. He’s extremely social and always pulls Midorima to do different things. Midorima agrees as long as they can look for the lucky items.

Who would need to clean out the other’s stuff to make room for their own:

Lucky items.

“Are you ready?” - Ch.1 - KnB

Long Fic! - T-Rated - Delicate matters!
Parings: AKAKURO - MayuMibu - MidoTaka - AoKise - AlexMomo.
|Prologue| - Chapter I is here :)

From the first chapter: Kuroko cried non-stop for the next three days, with his hand firmly holding on his slightly rounded belly, but he didn’t waver on his decision.
Akashi didn’t re-call.

WARNING: M-PREG! and Transgender!Character. Don’t like, don’t read. v.v

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“Kuroko no Basuke” DVD Vol. 4 Audio Drama [Midorima + Takao]
by TheMajesticPoo
translated by Grimmfeather


It’s really frustrating, losing.