Kuroko no Basket Pairing (Twisted one)

I hate to say this but I have to agree that I just can’t ignore all those shounen ai feels in Kuroko no Basket… (I can’t believe that I’m really starting to be into shounen ai this year)

And to tell you the truth, I have actually been enjoying it coz they do look cute together.. (I still like the normal OTP like HyuugaxRiko and AominexMomoi) Personally, My ultimate Shounen Ai pairing in this anime is

Kazunari x Midorima

I mean THEY ARE JUST FREAKING CUTE AND COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER SO WELL! How Midorima is such a tsundere and Takao just love to tease him~~ agggg! I can’t stand it.. I’m gonna turn into a Fujoshi real soon -.- I just can’t describe why I love them ok.. They are just cuteeee together

Next would be

Aomine x Kuroko

I mean when Aomine appeared, he is just like an ex-boyfriend who can;t get over that he was dumped by his ex girlfriend.. The scene where he challenged Kagami and said “Kuroko’s judgment is clouded” sounds totally CLOUDED with jealousy..

And I just think that he definitely wants to play basketball with Kuroko again.. and thinking about it just made me feel hurts for him since Kuroko and Kagami is inseparable now ok… hahaha *hugs to Aomine*

Oh well, I do like Kagami and Kuroko together but I just can’t help to support Aomine more.. He just sounds too lonely now.. >.< (Oh well… He has Momoi though.. and no matter how I see it, Aomine is the type who likes girls with big assets considering that he is straight)

Ok.. I think I should stop this before I really drown myself in Shounen ai world…-.- andddd I don’t actually hate other pairings but these 2 sets (maybe 3 including kagakuro) are the one that makes me go crazy.. hahaha


Asu e Tsurete by kokoro6891@YT

I use Asu since it sounds cooler for MidoriTaka xD

Ohhh found another comic I want to translate. It’s AoKuro with a bit of KiKuro… Anyone interested in typesetting? Aibou seems busy.

It’s this one: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=37157171 Completed here.

This one is Midorima with Akashi and Takao~ It’s adorable and it’s a birthday thing for Midorima! Here! Currently being fulfilled! Completed here.

So yeah, send me an ask!