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Hi! What would AOMINE, IMAYOSHI, MIDORIMA, and HIMURO's styles be like when courting their not-so-sporty (but supportive) love interest (*is female) ? Thanks!

So, these came out a bit strange, I didn’t know if I did it in the right way, so I added little scenarios too. Hope this is what you wanted!

Aomine Daiki: [He’s at lost, because he doesn’t know anything apart from basketball, so he’ll probably try and teach you everything he knows. Even if he’s the worst teacher ever]
Aomine looked at you from behind the math book and you raised your eyes on him, feeling his intense deep blue stare on you “What is it? Have you already solved the problem?” you whispered, hands already raised to get his notebook. Aomine shook his head quickly and then coughed, you were his tutor and the complete opposite of him. And obviously he had fallen head over heels for you.
He licked his lips “I was wondering, if you wanted to see one of my games”
You shifted your eyes awkwardly over the papers scattered in front of you, your nail scratched at your temple “You know that I’m not really, how can I say it, versed on sports”
“I could teach you everything” his low tone and the smirk on his face made you blush. Aomine was so different, from everything you had ever known. He was rough on every edge, he was all thorns and brick walls, but you could see something so passionate in his eyes, it made your whole body tingle with excitement.
You licked your lips, giving him a shy smile “Okay, I’ll come. But you have to resolve this problem”
Imayoshi Shōichi: [Let’s be honest, he doesn’t need any of his athletic skills to make you kneel in front of him, his devious smirk and his accent are good enough. However he would probably try to drag you whenever he’s doing something sporty, just to talk and see you struggle to keep up with him]
Imayoshi liked to run in the morning, you knew it because you were neighbors since you were kids.
That morning you were sitting on your porch after a sleepless night, when Imayoshi got out of his house, stretching his arms above his head. His head turned to the side, a smirk spreading over his pale face when he spotted you in your pjs, elbows propped on your knees, already looking at him.
“Have you decided to become a morning person?” he asked, tone lingering just on the edge of mockery.
You groaned “I couldn’t sleep”
His tongue darted out of his mouth for a second, sliding over his bottom lip and you instinctively dragged your teeth over your lip. Imayoshi chuckled and then stretched again, showing his biceps flexing under the skin “Do you want to keep me company?”
“You know that I don’t run”
“You can follow me on your bike” and even if your bike was pink and you were in your pajamas, you grabbed it anyway and followed him, because you couldn’t say no to him.
Himuro Tatsuya: [Just like Imayoshi, Himuro doesn’t need sports skills to make you fall for him; his angelic features and kind spirit make a excellent job. However, he would probably want to tell you something about basketball and you would listen to him talk but really, you were just staring at his perfect lips and shiny eyes]
With your brows furrowed you tried to listen to what Himuro was saying while at the same time looking at the players moving on the court. You got the rules, or so you thought. You had to say, sports were really interesting, they just were not in your DNA.
You put a hand through your hair and huffed under your breath, completely and utterly at loss. Himuro smiled at you, finding your concentrated expression adorable “It’s okay, it is the first time you are seeing a basketball match. It’s normal to be a little confused” he patted your knee and leaned back on the couch, eyes never leaving you, following your every single movement. You were blushing, you wanted to understand so you could go see one of his matches without looking completely lost. Also, you knew that he was looking at you, and that was not helping you concentrate. Himuro was rather distracting.
Himuro must’ve seen your frown deepening by the second, because he lowered the volume of the TV and then leaned with his elbows over his knees, so that he was looking at you “Hey, don’t worry too much” his sweet smile could shine brighter than the sun, you could swear it over and over again. You smiled back at him and then, Himuro’s lips pursued in a smirk “After all I can teach you about basketball on another date, right?”
Midorima Shintarō: [Midorima is Midorima, he lacks of social skills. Even if he had tried to woo you with his skills, he would’ve failed miserably, embarrassing himself sooner or later. However he would probably ask you to come and see him practice; he would be a bit of a showoff in front of his crush. He would probably do things to stand out, make you see that he was really good, then he would explain things to you even if you didn’t ask him to]
“That last shot you did just before the end, it was really cool, like-“ you made a gesture with your hands that looked much like an explosion and then giggled to yourself. It was exciting, seeing someone play a match.
Midorima glanced at you from the corner of his eyes, stopping the smirk from coming to his lips. He knew that making a three pointers from the other part of the court was going to impress you. However he needed to play it cool. He pushed his glasses up his nose “I’m just scoring the points to lead the team to victory, it’s my duty”
You nodded solemnly, lips twitching in amusement “You are so mature, Midorima. What are you, thirty?”
Midorima almost chocked on his own saliva “I’m not!”

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Gom, Kagami doing their daughter's extremely curly hair. (daughter and s/o are poc)

omg this is so cute like awlekrjwekr and the “you” are s/o ok ok :}

AKASHI: He would suggest that his daughter have the best hairdresser in town tidy up her hair but she put her foot down. You couldn’t help but laugh as your daughter tugged on her father’s dress shirt, begging him to tie her hair up for school. “Alright,” he gave in and she plopped down on his lap. Akashi, being proficient in everything, managed to tame your daughter’s hair into a neat bun, elegant swirls slipping out and all. She squealed and bounced off, skipping out the door, leaving Akashi with an amused smile on his lips.

AOMINE: Aomine growled, staring at the beautifully unruly hair. “Why do kids have so much hair? We should cut it short.” He stroked his finger through the hair again, snarling at the locks of hair falling out of the bunch he held in his hand. You tried to hold in your laughter as your favorite ace looked amazingly puzzled with the curly hair. Your daughter yelled out, “Mommy, no! I want to keep my long hair!” She tried to get away from her father but Aomine plopped her back down. He was not going to back out of a challenge like this. In the end, his daughter ended up with plenty of lumps in her messy hair. “Mom, please fix it!”

KAGAMI: Kagami would be surprisingly nimble with his fingers with things like these. Although he had a hard time doing it at first, he would instantly get his daughter’s hair into a ponytail. “Dad, I want a braid.” She pouted and Kagami’s eyes widened. A braid? How the hell was he expected to do a braid? What was a braid anyway? He would scratch his head before coming up with the best solution. He picked his daughter up and placed her in front of you. “She wants a braid.”

KISE: Since Kise was up to date with the latest fashion trends, his daughter loved going to him to ask him about the coolest hairstyles for girls. “I can do it for you!” Kise grinned happily and. She would blink at him, “I don’t want something happening like the last time.” Let’s just say the last time Kise tried to blowdry her hair, sprinklers flooded the apartment. “No, no! I’ve learned.” He beamed proudly and you almost cringed. Kise did copy well, even hair tutorials online, but whenever his daughter asked for something he’s never seen before… “Mom, dad’s making me bald!”

KUROKO: As he wrapped the rubber band around his daughter’s hair, he would smile at her. “There you go,” he would say before giving her a little nudge towards you. You would smile, trying to reign in your laughter. Kuroko always acted so calm even though he loved to mess with his daughter. That day, his daughter wore three pigtails, all sprouting out like fountains from the top of her head. You secretly fixed it to ensure that your daughter would not take it out on her father if she realized that her father had purposely teased her.

MIDORIMA: He would read every guidebook to girl’s hair, watch dozens of tutorials, go to salons to creep see how the stylists do it, before returning home and doing it for his daughter. His daughter would just wait patiently there, humming excitedly while Midorima styled her hair perfectly. “Dad, this is great! This is why you should make more use of those hands instead of only for basketball.” She grinned. “And to push your glasses up.” Midorima, on cue, would push his glasses up on the bridge of his nose just to hide his blush.

MURASAKIBARA: Murasakibara would plop his daughter down and play with her hair for fun as she sat there quietly watching the TV, every once in a while piping up about one of the characters she liked. “Ta-da~” he smiled after that, proud of himself, lifting his daughter up like a doll and showing her to you. “Why does she have turnip hair?” Aka all her hair was tied above her head because Murasakibara was too tall to tie it behind her head. “Mom,” her daughter would groan for the nth time that week.