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GoM+Takao find their s/o (who is usually very reasonable and calm) in a fight, which she started by slapping a senpai because he was treating her as a sex object because he thinks females are below him

whew sassy s/o’s for the win bruh

AKASHI: He would smirk, feeling incredibly proud of you for standing up for yourself, but at the same time, would scold you for acting so recklessly. “You could’ve waited for me.” He would point out and you would scowl back at him, “I know you’re just trying to protect me but I don’t need a knight in shining armor to my rescue every single time.” He would hella respect you for that. can’t believe I just said hella

AOMINE: With a loud laugh, he watched the senpai’s face register shock after your hand came in contact with his face. He had commented on your boobs in an extremely offensive manner and that pissed you off. Aomine grinned, draping an arm over your shoulders. “You messed with the wrong girl, man.” He smiled, kissing the top of your head proudly, before throwing a glare in the guy’s direction. “Senpai or not, you mess with her, you mess with me.”

KISE: “_______-chi, are you alright?” He would rush over when he saw your face redden and your hand come up to hit the older guy. You nodded with pursed lips, still upset over the whole ordeal. Kise would wrap a protective arm around you as his darker side appeared. “You better not have hurt her or you’ll definitely pay for it.”

KUROKO: Being mainly invisible, the guy would barely acknowledge his presence until Kuroko spoke up. “Please don’t piss off ______-chan, she can be scary when she wants to be.” He said so casually but the tense air that never rose around Kuroko revealed otherwise. When the guy had scampered away, he would breathe a sigh of relief and pat you on the head. “Don’t scare me like that again, yeah?”

MIDORIMA: Although he didn’t seem affected by the whole thing, his heart would be rising to cloud nine. He was proud that you could defend yourself like that against another man but he was also scared so, after the slap, he would just take your hand and drag you away. You were fuming because he didn’t do anything. However, you didn’t know that the next time the guy tried to come over, let’s just say Midorima taught him a lesson not to mess with his girlfriend.

MURASAKIBARA: He would instantly be by your side and the guy who harassed you would just look up in fear. “I think ______-chin made it clear. Scram.” He would emphasize with a glare, tucking you to his side. The guy would run away as fast as he could while you snuggled closer towards your boyfriend. “Please be careful next time, _______-chan. But you were really cool~”

TAKAO: Running and screaming, he would probably tackle you to the ground. “You were awesome, ______-chan.” He beamed adorably. “Did that guy hurt you though? If he did, let me know so I can make him pay.” While Takao always sounded so cheerful, you couldn’t miss the hint of the threat in his tone.

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Could I request GOM + Kagami + Himuro watching their crush being flirted with and getting jealous? Thanks, and I love your blog!

thanks chicka! sorry for the wait!!!

Kuroko: A male was hovering over you, becoming very close to you. You didn’t mind at first, but it seemed like ever minute he would inch closer and closer to you. Kuroko was behind you guys, the male and you had not noticed at first. Kuroko tapped the male’s shoulders and pulled you to his side. “I would like you to stop getting close to _______-chan, she does not like how close you are to her.” With that being said, Kuroko left the struck male.

Kise: The blonde hated that you were assigned with another male other than him. The male would always graze his hand near your rear-end making Kise boil with anger. The male would always touch your hair and get closer to you. The blonde soon could not stand how that male was become closer to you. “Hey! Stay away from ______-cchi, she is mines!”

Kagami: The hothead would not contain his self when he saw another male say sexual jokes that obviously made you uncomfortable. “Can you stop please!” You shout not wanting to be close to the annoying male. The male would not give up though so he continued to say the jokes and other comments. Kagami stormed over to you two, swiftly grabbing you. “Stay away from ______!”

Aomine: Male were swarming around you when you were in gym, they where all eyeing you and saying cheesy pick up lines that made you want to slap them. Sighing you stood there crossing your arms. Aomine on the other hand was not taking this situation lightly. The aura was murderous and lethal, he wrapped his arms around you. 

Midorima: In class the seats were arranged, sadly you were moved to a seat next to the man whore of the class. He would non-stop flirt with you, saying sexual things, touching you uncomfortably, and tease you. You always told him to stop and even told Midorima about him, The green head soon broke getting up confronting the male.

Himuro: Himuro had eyes on you 24/7 after some male started getting closer and closer to you. HImuro always got jealous when guys got near you, but this one got personal with you. “______, stay away from him, he is getting to comfortable with you!” The male whined not liking what was going on.

Murasakibara: The titan always liked to keep you for himself, but one day he spotted you with an unfamiliar male. Storming over there, he quickly grabbed you up glaring at the male. “_____-chin, stay away from him!” Sighing to yourself as the male ran off.

Akashi: The redhead never liked you associating with other male unless it was him or his teammates. One day he witness you talking with another male down the hallway, what he did not know that the male was her partner in English. Akashi pulled you away from the male, lecturing about how he hated males talking to you.

Akashi is not drunk. He couldn’t sleep and starts sending everyone on his contact with weird names. O(≧∇≦)O Kuroko — Shadow Man. Aomine — Fried Dough Cake Kise — Without his face, not truly a model. Midorima — Accent ( ‘-nanodayo’) Murasakibara — Forbids for eating too much. Kagami — Giant Idiot Titan. He only sent those weird names to GOM + Kagami. ヽ(^Д^)ノ

This Anon asked: the GOM pulling all nighters with their s/o? uwu

This is cute but they gradually got longer and longer! In my opinion, it’d probably be hell studying with most of the Miragen, except for Akashi, Akashi is perf~ 

Kuroko: He’s very sweet and attentive, offering you refreshments and small breaks when you need it. Although the composed teen is very focused on the whole situation, his power to study seems to run out just like how his stamina does during practice. You’ll come back from the bathroom to see Kuroko face planted on the floor. 

Kise: Kaijou’s ace is trying. He really, really is. It’s just that it’s, well, studying. There’s a thousands of ways the situation could go, but it’ll all start off with you and Kise studying perhaps for a good 20 minutes before he starts fidgeting. Eventually it’ll escalate to something more where he might whine, distract you, attempt to seduce you, and the list could go on forever. Basically Ryouta will anything to get your mind off of studying even though he’s the one who needs it the most. 

Aomine: The Touou player is very much like Kise when it comes to the situation. He’ll show up at first, trying his best to comply, seeing as you can always bring out the best in him, yet although Daiki wants to show you just how great he can be, he won’t be able to take it. Once again the situation could go off in many different directions, but he’ll still tend to be more of an ass about it. The only thing that’s different is that another of his possibilities is to fall asleep. 

Midorima: Although Shintarou is very capable (albeit somewhat idiotic), the fact that he’s supposed to be around you all night makes it difficult even though it’s a simple task for him. The emerald haired shooting guard is a bit bolder now that the two of you are in private but he’s still extremely red faced when he helps you with points you don’t understand. Tease him too much and he’ll threaten to go to bed. 

Murasakibara: If you thought Kise and Aomine were difficult you may want to reconsider that. At least the two aces actually try, as for Atsuhi, well, there’s really no effort put in. Yousen’s purple giant will spend a majority of the night whining and pouting about how you aren’t paying him any attention and about how school isn’t important. Now, there’s two ways this could go: Murasakibara will end up deeply asleep while you slave away at your studies, or by chance you may be able to bribe him into studying and be pleased to find that your darling isn’t actually that horrible at his academics. It’s needless to say he’ll end up having more rest than you. 

Akashi: In the end, Seijuurou is really the most absolute. He’ll not only be the most adept at his academics, he’ll really be able to help you out with anything you need. It’s very sweet of him, as you’ll clearly realize that Akashi doesn’t have any personal gain and could really be catching up on some much needed rest, but he’ll merely shush you up, saying that there’s absolutely no harm in being prepared. The scarlet haired captain really does score perfectly across the board as not only the most helpful of the rainbow haired boys, but also as a very sweet lover in these stressful situations.

GoM (+ Others) As Cat Breeds

Akashi: Sphynx

Midorima: Persian

Kise: Turkish Angora

Aomine: Bengal 

Murasakibara: British Shorthair

Nijimura: American Wirehair

Takao: Siamese 

Kasamatsu: Burmese

Himuro: Russian Blue

Momoi: Singapura