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Seiyuu Grand Prix 2016 results are out! 

Jun bags first place! 
Followed closely with Kamiyan and our loveable ossan Nakamura Yuichi!

Like to be honest, they couldn’t have picked a better seiyuu to play Sakamoto than Hikaru Midorikawa. And here’s why: 

His nickname in the voice acting community is “Mr. Perfect”; he has this nickname because he’s got a voice that’s really suited to play stereotypical bishounen prince characters, AND because he hardly ever has to do more than one take when recording his lines; he usually gets it just right after the first take. There have actually been a couple jokes in anime/video games about how great of an actor he is (see the Fate/Zero OVA about Diarmuid, and the joke commercial where he voiced EVERY character in Tales of Destiny 2). 

Hikaru Midorikawa is literally the Sakamoto of seiyuu okay. 


Honeyworks’ second album “Boku Jya Dame Desuka?” Crossfade, featuring seiyuus covering their songs, will be released on 26 November 2014!