I feel you Mei. (˵¯͒⌄¯͒˵) ♥

Mei is at home watching Zarya compete in a Crossfit competition on television. That’s my excuse for drawing her in underwear at least…


“The color on the package said ‘Ravens Eye’. I don’t understand, Bull, I just…”

“Shhhh it’s alright, kadan. If anyone can make pink hair work, it’s you.”

More emoji challenge doods. I’m sure the suddenly pink hair thing has been done, but it’s still funny af. Check out the last one I did if yer interested. :T <3


My interpretations of Cecil and Kevin from Welcome to Night Vale. B) I know Kevin is supposed to look practically identical to Cecil, but I wanted to give him a few differences to distinguish between their personalities.

Kevin’s upbeat “summer camp counselor” demeanor deserved some more casual, fun clothing (with the exception of the tie) and hair. Since they described his booth as gory and bizarre, I gave him a more alien appearance to go along with it. And I chose green as his main color b/c it’s almost the exact opposite from purple on the color wheel (behind yellow.)


“I won’t be offended if you touch me, you stupid Kasiri bastard. I want you to.”

The bath scene from Scarlet and the White Wolf book II: Mariner’s Luck. The lighting started out fun, but then it got a bit frustrating after a while because I took a different shading approach and it threw me off my game. But, in the end, I think this turned out pretty nice. :)



Finally finished the fusion between my gemsona (Chrysoprase) and my friend’s gemsona (Lepidolite). You can find them here.

Rainbow Fluorite is a healthy combination of Chrys’ magical abilities and LP’s cognitive understanding of human emotion and mentality. She is typically in a meditative state unless provoked. In a fight, Rainbow Fluroite will enlarge the flower pendant on her neck and use it to hypnotize enemies. Once under a spell, she can either put them to sleep, or have them do her bidding. Being a pacifist like the two gems that form her, Rainbow Fluorite’s only physical attack is to send her foes flying with a psychic mind blast, although hand-to-hand combat does the trick when necessary.

The temptation was too strong. SO HERE’S A GEMSONA. 8UUUUUU

Bornite aka Peacock Ore. Young, ambitious, and a chipper attitude. Stays a little too calm in situations that call for some amount of worry. (Think of the comic with a dog surrounded by a burning house and going “this is fine” with a smile on its face. That’s Bornite.)

Art trade for torchy-worchy. <333

Her request was a picture of Derek grumpily petting Stiles. LOOK AT HOW TSUNDERE HE IS, THE BASTARD. <3 So yeah, they’re just kind of out in the forest spending some time together. Considering their clothing, I’d like to imagine they went on a first date, and while Stiles dressed casually, Derek over-thought it and wore a nice button-up shirt and trousers. He took the jacket off in the end so he wouldn’t feel so fancy. ;)


Omg I am so done drawing this deviously smirking turtle sO HERE’S LEONARDO. I guess this was kind of an exercise to see how they would look in my style. :T It’s fun, but pretty time consuming (to be fair I’ve never drawn TMNT before so yeah.) Might draw more in the future~ :o