I feel you Mei. (˵¯͒⌄¯͒˵) ♥

Mei is at home watching Zarya compete in a Crossfit competition on television. That’s my excuse for drawing her in underwear at least…


First round of TMNT requests! I have another five or so to do which will have its own post as well. I’m still taking them btw! Can’t guarantee that I’ll get them all done immediately, but it’ll give me something to do whenever I feel like doodling at least.


Someone take this away from me because I am DONE. I almost thought about coloring it but I need to stay true to my inner sloth so.

Did the emoji challenge thing to get myself out of this art rut, and I think it kinda worked hopefully. We’ll see???? :U

0trevskies asked for E5-Dorian and A9-Bull, and 1somethingelseyoumightknow1 asked for A9-Bull as well, so I put them together b/c it’s pretty much their default faces anyway.


My interpretations of Cecil and Kevin from Welcome to Night Vale. B) I know Kevin is supposed to look practically identical to Cecil, but I wanted to give him a few differences to distinguish between their personalities.

Kevin’s upbeat “summer camp counselor” demeanor deserved some more casual, fun clothing (with the exception of the tie) and hair. Since they described his booth as gory and bizarre, I gave him a more alien appearance to go along with it. And I chose green as his main color b/c it’s almost the exact opposite from purple on the color wheel (behind yellow.)

Mikey: “Dude, when did you get a chimichanga?”

Donnie: “It’s a chinchilla, Mikey, and her name is April.”

Raph: "Is that a number five on it’s chest?“

Donnie: "It’s important to be accurate!”

Leo: “Wow…”

So yeah this was one of the best moments in the new episode. April as a chinchilla would be hella cute tho. <3


Lily: “Alright, girls. Smile for the camera!”

Mary: “Hey, we should do one of those freeze frame shots! Everyone, jump on three!”

Roxy: “How about you jump out of the frame entirely, Mary?”

Dorthy: “Our camera doesn’t have a fast enough shutter speed for it to capture movement - you’d be a big green blur.”

Roxy: “Oh, good! That solves the problem of having to see her ugly mug every time I pass by the family portrait.”

Dorthy: “Although, I have been thinking about upgrading it so that the capabilities are on par wi–”

Lily: “LET’S JUst take the picture, okay? Cheeeeeeese~!”

Mary: “Cheese??? WHERE?!?!?!”

TMNT 2k12 rule 63 WOOP WOOP! :) Their names all come from different influential women in history - Lillian Smith (Lily), Roxelana (Roxy), Marie Curie (Mary), Dorothea Lange (Dorthy). male!April and male!Karai are next. I’ll probably include some little doodles of Dorthy and Lily crushin’ on them. <3


Commission for draconica, featuring a shaded lineart of Bobby Fulbright and Simon Blackquill from Ace Attorney Dual Destinies! (click for full size!)

She wanted Fulbright acting all gung-ho and justicey, and Blackquill being like “ugh sTOP iT ALreADy”. I incorporated a yin/yang design because I thought it was a cool little allusion to where the good and evil truly lie in this game. ;U Hopefully this hasn’t been done yet.