I feel you Mei. (˵¯͒⌄¯͒˵) ♥

Mei is at home watching Zarya compete in a Crossfit competition on television. That’s my excuse for drawing her in underwear at least…


Someone take this away from me because I am DONE. I almost thought about coloring it but I need to stay true to my inner sloth so.

Did the emoji challenge thing to get myself out of this art rut, and I think it kinda worked hopefully. We’ll see???? :U

0trevskies asked for E5-Dorian and A9-Bull, and 1somethingelseyoumightknow1 asked for A9-Bull as well, so I put them together b/c it’s pretty much their default faces anyway.


First round of TMNT requests! I have another five or so to do which will have its own post as well. I’m still taking them btw! Can’t guarantee that I’ll get them all done immediately, but it’ll give me something to do whenever I feel like doodling at least.


Eddie chases his next bride-to-be and greets variant!Waylon along the way. Such gentlemen. <3

While our Groom doesn’t pursue Waylon anymore, the two still have somewhat of a bitter chemistry with a little bit of sass thrown in. ;U It’s like a “you don’t bother me, I don’t bother you” situation. Eddie refers to it as the “divorce”, and Waylon doesn’t give a shit because he’s got his own victims to brainwash and torture.


Created this one from the Lady Knight generator!

  • Weapon: sword
  • Build: skinny
  • Personality: vain
  • Culture: Native American
  • Animal: dragon

She belongs to the Tlingit clan in Alaska and is wearing a style of armor constructed of wood and leather that their tribe uses in battle. Not only does she have reptilian blood, but pieces of her garb (the helmet, sword hilt, etc.) also portray dragon-esque features. The rest of her outfit is traditionally what most Tlingit women would wear back in the day.

Here she stands upon the severed head of her enemy, having just fought against a sudden attack on her village and its people. Needless to say, she kicked ass. Don’t mess with the Dragon Woman! ;)


“The color on the package said ‘Ravens Eye’. I don’t understand, Bull, I just…”

“Shhhh it’s alright, kadan. If anyone can make pink hair work, it’s you.”

More emoji challenge doods. I’m sure the suddenly pink hair thing has been done, but it’s still funny af. Check out the last one I did if yer interested. :T <3



Finally finished the fusion between my gemsona (Chrysoprase) and my friend’s gemsona (Lepidolite). You can find them here.

Rainbow Fluorite is a healthy combination of Chrys’ magical abilities and LP’s cognitive understanding of human emotion and mentality. She is typically in a meditative state unless provoked. In a fight, Rainbow Fluroite will enlarge the flower pendant on her neck and use it to hypnotize enemies. Once under a spell, she can either put them to sleep, or have them do her bidding. Being a pacifist like the two gems that form her, Rainbow Fluorite’s only physical attack is to send her foes flying with a psychic mind blast, although hand-to-hand combat does the trick when necessary.