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Cute Harry Styles imagine

You were nose deep into your Human Development textbook, studying for your midterm, when your phone buzzed beside you. You put down your bowl of granola and yogurt resting on your knee, and slid off your bed shoved in the corner, to get to your phone, sat plugged in on your desk.
The baggy pullover brandishing your university’s logo, hung limply on your torso from being as loved and washed as it was, and a size too big. Harry had left one of his tee shirts at your flat, and it was big and warm and smelled like his cologne, and on the nights where everyone was out, and you’d opted to stay in to study, it was nice to feel like he was lying on the bed beside you, because you could smell him while you took a highlighter to the pages of your textbook.
“Just friends,” you reminded yourself. “You’re just friends.” But oh, did you want something more. You lifted the collar of his tee shirt to your nose, and inhaled the sharp scent of citrus and sandalwood caught in the fabric. Harry. Your Harry. Except, he wasn’t exactly yours. Not technically, anyway. You’d known him for a just a few months, but already, even though you’d both agreed that being friends was best for you, for now, you knew there could so easily be something more. It was so easy to be friends with Harry, and you’d felt closer to him than anyone you’d even been in proper relationships with. You could easily consider him one of your best friends. You felt safe with him. He made you feel like you could do anything, and he’d still be there when you got back.
Looking down at your phone, you grinned at who the text was from that had made your phone sound.
Heyyyyy love. Imma com get u k? im at a partyyy at u uni. Woooo. im not drunk tho. im fine. Imma com get u. stay ayt ur flat.
You laughed breathily, as you scanned over the text, your best friend, who had gone to this, ‘I’m going to avoid studying for my midterm exams party’ at one of the shared houses opposite your apartment building on campus, had texted you earlier to tell you that she’d spotted him. The also drunken text, reading:
‘Lemon pie boy here babz. Hes gettin pisseddd.’
Being on campus with you, quite often between your lectures, when he was home, you weren’t surprised that he’d made friends with the group of students who occupied the house. She’d also informed you, while very drunk and probably enjoying one too many Midori Sours from the liquor stash at the house, that ‘#uniboystyles’ was worldwide trending on Twitter.
Okay, but no driving, mister. I’ll come get you. Did you have fun? Are you drinking water?
It felt so natural to care for him.
Im here tho. I walkedrf I foundtjt a kitty…hahaha. Do u wantrgh a kity bbgy? It’s a nicr kityyy.
You laughed. “I think that’s Amelia’s cat, baby. My hall mate. He has a home. :(
Ill get u a kity then, love. I gpt you. loooovve yiu.
Okay, thanks baby. Are you okay? You need me to come get you from the lobby?
Yea. The lift makrs me headf feeeel funnh tho.
You shook your head, smirking at the screen, and making your way over to the galley kitchen along one wall of the open space of your flat to look for something to feed him to try and get him sober once he got here. You could hear some commotion out in the hallway, accompanied by a booming, raspy voice, and stream of drunken giggles carrying down the hall, and getting closer to your dooefore something heavy landed against it and made a thumping sound against the aged wood.
When you pulled the door open, you found Harry rubbing his forehead, and leaning heavily on the doorframe.
“Hiiii, love,” he drawled, tongue heavy. He smiled lazily with bleary eyes, his voice, rough and gravelly from drinking.
“Hi, lovey. Are you okay? Did you have fun at the party?”
He nodded, and the movement seemed to disorient him for a moment, as he wobbled. “I made…new friends!” He turned to lean out the open doorway. “Buh-bye new friends! I love you forever!” he shouted. He cheered, raising his fists in the air, before losing his balance, and starting to topple over. You moved quickly to catch him, hooking an arm around his waist, and pushing him against your side, steadying him. He wrapped his arms around you, nuzzling against your neck.
“Hi,” he hummed again, smiling against your neck. “I missed you…I…I missed you so much.”
Your heart swelled a little. He’d missed you.
“I missed you too, mister.” He smelled like his cologne and gin and a little musty, like beer.
“You smell like…like peaches and sunshine and fluffy kitties…” He giggled, followed by a hiccup. “I’m happy I’m here with you.” He felt the flutter of his eyelashes against your jaw, indicating that he’d closed his eyes. “Do ya wanna go out for…for a drink?”
You chuckled. “I think you’ve had enough for the both of us. Come on, big boy, let’s get you in here before you barf all over my entry way.”
You felt like you were helping a heavy baby take its first steps, as you guided him a little further into the warm flat, before he pigeon-toed his feet, and started collapsing to the floor, taking you down with him as he landed firmly on his ass. He landed with a surprised little squeak, and you nearly landed in his lap, moving just in time, to settle beside him, and he fell against your chest.
You laughed, pushing your hair out of your face.
“Oops,” he muttered with a drunken chuckle. “We…babe…we fell.”
“We did.” You looked at him, with his bleary eyes with purple splotches underneath. His lips, red and a little swollen, and his skin a little pale. You wanted nothing more than to kiss him on the forehead and tuck him into bed, to make sure he slept somewhere safe, and for a long time.
He blinked at you slowly, hiccupping. “Hi,” he said, nuzzling into your neck again, his lips, brushing over your pulse.
“Hi there, mister.”
“You look comfy,” he noted, dropping his cheek a little lower so it was over the surface of your full breast. “You…you…you didn’t wanna go to the party?”
“I was studying.” You pulled your fingers through his hair, pushing his beanie back a little, to do so.
“You’re always studying,” he grumbled. “You have very nice boobs. They’re sooo soft,” he explained, nuzzling his cheek down further. “Like clouds.”
You quirked up an eyebrow. He was drunk. You twisted a curl escaping from the brim of his beanie, around your finger, stroking your fingers up and down his back with your other hand.
“Thank you,” you hummed. “Are you comfy there?”
He nodded against your chest, closing his eyes. His fingers were then skating across the hem of your hoodie.
“Are you wearing my tee shirt?” he inquired, lips moving slowly.
You nodded, feeling a blush spread over your cheeks, from being caught. “Yeah,” you admitted. “It smells like you.”
“I think it’s hot,” he said, drawing out the last sound of the word. “I like it. You should wear them more.”
His fingers traveled further under the hoodie and tee shirt, skimming over the tender skin of your belly, and making it whir with a touch of heat and anticipation, before tracing back down and curling his finger into the waist of your sweatpants.
You stiffened. “Sneaking a peek at my knickers, are we?” You smirked, and so did he. He was feeling up the curves of your hips.
“What color are they?” he slurred.
You rolled your eyes, smiling at him. “You’re very cheeky with you’ve had a bit to drink,” you noted. “If you must know, mint. With little white dots***.”
He licked his lips, and pulled out the waist of your sweatpants, to sneak a look for himself. He peered in at the garment on your hips.
“You wear…you wear lacy knickers to study in?” He flicked an eyebrow up, saying each word slow and deliberate, and eyeing you.
“It’s never a wrong occasion for cute underwear, is it?”
He shook head. “No.” He snuggled against you further, getting as close as possible. “I think you’re pretty…like…a mermaid.”
You laughed, stroking his hair. “I think you’re very pretty too, mister.”
“Like a mermaid?” he slurred.
“Like a mermaid.”
“The worst ones,” he began. “Are the…ones that taste like juice…‘cos you don’t know when to stop…’til you’re fucked.” He swore huskily, his forehead wrinkling. He leaned up a little, and looked a little green and sick when he did, as the room was probably spinning. “I feel-I feel funny.”
“I would think so,” you reaffirmed, pushing his hair off his forehead, and placing a tender kiss there. I think you’ve sampled the bar, baby.”
He nodded, looking almost guilty with his lips puckered slightly. “My belly’s making funny noises,” he warned, in small voice, and it was only upon a closer listen that you could hear the gurgles, a telltale sign that things were about to take a turn.
“Okay, let’s get you into the bathroom, before the party is all over my floor.” You wrapped an arm around his waist, hauling him to his feet, and he squeezed his eyes shut as the room spun. “Got it?” you checked, and he nodded, stumbling forward. You managed to get him the few short feet to the bathroom, before plunking him down on the cool tiles, with a grunt. You got out a small hand towel and set it next to the sink. “You alright? I’m going to make you something to eat.” You were hoping to sober him up enough to get him home, and in bed with plenty of water and some pain reliever on the nightstand. It was almost two in the morning.
Once he nodded, you kneeled down to help strip his green bomber-style jacket free from his arms, plucking the blue beanie he’d pulled over his curls, free. Leaving him in just a navy blue tee shirt and jeans***. You took up the clothes in your hands, before scuttling out of the bathroom and back to the kitchen. You decided on making him pancakes and coffee. You rummaged around the fridge for butter and eggs and decided to make him one of your favorite raspberry-lemon pancake*** recipes, upon spying the pint of raspberries in the fridge. You figured it might help to get some nutrients back in him. You set a pan up on the stove and as you were whisking eggs into the batter, you heard retching, and winced. He came shuffling out of the bathroom a few minutes later, as you were getting your clunky coffee pot to whir to life, and flipping a couple of pancakes.
He was using the wall for support, and looked a little ashen, but some of the color had returned to his cheeks.
“Hey, you okay?”
He nodded. “I think…” he slurred. “I puked in your bathtub.”
You couldn’t help but smile at how guilty he looked. “It’s okay,” you promised. “I wanted to clean it anyway. Are you hungry?”
He nodded. “Yeah,” he rumbled, stumbling forward, and catching himself on the counter. “Smells good.”
“Thanks,” you smiled. “There’s coffee if you want it. Milk’s in the fridge if you need it.”
Harry nodded, knowing where your coffee mugs were, he went to the cupboard below the coffee pot and fished around for the maroon mug with large, cream dots***. He managed to pour himself some coffee without overfilling the mug, before going for the milk and sugar. You watched him put four heaping spoonfuls into the mug, before pouring enough milk in to make it pale in color, the cup almost overflowing before you quickly reached to stop him.
“I need milk!” he whined.
“You’ve got lots in there, baby,” you promised, stirring it for him. He brought it up to his lips, and tasted it, a little dribbling off his chin, and reflexively, you ran a thumb up his chin to catch the droplets. It was probably overly sweet and cold, but he didn’t seem to mind. You kissed his cheek, without thinking, and recoiled quickly.
“Sorry,” you said quickly.
“S’okay. I like it…when you kiss me.”
That sent a little thrill through your belly, as you plated up his pancakes. You took the mug from his hand, and set it down at the two-set, mismatched table and chairs, next to the kitchen’s only window.
“Come here, you, you need to eat something.” He huffed dramatically, and plopped down into a chair, and you took the one opposite him.
“Can I ask you a question?” he mumbled, taking a much too big mouthful of pancake between his lips.
You sat forward. “Sure.”
“A naughty question?”
You raised an eyebrow. “O…kay. Chew and swallow first, though.”
“Do you…” He was still tripping over his words. “Do you ever think about me…you know…?” He giggled. “When you…?”
Your eyes widened. “You are cheeky when you’re pissed, mister. A lady never reveals her secrets.” Though it was no secret to you that you did. “Do…you?” you ventured, tugging at the sleeves of the hoodie.
Harry grinned, tilting his head, and nodded. “I think…about you…alllll…the time. Not just for that, though.”
You blushed, thinking he wouldn’t really answer. “Oh…” you breathed.
“Can I tell you another secret?”
You gestured towards his plate. “If you eat a little more,” you coaxed, and he shoved another forkful into his mouth and chewed slowly. “What is it, baby?” You reached across the table, to hold his hand.
He swallowed, nursing his coffee. “I…I love you. I’m…in love with you.”
That took you aback for a moment, sending a shock through your heart. “Harry…baby…”
“I am,” he said, a little firmer. “I…I love you.” You’d said to each other countless times platonically, but this time, it felt different.
“Harry…I…” The words fell slack from your lips.
“Please…” he slurred. “Please, say you love me too.” He hid his eyes; to hide the alcohol induced tears. “’Cos, I need you…you make me better. And you always smell nice, and you’re kind,” he stressed. “And you know I’m sad even when I’m being to much of a stubborn arse to say so. You have this heart and I swear it’s like, a zillion sizes too big, and…I just love you, okay?”
“Harry.” You squeezed his hand. “Of course I love you, of course I love you too. I love you so much.”
Harry plunked his forehead down on the table. “Shit. I think I’m drunk.”
“Let’s get you home,” you coaxed. “Where’re your keys, baby? I’ll take you home.”
“I don’t wanna go home,” he said firmly, as he rose shakily to his feet. “Can’t.”
“What? Why?”
He licked his lips. “It’s…empty…and I don’t like sleeping…”
“By yourself,” you finished. You looked around. “Okay. But be good.”
He nodded, and you pulled him over to the bed, easing him down gently, flicking lights off as you went, until the only one on, was the lamp beside your bed.
You helped to strip off his tee shirt. “Raise your arms for me.” And fiddle with his belt until you could tug the jeans down his legs. Once he was down to his boxers, he flopped back down onto bed burrowing under the blankets, and you pulled off the hoodie and sweatpants, leaving you in just his tee shirt and your panties, and you crawled in beside him.
He pressed himself against your back, hooking his arms around you, and spooning you close, his face burrowing into the back of your shoulder, before you could register what he was doing. He held you tight, hooking his leg over both of yours. His breath, washing down your neck. You tensed for a moment, before he sighed, completely comfortable and relaxed with you in his arms. He kissed the back of your neck. He was so warm and soft and you felt for the first time in awhile, safe and comfortable.
“Harry,” you warned, feeling him move his hand from the curve under your breast.
“Hey, love?” he mumbled.
“I’m…I’m gonna marry you someday, ‘kay? We’re gonna get married and have lots ah cute babies and be soooo happy.”
You smiled. “Sounds good, baby.”
“Let’s get married…now.”
“Now?” you inquired. “At three in the morning? How about tomorrow? When you smell a little less like gin and vomit.”
He hummed, seeming satisfied. He kissed your shoulder. “Okay.” There was a moment of silence. “Can I…I tell you a’other secret?”
“You’re snuggly and soft. Imma call you Snuggles ‘till we’re ninety, ‘kay?”
You nodded. “Okay. I like that.”
“Love you.”
“I love you too, Harry.”

41. On The Right Track

Maya’s POV

Although earlier this morning, August and I decided to get back together, I was still uneasy about it. I mean, shouldn’t I be? Either way, I committed to him again and I’m ready. I just really don’t want him to screw me over again because next time, he won’t be so lucky. I’m head over hills for him but, I’m not a fool. I won’t be played twice.

While lying in my bed, I heard him knock against my door. August didn’t understand why I didn’t want to sleep inside the same room with him. Neither did I but, it felt odd. Aug and I haven’t been romantic or even shared the same bed in a little over a month. As horny as I was, I couldn’t do it.

“Come in.” I beckoned, sitting up in bed. I placed my iPad on the nightstand, giving him my undivided attention. Aug was only clad in basketball shorts and Adidas slippers. We are together, I get that. But, must he keep doing this?

“I’on get it. Why you wanna sit in here when the beach n’ a pool outside?” he chuckled lightly, licking his lips. I knew it, he wanted to have sex. I know that look anywhere.

“Are you attempting to ask me to come outside with you?” I chuckled, swinging my legs off the bed. He shrugged, an alluring smirk on his face.

“Sum’ like that.” he grumbled, biting his bottom lip tightly. I sighed at the sight, standing up from the bed. I went to the suitcase on the floor, placing it on the bed.

“I need to get my bathing suit.” I muttered, searching for it. Without warning, his arms wrapped around my frame. I felt a lot, let’s just leave it at that.

“You don’t need no bathin’ suit. You don’t need nothin’ on.” he said huskily, getting me to kiss my teeth.

“Uh, no. I bought this cute ass bikini, I’m wearing it.” I said, turning around in his hold. With lustful eyes, he chuckled. I was more attracted to him than I’d ever been.

“Don’t matter. It’s gon’ be off soon as you get outside. Just watch.” he taunted, walking out of the room. Is that right?

August’s POV

She was taking forever just to come outside and get wet. I dipped my legs into the pool, sipping on the wine that I bought out here for us. With how I was sitting, when she come out here, I can see her. A nigga was anxious to see her body. If she let me tonight, I’m going all in. I missed the feeling.

“You like?” she smirked, strutting towards the pool. At that moment, I literally undressed her with my eyes. To save us the time, I dived fully into the water and swam to her.

“I love, baby.” I said huskily, watching her giggle. Truthfully, the bikini was thread. Just string. I don’t know why she was gon’ wear that sexy shit anywhere else but for me. It was a dark red, my favorite color. Beautiful.

She sat down before me, crossing her legs together.

“Nah, open them.” I grumbled, prying them apart with both hands. She shuddered against my cold and wet hands. With bedroom eyes, she gazed at me. I’m not the only one.

Raveling her thick thighs around my waist, I hoisted myself out of the water. Pecking her lips a few times, she ran both of her soft hands through my curls. I pulled back, making a small pout mask her pretty face. Chuckling, I licked my lips and engulfed her in an even deeper kiss.

From her lips, I traveled to her neck; her spot. I bit into her skin, sucking when she whimpered lowly. Not wasting time, I went further down south and massaged her thighs. I went back into the water, watching her take off her top. A smirk etched on her face as her breast fell free.

“Shit.” I hissed, lifting up. I flicked my long tongue back and forth across her hardened nipples. She moaned and placed her hand on my head. Leaning back, she guided me toward her pussy, telling me right then and there what she wanted.

“Help me.” she whined, pulling down her bikini. I latched on to the sides, freeing her of them completely.

“I told you that you was gon’ put that shit on just for me to take it off.” I said, smiling at her. She playfully rolled her eyes, balancing both of her hands behind her. She was leaning back, begging so much with her eyes.

Deciding to get right to it, I put both of her legs on top of my shoulders. I made my way right to her dripping love, a hungry groan leaving my mouth. Shit, I missed this taste.

With moans rolling out of her mouth, she watched as I put in work. Her hand rustled with my hair, pushing me closer. She even arched her back, wanting me deep inside. I know she want a nigga to go deep but damn, my tongue only so long. I’ma try doe.

“Fuck yes!” she screamed. Smirking against her, I swirled in her love a little faster than before. Once she came, I pulled her down into the water with me.

“You can swim?” I whispered, pecking her lips a few times. She moved her wet hair out of her face, smiling at me.

“Yeah.” she answered breathlessly. She wrapped her arms and legs around me. She kept her fingers moving through my curls while we kissed passionately. I swam to a corner of the pool, letting her taste herself off my lips.

“You want this?” I asked, tugging down my shorts. When I was bare, I pressed against her. She nodded before biting and kissing along my neck. Groaning, I gripped her ass so that I could dive in.

“Still tight as fuck.” I muttered, digging deeper inside her. I groaned again as her bites and nails became intense. I was thrusting into her rougher, making screams sound into the air. This is the loudest she’s ever been, word up.

“You missed me, baby?” I grunted, using my thumb to rub on her clit. Instead of answering me, she pushed me away from her. Confusion sketched on my face when she did. I watched as she sent me a sly smirk and sank downward in the water. She took me into her mouth, making me grunt.

She kept up a steady rhythm as she sucked me up. I was in shock that she – Maya – was even doing this shit. I couldn’t see what she was doing exactly but, I was loving it. I tensed up in her mouth, growing thicker and longer. She made her mouth and throat open wider, taking me down further.

“Damn, My.” I growled, gripped the back her head. I took it off because I ain’t wanna choke or drown her. Even though I’m sure she can handle this. Once I came, she slurped it up like it was nothing. Under water, mind you.

“Impressed?” she smirked, wiping the corner of her mouth with her thumb. I nodded, speechless as fuck. She laughed, swimming to the edge of the pool. She pulled herself up, a stream of water pouring down her back. She squeezed out her hair, winking at my stunned expression.

“You think you freakier than me now?” I asked, getting out the pool too. She shrugged some, heading back in. Her ass jiggled as she switched inside the house. Good God.

“Yup. I’m thirsty.” she mumbled, sitting down on the island. She picked up the bottle of Midori, drinking the liquor as if it were nothing. I ain’t wanna fuck up the mood so I let her drink freely. Although it did bother me that she can chug it down like that.

“Gimme.” I grumbled, reaching for the bottle. She gave me the bottle, thinking that I wanted some too. I took a sip, the liquor burning my throat some. It wasn’t even strong until I chugged it down like she did.

“I never had that before. It’s good.” she murmured, getting down from the island. I put the bottle down, glancing down at her wet body. I picked her up, carrying her to my room.

“I think you taste betta’ than that.” I smiled, placing her tiny body against the wall. I lifted her body up, placing her thick thighs on my shoulder blades. She reached for shit but ain’t a damn thing was there. I chuckled and continued feasting.

We gon’ be doing this all night long, I know it.

Maya’s POV

Waking up, I felt myself locked in August’s strong arms. It’s been awhile since I woke up like this and I missed it. I loved being in his arms to be honest. No other man can provide a great amount of comfort for me like August does. Even if I tried so hard to tell myself otherwise; I need August.

“Let me get up, babe.” I mumbled, removing his arm. A low grumbled escaped his mouth as he freed me. I slid my limp body out of bed, throwing on one of his shirts. Leaving out of his room, I went into the bedroom that I stayed in. While we have breakfast, I plan to have a talk with him. There’s a few things that we need to discuss.

“Sum’ smells good.” his voice sounded, making me spin to meet his tall stature. I hugged his torso, standing on the tip of my toes to steal a kiss from him.

“I don’t see why they decked this place with food, knowing that you can’t cook.” I teased, kissing him again. Of course, he let out a boisterous laugh.

“I can make but, I can’t cook. I’m more of a microwave n’ a toaster kinda guy.” he chuckled, taking a seat. I turned back to the stove to finish breakfast. I settled on eggs, blueberry pancakes, and sausage. They didn’t have much here for his big appetite.

“August, baby. We need to talk.” I said while fixing his plate. My back was to him so, I couldn’t see his expression. I held his plate and sat it down before him. He waited until I made mine before sparking up our conversation.

“About what?” he grumbled, cutting up his pancakes. I did likewise, thinking of what needed to be covered. We leave here tomorrow morning and I wanted us to have all things pertaining to our relationship in tact.

“How this… system will work. Um, I don’t want to travel on the road with you. I actually will be traveling myself.” I said before eating a piece of the sausage. His brow frowned in confusion as he swallowed his food.

“Travelin’ where?” he asked.

“Around. Jess and I have a clothing line together and it has some potential. It’s called ‘Dolls Couture’ and it’s dresses. I do some of the Photoshop designs while she finds textures and things like that.” I explained, crossing my legs. He ate a forkful of his eggs, nodding some.

“Well,” he breathed out, “I support you, baby.”

That made me smile brightly, him supporting me. Niko said that it was stupid, Avery wanted me to use my degree. The only other person that supported it was my grandmother.

“Thanks, babe. So, how’s music been going?” I asked. I saw how bright his smile got, making me smile too. I love how I can literally witness the passion for what he does.

“Amazin’ as hell. Right now, we workin’ on the album. It has to come out next year but, I wanna use all the time I can to make it perfect, ya’ know? I was thinkin’… I was thinkin’ I do what seems right n’ put it out on Mel’s birthday.” he sighed.

“Oh, I think that’s a great idea, babe. I mean, it’s very, very appropriate. In my opinion.” I grinned, patting his hand. He smiled lightly at me, still thinking about Mel.

“Yeah, I thought so too.” he mumbled. Leaning across the table slightly, I took his chin in my hand.

“He’s proud of you, okay?” I mumbled, trying to cheer him up again. I hated when he was down over his brother. I feel like he just misses him and has this yearning for his brother to be here with him.

“I’m sure he is. I just wish he was around for this shit. I miss him a lot, man. But, it’s cool, babe. I’m good.” he assured. It didn’t seem that way but, I wouldn’t press the issue. He had to learn how to cope with that for his sanity. I just want him to be happy, that’s all.

August’s POV

Maya and I pretty much chilled for the rest of the day. She wanted to sit outside on the beach so, that’s what we did.

“How do you feel about kids?” I asked randomly, glancing over at her. We were talking about everything under the sun so, I thought I’d ask.

“I love kids. I mean, I’m hardly around any but, I think that I have a connection to children.” she replied, moving a stick around in the sand.

“You gon’ be a good mother. I feel it.” I muttered, catching her bright smile.

“I hope so. Maybe as good a mother as mine was. Maybe.” she chuckled, putting emphasis on her final word. I placed my arm around her shoulder, kissing her cheek.

“You speak to ya’ brotha’ lately?” I inquired.

“Yeah, before we came to Miami. He was on his way to an appointment for Kim. He sounded so excited.” she giggled. Even though the pregnancy was foul as shit, I’m happy that Niko about to be a father. He may act tough but he gon’ be good with kids.

“Chanel?” I grumbled.

“I don’t know about her. You know she hates Niko’s guts. I just hope they look beyond that for the baby.” she sighed.

“They betta’ get it together ‘fore the baby gets here. So, I feel like I need to apologize for givin’ Maxie to ma’ nieces.” I mumbled, rubbing the back of my neck. She chuckled, an almost saddened look on her face.

“It’s… not alright. It’s not.” she sniffled, wiping her eye. I let out a deep sigh, hugging her a little tighter. I admit, when I did that I was feeling animosity towards her. I wasn’t really thinking about how she would feel.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I’ma get her back, okay? I’ma get the girls a new dog n’ I’ma make it work, aight?” I grumbled, quickly licking my lips.

“I don’t want you to take Maxie from them. Mama Sheila is always telling me how much they love her.” she muttered, wiping away her tears.

“You still talk to ma’ mom?” I asked, shocked. Not once did my mother tell me that Maya still called and vice versa. She never even mentioned Maya unless I brought her up.

“Yeah, I love her to death. I wouldn’t stop talking to her just because of you. Actually, I was supposed to visit them next month around Halloween. The girls really wanted me to go Trick or Treating with them.” she giggled lightly. I raised up my eyebrows before laughing some.

“You know what? I think they was tryin’a hook us up. They wanted me out there too. Talkin’ ‘bout I had to be Aladdin.” I laughed, making Maya do likewise.

“Funny, they wanted me to be Princess Jasmine. Slick, I tell you.” she chuckled, shaking her head.

“Hey, we should FaceTime them.” I suggested, smirking. A sly one took up her face too. She stood up, reaching out a hand for me. I threw her over my shoulder and trekked up to the house.

“Am I getting fat?” she asked from behind me.

“Yeah.” I said bluntly, earning a slap to the back. Letting out a round of laughs, I sat her down on the couch. When I had my phone, I decided to FaceTime my mama. She didn’t get to hear the news about Maya and I getting back together. I didn’t tell anyone, actually.

“Hey, ma.” I cheesed, making her look at me weird. Maya was to the right of me, out of sight.

“Hey, baby. Soooo…” she dragged out, referring to me and Maya getting back together. I stared in confusion, laughing some.

“Soooo… what?” I teased.

“Maya. Where is she? Did you make her leave, August? The fact that you can sit there with a smile on–”

“Why you always stickin’ up for her? I ain’t make her leave. She just left me. She said she fell in love wit’ anotha’ man. I got on ma’ knees n’–”

“He’s lying so bad!” Maya laughed, pushing my shoulder. I swear the look on my mom’s face was like shock. I feel as if she wanted us together more than anyone else.

“Oh my God, it’s official again?! I’m so proud of my babies. It’s about damn time.” she smiled brightly. The girls playing around could be heard in the back along with Max’s barks.

“Yup, we sat down and talked it out.” Maya grinned, laying her head on my shoulder.

“I’m proud. Ya’ll wanna talk to the girls? They gon’ be very excited about this. Ya’ know they was tryin’a set ya’ll up. It was a good plan.” she chuckled, getting up with the phone in her hand.

“It was an ambush. That’s sum’ you woulda did.” I laughed.

“You damn right and it woulda worked. Girls, guess who’s calling to talk to you guys today?” she said, smiling. ‘Uncle Aug’ and ‘Auntie’ were thrown around in return. Won’t the girls be surprised when both of us will be on here?

“Very close. Here, Chay.” my mama said, handing her the phone. When she saw both our faces, she let out a squeal. Of course, that was followed by two more squeals.

“Ya’ll surprised, huh?” I chuckled.

“Yes! Oh my God, it’s about time!” Kay shouted, getting a laugh out of all of us.

“They are too much.” Maya giggled. I nodded to her words as we listened to the girls talk up a storm about everything. They even sang for us, they were so happy. Finally, my life is going 100% good. I’m on the right track and I’ma keep it that way.

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