midori city

Two updates to the ‘Shadowhunters’ IMDB page:

  • Midori played by Mouna Traoré
  • Young Clary played by Sofia Wells

Updates appear to be unconfirmed at this stage.

UPDATE: May seem trivial but Mouna liked our Instagram post so perhaps it is legit? And as for who she is playing, most likely an additional minor character appearing in the Pandemonium scene or Java Jones maybe?

- Elisabelle Lightwood

blackbeuwti  asked:

Do you suggest any good gore horror anime ? Other than the most common suggested ones and with good animation too

There are probably newer examples (in which case, I’d be grateful if people could send in some recommendations!). Aside from Gantz these are 80s-90s animation and very much look like it. I love that aesthetic, but I understand it isn’t for everyone. 

But I’d say Genocyber, Doomed Megalopolis, Midori, Urotsukidoji, Wicked City, Gantz.

The first two aren’t exactly good, but they try so hard to be outrageously offensive that they have their own charm. Also be warned most of them are pretty sexually explicit in a cruel way, but for gory nonsense they’re as grimy as it gets.


Gomoku ankake udon, starchy vegetable sauce udon, at Marufuku in 1-cyome, Rokuden, Midori ward, Nagoya city.