I took pictures with Skype. Ugh, what a pain.


My friend found these and bought them, they’re readers +1, but I popped out the lens. They fit and look PURRfect. <3


I dyed these with liquid dye. I can’t figure out how to get the blue on… Any ideas? I want to look as accurate as I can to MSPA John Egbert.

Hood Part 1:

This is the opening and the cape thingy part. Sorry, hard to tell. Bad lighting and picture. When the hood is up the tail reaches about the middle of my leg, but below my knee, if you understand.

Hood Part 2:

And this is the tail trailing down, I curled it around in my chair, so it looks short-ish. But really, when the hood is down it falls down to barely tap the ground when I walk. And I’m not exactly short either, compared to the majority of people I know.

To Get/Make:

The shirt, I need to find a light blue shirt and some iron-on paper so I can put the symbol on. I heard buying the WP shirt is a bad idea, and the color is off.

The pants, I need to find some pajama-like light blue pants. If anybody knows of a good one, can you tell me?

A wig, I was planning on cosplaying the actual John, not a genderbend, but since I’m a girl I may have to. I plan on cutting my hair back to my jaw line so I can easily wear wigs with no discomfort. Should I be the male or female john? I found some OK wigs for both.

POSSIBLY the Zillyhoo Hammer. I found a good, cheap tutorial for it, but I’m trying to decide if I actually should make it. I mean, why not? Or should I try the Vrillyhoo? This is my first cosplay so I’m a bit iffy about this.

I hope to get some pictures of myself wearing everything soon. Sorry that that isn’t available yet. I need to find someone with a good camera and can transport the pictures over to this laptop. I seriously can’t figure those out for the LIFE of me.

Look at this cutie pie. Omg.

OK, I drew the “sister” I guess you could call her, of Xyneck which I posted yesterday. The sister/brother relationship can easily be explained, but I’d rather not right now.

She’s giggling because she’s happy, and a very good friend [Which she happens to like a lot right now] had found that necklace she’s wearing while they were both at the beach derping around.

Her chumhandle is in the corner too. lonelyEternal.


These are all my Scalemates that I’ve made so far. I’ve been using this tutorial and pattern, Part 1 and Part 2. But now I plan on using this one that I found which is so much better and has a cleaner pattern.

I gave the blue one to my brother and I’ve kept the green and yellow one to myself. My brother wanted the blue one, soooo…

Since they’re basically prototypes, they have no eyes or belly patterns. My baby brother ripped the eyes off the blue one 5 minutes after they were all sewn on anyways.