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  • Favorite video game?

I love the Assassin’s Creed series, and definitely enjoyed AC4! So pumped for AC: Unity!!

  • Spirit animal?

They call me Penguena for a reason.

  • Favorite board game?

Man I haven’t played a board game in a LONG time… but probably Settlers of Catan

  • TV show you want to watch but just haven’t yet.

Elementary… OMG i almost just typed “Natalie Dormer” but I think that’s a valid answer too! Haha

  • Favorite breed of dog?


  • Favorite burger toppings?


  • Favorite candy?

Hershey’s Hugs or Hershey’s Cookies n Cream Kisses

  • Favorite quote from a TV show?

Um, uhhh… basically anything Felix says on Orphan Black

  • Least favorite color?


  • Song that describes your life.

Right now, “Closer” by Melissa Ferrick. She’s the super folksy compared to my usual taste in music, but her lyrics are on point.

My questions:

1. Favorite type/brand of gum?

2. What are you most excited for for the rest of 2014?

3. Song that gets you motivated?

4. What decade’s clothing/music style appeals most to your aesthetic?

5. One thing that people may not know about you upon meeting you?

6. Describe your favorite family member.

7. What is one drink or food you couldn’t live without?

8. One sociopolitical event that’s had an impact on your life.

9. Given the opportunity, which field of show business would you go into and why?

10. Current song you’re jamming to in the car/subway?

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Of course you don’t have to answer these if you don’t want to, but I tried to make my questions interesting :)