Camp memories: Chapter 2

1. When the K lab spilled peanut butter on the floor…. and people started eating it

2. When my “third roommate” played funky town too loud at midnight and we got yelled at while she hid in the closet

3. Sneaking out to shower at like 1am 

4. When they face timed some random kid and gave the laptop to me and I just started making weird faces while they turned the lights on and off and it was very strange…..

5. When I got suuuuper lost all alone in the city and had to call my friend to get me back because my phone was dying and the maps weren’t working

6. When I lived off a jar of nutella for the 1st week of camp…..

7. When we had to walk 4 miles in the rain

8. When someone said that they were scared to debate me!

9. When a judge complimented the sass of my 2ar during the round I went maverick

10. When we had a party on the field during the 4th of July. Cuz there ain’t no party like a debate camp party on a soaking wet field!

11. When we plotted the death of a teammate…. in French 

12. When I fell down the stairs… three separate times!

13. When I put so much artificial sweetener in my coffee that my face went numb 


My wonderful boyfriend, now fiancé, proposed last Friday night at midnight yell! I am the happiest girl in the world, and I can’t wait to marry my best friend!! 

That’s right, he proposed to me with my ring hidden inside a Harry Potter book!!! And he had the ring custom made so that I can wear it at the hospital working as a nurse! He is just too sweet and perfect, and I was completely surprised!!!



UCLA’s midnight yell got a mention in this Tremendous College Traditions video! What other Bruin traditions deserve a shout out? (pun intended)