My wonderful boyfriend, now fiancé, proposed last Friday night at midnight yell! I am the happiest girl in the world, and I can’t wait to marry my best friend!! 

That’s right, he proposed to me with my ring hidden inside a Harry Potter book!!! And he had the ring custom made so that I can wear it at the hospital working as a nurse! He is just too sweet and perfect, and I was completely surprised!!!



UCLA’s midnight yell got a mention in this Tremendous College Traditions video! What other Bruin traditions deserve a shout out? (pun intended)


world, meet president loftin of texas a&m university. he is so much cooler than your president. #gangnamstyle

limitlessmonster  asked:

HAPPY FANFIC WRITER APPRECIATION DAY 💖 you are without a doubt one of my favorite writers and it was because of you that I started actively writing fanfic to begin with and also because of you that I started shipping some of my favorite ships. your writes have made me feel things and have been the cause of much midday and midnight yelling because it was JUST. THAT. GOOD. you have fluffed me into a vat of jello and have hurt me into a blazing inferno of pain and I loathe you but love you 😡

i’m going to cry why did you let me do all this to izaya why didn’t you STOP ME WTF YOU EVEN ENCOURAGED ME TO ADD MORE ewhgashd

let me actually read that

AW I LOVE WHEN YOU MIDDAY AND MIDNIGHT YELL texting you while at work is probably the #1 most effective way to keep me from falling asleep especially when it’s about ships but i do NOT APPRECIATE HALF NAKED KUROO BEING SENT WITHOUT WARNING 

:) <3 :D ;)