midnight ice cream

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Can you bless my soul with cute Rock Lee feels???

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Rock Lee

  • he gets excited when the milk starts to dwindle or the orange juice is almost out, because you let him drink out of the jug
  • he doesn’t like to steal, but he doesn’t like to waste, so he always takes a handful of the Taco Bell Salsa packets when you guys leave
  • he is actively interested in things you are interested in, whether that’s music, books, makeup, bowling–he is happy to learn all about it. he’ll help you pick out a pretty lipstick color or hang out at art museums with you. 
  • his favorite move is “The Princess Bride”
  • the first time you buy him a bath bomb he’s in love
  • he regularly invites everyone over to your house for boardgames and karaoke (where the two of you slay Bohemian Rhapsody) 
  • he is so ashamed the first time you catch him in the kitchen at midnight, spooning out ice cream until you say you’ll make brownies. you both just end up making a mess
  • he shares his Netflix password with everyone, you both are singlehandly supporting all of the Rookies TV addictions. 
  • he buys you both matching pajamas each year for Christmas, he always gives them to you a week early because he gets excited. 
  • it’s an annual tradition to get a Christmas card from the two of you
  • he loves Hawaiian shirts

WEATHER REPORT - QUEEN OF COINS. Whenever I see this Queen, the first word that pops into my mind is “luxuriate!” The Queen of Coins is a creature of the earthly realm and let me tell you, she does it well. Good food, good sex, beautiful clothes, long, lazy afternoons spent in the sunshine, midnight whiskey, ice cream for breakfast, and fragrant incense at all hours. A fine model for a Saturday, no? Luxuriating looks different to all of us, but whatever you do today, seek out experiences that make you feel rich, embodied, grounded, sensual. Partake of the earth and the pleasures it offers!
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Today’s card is from the #RavensProphecyTarot, published by Llewellyn, 2015.

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