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Jack Sparrow is our inner bookworm

Exhibit A:
When you finish a book and don’t know whether to hug it or throw it across the room. 

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Exhibit B:
When you spend the whole night reading a book

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Exhibit C:
When people ask if you can do anything other than fangirl and you say you can do this:

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Exhibit D:
When writers keep separating your OTP

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Exhibit E:
When the author is writing the next book in the series

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Exhibit F:
When you open the first page of the book you’ve been waiting for and you know it’s gonna kill you in the most pleasurable ways:

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Exhibit G:
When you see a bookstore and start “walking” toward it with your friends, family, etc running after you trying to catch you before yet again you’re lost to the land of fiction:

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Exhibit H:
When your favorite character dies:

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And so on and on…

Incorrect Quote #12
  • Rowan: So, you lied to me?
  • Aelin: That depends on how you define lying.
  • Rowan: Well, I define it as not telling the truth. How do you define it?
  • Aelin: Um, reclining your body in a horizontal position?

lockedinmybody  asked:

daliaaaaa could you tell me your fave sterek fics please?? :)

How could you ask me this? Do you have any idea how many sterek fics I’ve read over the years? How many I’ve loved?

This is a short list of the very few I could think of off the top of my head. I think I’ll probably make a recs page, because I’ve been meaning to for a long time. I have a recs tag, but that includes different pairings as well.

Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways

“I called you a slave-driver!” Stiles cried hysterically. “I called you an ogre! I stole all the blue paperclips!”
Derek raised an eyebrow at him.
“That’s company property!” he shouted, waving his arms madly in distress.
Derek ran a hand over his face. “It’s not theft if the vice president of the company gives you permission.”

(Otherwise known as the Elevator AU)

The Price

Stiles must surrender the most important thing in his life to protect the town… and no one can figure out what it was.

Around The Bend

The first time Derek catches sight of the new yoga instructor, Stiles is in the middle of showing a class how to do downward-facing dog. Derek walks into a wall.

Things don’t exactly improve from there.

Derek can’t stop staring at Stiles, the bendy new yoga instructor at his family’s gym. Stiles thinks Derek’s a repressed homophobe who hates Stiles for making him want the D. They fall in love.

can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful

“Be cool, Dad, we’ve decided to con Grandma.”

(Or, the one where the Stilinski men drag Derek to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s and she gets the right wrong idea.)

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stormybisexual  asked:

more shitty wolf 359 theater aus pls

this is more of the same au I think,

  • Fourier and Hui are playing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. it would work a lot better except that now the only people onstage who Lovelace/Hamlet seems to get along with are these two and gertrude.
  • Eiffel is not allowed to hotbox the lighting booth again.
  • this does not mean that Jacobi and Maxwell are allowed to hotbox the lighting booth either.
  • Maxwell is not allowed to give Hera weed again, period.
  • Eiffel is not allowed to duct tape Hamlet’s sword to a roomba again.
  • everybody’s pretty sure those donuts Hilbert brought last week are what made everyone sick but so far only Lovelace and Eiffel have openly accused him of it.
  • anyone who makes a High School Musical joke about Lovelace dies.
  • “I’m just saying, Isabel, you should maybe look a little conflicted about stabbing Warren to death. Can you give me a little? Maybe?
  • on the last night of rehearsals Lovelace picks up Eiffel, Minkowski, Hilbert, and Hera in her family’s pickup truck and they stop at costco to pick up some stuff to sell for concessions. there aren’t enough seats so Eiffel is sitting in the truck bed. Lovelace gets into an argument with Minkowski over who gets the aux cord and pulls out of the parking lot so quickly that Eiffel and the snacks fall out of the truck. he spends the next three hours forlornly wandering through costco, trying to get enough of a signal to reach literally anyone else. by the time he manages to text Kepler and they pick him up he has eaten all of the snacks.
  • “why does no one here respect me?” Minkowski asks the ceiling while lying flat on her back in the front row of the auditorium.
  • “because you’re the only straight person in the drama department,” Jacobi says, throwing pringles at her from onstage.
  • Fisher is the only techie who shows up regularly, and then he trips over a prop backstage and breaks his leg. Eiffel insists on holding a fake memorial service for him at the next rehearsal.
  • after shows the cast performs the ancient high school theatre tradition of midnight trips to 24 hour breakfast restaurants. they go to IHOP. they are kicked out of IHOP for fistfighting. and because somehow Jacobi set a tablecloth on fire.
  • Kepler pitches Sweeney Todd as the yearly musical. “I’ll be able to sleep better at night after watching all of you die horribly,” he tells everyone.