midnight stupidity

Stupid hot people, won’t let me go home and get my stuff.
They won’t tell me anything about what it would mean to actually become a Shadowhunter. Would I have to go somewhere and train?
They won’t tell me how long I can stay here, except “as long as you need to.” Don’t I have to go to school eventually? Some kind of school?
They won’t talk about the Cold Peace or how it sucks.
They won’t let me eat cookies.”

“They don’t seem to understand what autism is, or mental illness, or therapy, or medical treatment. Do they believe in things like chemotherapy? What if I get cancer? I probably won’t get cancer. But if I did . . .
They won’t tell me how Tessa and Jem found my dad. Or why my dad hated Shadowhunters so much

—  Kit Herondale’s list of grievances against Shadowhunters. (Lord of Shadows)

in a group meeting or something without any of the batkids, whatever they are talking about gets forgotten as supergirl and superboy starts to argue on which robin was the best robin.

superboy insists its robin 3. supergirl says its the super amazing robin 4 - the female robin. things get heated up. the other heroes are just looking at them. then superboy takes out a bunch of photos of robin 3. supergirl won’t let herself get left behind. she takes out robin 4 photos and spoiler and batgirl photos. its a mess as the two compliment, place in a pedestal and shows amazing, embarrassing, sexy pics of their robin fave.

wally is approaching with his own album of robin 1. roy wonders if jay will kill him if he shows the few photos he has of him as his run as robin 2.

they’d all better run when b gets there and finds out about this little competition



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One Year Later… Sam is still the worst.

Dating Chanyeol Would Include

• Dating Chanyeol would be crazy.

• he would be so nervous to ask you out. But he’ll keep on pretending that he isn’t.

• when you say yes he will be the happiest man alive

• expect phone calls at 1 am

• non stop teasing

• being the loudest couple

• getting cockblocked from the other members

• him surprising you randomly with gifts just to see your smile

• you always teasing him on how cute his ears make him look

• him randomly taking you out claiming it as a date

• traveling to random places

• couple clothes and shoes

• cute couple selcas (selfies)

• playing pranks on the other members

• being in his v live videos

• doing couple challenges

• him posting pictures of you on his instagram

• good night and morning texts

• lots of cuddles

• rough sex

• trying new food

• you reading him to sleep with your favorite books

• him singing you to sleep

• going to arcades a lot

• laughing over random things

• causing the members to get annoyed

• lots of inside jokes

• both of you taking weird pictures of each other

• him coming back to apologize when you two get into an argument

• him making you feel better about yourself

• cute little kisses in public mostly hand holding though

• but really passionate ones at home when no one’s around

• listening to music together

• him making songs about you

• there would not be any second when he isn’t saying a corny joke or pickup line

• “hey babe are you from Tennessee?”

• “not again Chanyeol”

• he loves making you smile especially when you listen to his songs

• he’ll be a major fanboy of yours

• you two will go on random shopping sprees

• probably even start playing hide and seek inside the store

• he would adopt a puppy for both of you

• video game nights with him

• he would make breakfast for you

• you stealing his t shirt

• him saying “i love you” to you every time he gets a chance

• he would show you off to everyone

• he’ll get whiny when you don’t pay attention to him

• sometimes even become a bit possessive but he knows how to keep his cool

• midnight walks

• stupid nickname

• he’ll ask you random questions

• “will you still love me if I’m bald?”

• you two roasting everyone

• he’s high key whipped

• he would do anything for you

• daddy kink

• he would show you off to everyone

• small karaoke dates

• sending cute snapchat filters

• him just listening to you about your day

• overall Chanyeol would be the most cutest and kindest boyfriend he’ll love you more than anything. He’ll cherish you and give you the love you deserve.

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how do the nordics react when someone does the Italian hand meme to them?

Denmark: Cries because he thinks they’re mad at him

Norway: Assumes it’s sign language of some kind and starts signing in NSL to ask them what’s going on

Sweden: Thinks they want him to give them something so he digs around in his pocket and hands them a piece of gum

Finland: Finds the gesture vaguely threatening and puts up his dukes to fight

Iceland: Stares blankly at them for five minutes

Hero Flug AU (Fanfiction)

Hero Flug AU by me

Three hours, finished 3 minutes before midnight, go me!

Part of this was help written by my friend Aurora, who also came up with Flug sass, so thank her for Flug sass, cause it good sass.

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