midnight stew


Have you ever wondered what happened to the giggly girl who wanted to touch Jace’s mangos and gave him her phone number?

Well he txt her and requested pictures of mangos and a pool full of tomato soup.

Sadly the ducks invaded and I’m pretty sure she will never be seen again.
My top two favorite books from TMI are city of ashes and city of lost souls.
Credit to my mom for putting up with my strangeness and taking crazy cool photos after spending days prepairing for this bathroom madness.
Credit goes to me for my epic custom Jace doll

But most of all credit goes to @cassandraclare for being a life saving inspirational beacon of hope.
Thank you very much for giving a few lucky people the chance to win an amazing contest for your New book Lady Midnight.

And a great shout out to all you TMI/TID fans books make the imagination soar it’s very apparent with a lot you all do.
I’m glad to be apart of this fandom and see all the love you guys have.
It’s so beautiful ❤❤

It All Eats the Same
  • Spell book: You must pluck your parsley at midnight, and stew it with moon-fueled green beans and you must use grass-fed, free-range beef.
  • Me: Right, so, I have a vegetable soup dry mix from Walmart and some cheap cutlets from Albertsons and some vaguely freezer burned frozen veggies. Good!