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EVEN’S LOVE JAR!!!! (wip) [x]

Okay so I gathered all of my favorite cute messages that Even has sent Isak, and put them all on this jar. of course I had to include all the notes Even’s left for Isak.. and then I picked out my fav txt messages and put them on there as well~ the emoji’s were especially fun to add ❤️🐬☀️🍆💯 (as you can tell I went a bit crazy with details, but i figured this fandom would appreciate it!) Ofc I had to include the “Alt er love” quote… and the lid is actually fanart I made for the fic “Litt sånn som deg” (@stormboxx​ ♥), because I wanted some SUPER ROMANTIC SOFTISEN to top of this DECLARATION OF LOVE. ✌

Character Profiles Masterlist

Now that they’re all up, here’s the easy way to see them all if anyone’s interested or needs them! Sorry about the mass posting all at once, this is it now, I promise!

I hope they’re helpful to anyone who uses them or has a look!

On an abnormally hot day in Wysteria and Stein... (Has this been done yet I'm like two years late but oh well, this heat is killing me ;-;)
  • *In Wysteria*:
  • MC: *is half dead on the chaise lounge with Robert fanning her because monarchy*
  • Leo: *is half dead on the couch, probably shirtless*
  • Alyn: *is in a lake somewhere being sensible and staying cool*
  • Giles: *is being unintentionally sexy with his jacket off and shirt unbuttoned*
  • Sid: *is pestering Louis to cool him down since he's an ice sculpture*
  • Louis: *is asleep*
  • <b> ...</b>
  • MC: It's too hot
  • Leo: Hot damn
  • Everyone except Leo: That's not the lyrics
  • Leo: ...
  • Leo: Call the police and the fireman
  • MC: *sighs* It's still too hot
  • Sid: Hot damn
  • Leo: Makes a dragon wanna retire, man
  • MC: It's too goddamn hot
  • Giles: *has lost the will to care* Hot damn
  • Leo: Too hot to remember the words...
  • Leo: Girls hit your hallelujah
  • Everyone except Leo: *weakly* oooh ;-;
  • ...
  • <b> *In Stein*</b>
  • Nico: *has taken the day off and is having an ice bath*
  • Albert: *has passed out in Byron's office*
  • Byron: ...
  • Byron: *looks at everyone melting outside*
  • Byron: It seems to be quite warm today.
  • Byron: ...
  • Byron: *takes cape off*
  • Byron: Better.

anyways heres the bois for the standswap event!! a second time because i hate the last ref with all of my being!!!

harris is the nerdiest kid ever literally. hes that one dude that says he can hack any website in computer class. the worst.

starry purple isnt rly that strong offensive or defensive wise but he can predict the next move of anything like actual joseph

who in the world let this kid have a stand

“Do you ever have trouble believing that it’s actually your birthday again? Like… I couldn’t believe it when I turned sixteen, and now I’m going to be twenty tomorrow. Twenty. In one day. One year away from being legal drinking age or whatever. Does this mean I have to start acting like an adult now? And carrying a briefcase?”