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EVEN’S LOVE JAR!!!! (wip) [x]

Okay so I gathered all of my favorite cute messages that Even has sent Isak, and put them all on this jar. of course I had to include all the notes Even’s left for Isak.. and then I picked out my fav txt messages and put them on there as well~ the emoji’s were especially fun to add ❤️🐬☀️🍆💯 (as you can tell I went a bit crazy with details, but i figured this fandom would appreciate it!) Ofc I had to include the “Alt er love” quote… and the lid is actually fanart I made for the fic “Litt sånn som deg” (@stormboxx​ ♥), because I wanted some SUPER ROMANTIC SOFTISEN to top of this DECLARATION OF LOVE. ✌

anyways heres the bois for the standswap event!! a second time because i hate the last ref with all of my being!!!

harris is the nerdiest kid ever literally. hes that one dude that says he can hack any website in computer class. the worst.

starry purple isnt rly that strong offensive or defensive wise but he can predict the next move of anything like actual joseph

who in the world let this kid have a stand

Em’s Enthralled Ears

Dedicated to my kpop soulmate, Chloe! :) 


  • Formed under Pledis Entertainment
  • Debuted May 26th, 2015
  • 13 members + 3 units + all 1 = Seventeen!
  • Fans are known as ‘Carat's’ which is cute af i mean COME ON. 
  • Fun fact, when trying to decide a fandom name, Hoshi proposed 'mounteen’ because the Seventeen symbol looks like a mountain upside down. He’s a gem.

A quick little thing about why they’re the bomb.com:

Seventeen is comprised of young men born from 1995 to 1999. As I get older I realize that most kpop idols are closer to my age and Seventeen was the first group I got into that actually had members born so close to my birth year 1997, both in that year and after it. To me, that’s pretty shocking. I can’t even fathom being an idol at 18 and younger because of how stressful that lifestyle would be…it’s hard work. On a daily basis, Seventeen inspires me to work harder at everything because of how young they are and how much they’ve accomplished. They’ve been training for multiple years and within approximately a year of debut, they’ve had 3 eras of promotion, winning their first award for 'Pretty U’ just recently. Through their drive and passion as artists, Seventeen has earned the title of 'Monster Rookies,’ showing the industry that they can rise to the top. On a completely subjective note, more so than above, I would just like to reminiscence for a hot second. I remember about this time last year Seventeen debuted with Adore U. I watched the MV and felt completely over-whelmed by the sheer number of members. However Seventeen grew on me quickly. I found the choreography was fun and inventive, the song was catchy, and the members were so refreshingly dorky it was really difficult not to fall in love with them. The night of their 'Mansae’ comeback I stayed up to watch the MV when it dropped at midnight, and totally spammed Tumblr with posts about how hype I was to see new stuff from Seventeen. Spending a few hours with other people that were just as excited about the first comeback for this talented group of people was a unique experience, where a community found one another flooding the same Tumblr tag with posts about Mingyu and Jeonghan’s lilac hair and how Hoshi was dropping hints that 'Adore U’ choreography would make an appearance in 'Mansae.’

I truly consider Seventeen as artists. They all play a part in the production of their music, lyrics, dances, and as they develop more and more as a group, their roles also develop and expand. Watching Seventeen prosper has been a privilege and an honor, and I hope to watch them continue.


* denotes the leader of each unit, ** denotes the leader of Seventeen overall as a group.

Hip Hop Unit:

  • S.Coups** (Seungcheol)
  • Wonwoo
  • Mingyu
  • Vernon

Performance Unit:

  • Hoshi* (Soonyoon)
  • Jun (Junhui)
  • The8 (Minghao)
  • Dino (Chan)

Vocal Unit:

  • Woozi* (Jihoon)
  • Jeonghan
  • Joshua/Jisoo
  • DK/Dokyeom (Seokmin)
  • Seungkwan


Pre-Debut: Shining Diamond

17 Carat

  • Single: Adore U
  • Shining Diamond
  • Ah Yeah 
  • Jam Jam 

Boys Be

  • Single: Mansae
  • Fronting 
  • When I Grow Up 
  • OMG
  • Rock

Love and Letter, 1st Album

  • Single: Pretty U
  • Chuck 
  • 예쁘다
  • 이놈의 인기
  •  유행가
  •  Say Yes
  • 떠내려가
  • 아낀다 Adore U  (Vocal Team Ver.)
  • 만.세 Manse (Hiphop Team Ver.)
  • Shining Diamond (Performance Team Ver.)
  • 사랑쪽지 (Love Letter)


midnight-in-town  asked:

Hey so I was wondering about your Worthy Ciel theory and if he was sacrificed on the altar, I was thinking about how death was stopped. The shinigami judged him worthy so his soul wasn't taken, but then if Ciel was stabbed in the first place, he had to somehow come back unaffected since he had no scars nor injuries when he met Seb and in present time. So my question is, do you think the Shinigami who judged him worthy turn back time and the cult chose another child in place of Ciel?

(cont’d) Because he doesn’t have any scar on his body except for the one on his back. So he “died” due to the wound, shinigami arrives and judges him worthy but concretely he needs to survive that wound and it’s impossible without urgent medical care and he’s held in a cage, which is why the only possibility would be the Shinigami altering time and reaping the child used for the sacrifice instead of Ciel in the end. Actually the Shinigamis having time control abilities isn’t so weird, since they have  shoes, scythes and watches that are objects from *our* time period, still unknown in the Victoria era. So I just wanted your thoughts about it since it’s your theory in the first place. :) Sorry for all the spam! ^^

midnight-in-town It’s not spam at all! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and thinking of me :D It’s far from spam and I believe you read my mind.

Time rewinding was exactly what I was thinking, though slightly different. I was theorizing that either A) what you said- another boy was switched with Ciel by the shinigami or 

B) This is the one I put more focus on. Assuming Ciel was the last child, the shinigami turned back time by just a few minutes, so Ciel ended up back in the cage watching the second-to-last child die. But his records were only reinstated, not altered, so he has the very recent memory of dying on the altar. And that’s all the push he needed to summon his demon.

My WCT says the shinigami knew Ciel would make a contract with Sebastian if he got to live. And somehow the events that Ciel would go through later on because of the contract would result in him doing whatever it is that makes him worthy. 

I know it’s in poor form to use the anime in manga theories lol, but we could make something out of this. Remember the Book of Doomsday? I think the shinigami have something similiar in canon, so whoever came for the dead children in the cult had to look through all the papers on each child- how would kid #1 living benefit the world, and so on. When they got to Ciel’s possibilities, they saw one that actually would benefit (for better or worse imo) the world so he was deemed worthy.

I 100% agree that shinigami aren’t bound by time. They have adidas sneakers lol Also, their glasses look so different than everyone else’s. Sebastian, Lawrence, doc, butler!Grell and Tanaka all have those large, round-rimmed ones that could pass for pre 1940s. But Grell, William, and Ronald have extremely modern looking glasses so I also think it makes perfect sense for them to be able to control time. Besides, they’re gods

Back to the WCT, it’s possible that a shinigami ranked higher than a regular field worker (AKA William’s superior) got Ciel’s case. A couple people also think UT was the shinigami who reinstated Ciel, but I doubt it since it makes me wonder why he didn’t just save Ciel himself lol


Is he alive or dead?
Has he thoughts in his head?
We’ll just pass him there
Why should we even care?

And for some unnecessary spam, a list of anime and manga I like for self reference in no particular order. Aka things I might want to draw to.

Honey and clover / Neko no ongaeshi / Howls moving castle / Tsuritama / Madoka Magica / Sailor Moon / Natsume Yuujinchou / Soul Eater / Rozen Maiden / The girl who leap through time / Summer Wars / Monster / Yondemasu yo Azazel san / Little Witch Academia / Nodame Cantabile / Death Note /  Boogiepop Phantom / Kuragehime / Patalliro / Eden of the East / Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou / Oniisama E / Victorian Romance Emma /  Tatami Galaxy / Kuchuu Buranko / Cencoroll / Hakaba no Kitaro / Detroit Metal City / Sexy Commando Gaiden Sugoiyo! / Michiko to Hatchin / Baccano / Denno Coil / Shingeki no Kyojin / Yowamushi pedal / Noragami / Hoozuki no Reitetsu / Haikyuu!! / Dantalian no Shoka / One Punch Man / Osomatsu San /

Bride story /  Goth / Thomas no Shinzou / Knights of Sidonia / Litchi Hikari Club / BLAME! / Honey and Clover / Solanin / Moon Boy / Yankee-kun to Megane-chan / Franken Fran / Ikigami / Fetish / Homunculus / Sangatsu no Lion / Shoukoku no Altair / Kaze to ki no Uta / Double Mints / Torikagosou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunitachi / Meru Puri / Sweat Honey / Galaxy Girl, Panda Boy / Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service / St.Lunatic / Shingeki no Kyojin / Mitsubana and Asa Ecchi / Noragami / Gisele Alain /  Sekine kun no koi / Ohana Holoholo / Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun / Shut Hell / 19 Days

uhm I feel awkward with this list… I really need new stuff. If only I had more time too o/-<

Still evaluating Oofuri (but I can tell I will like it because everyone is too cute already)