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Date: So what are some of your hobbies?
Me: Well….

Every otome game ever

When you find the character who is The One™:

Trying to dress your avatar:

Waiting for your tickets to refresh:

Covertly playing otome games:

When the plot goes on a tangent:

Trying not to cry in that one sad route that every otome game has:

Trying to math your way through figuring out how much you need to rank in an event:

When an event is over and you forgot about it, fell asleep or were just a little shy of ranking:

When The One™ doesn’t have a route yet, or is an NPC:

Trying to afford all of the otome games you play:

Your wallet, when stuff you want comes out:

How you know the story was worth the coins/pearls/whatever:

When you’re more than half-way through a route and you still haven’t found the smut romance yet:

When someone walks in on me while I’m in bed with my ikemen

*When mc closes her eyes when she’s in danger*

Me: …………………..

Voltage guy comes and rescues mc and ready to lecture me

Me: *Shhh* Yes. I know…..I know how u feel.
I also want to scream

looking for allies :)

Looking for allies in the following games! I promise that I am a faithful ally lol. Let me know your tumblr username, I like to know who I’m visiting :D

SLBP: 3089205
Tenka Hana AND Tsuki: 8434570
Destined to Love: P9W295YEA
Midnight Cinderella: r95PZWmF

I also have tons of inactive allies in SSS and all my Okko games but… I’m lazy to go through them, and those games don’t have a ‘last seen’ like SLBP… If you need an ally, let me know and I’ll clear a spot :)

In other news, today I started Kenshin in SLBP and Shingen in Tenka. Why doesn’t Tenka have the skip starter route option *sobs*

Sugar Daddies

I think we can all agree that we love “cinnamon buns.” No matter which otome game you play, there’s sure to be at least one character of the “cinnamon” or “sinnamon” variety who is to your liking.

Now, I say cinnabuns– probably because I used to get them all the time from a store called Cinnabon, and they’re buns; but whether you call them cinnamon buns or cinnamon rolls, there’s lots of flavors to choose from:

The Precious Angel cinnabun:

These types are almost too sweet. You just want to step back and admire their adorableness. They could be awkward like Yukimura, or adorkable like Albert. Preternaturally perfect like Saito or unexpectedly vulnerable like Kondo. You can’t help but fall for them.

The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Virgin cinnabun:

This type of bun has two layers. The background-driven facade and the gooey deredere center. Don’t get thrown off by the outer shell– these cinnabuns usually have some kind of secret that keeps them from getting close to anyone and as such, they have very little or in some cases no experience; the complete opposite of what you’d expect from their personality. 

In Ieyasu’s case, he’s more virgin than extra-virgin olive oil. He hasn’t even finished the Lover’s Guide and gets frustrated just untying your obi. Nico is super busy being a double agent and pouring tea, and Kyo literally has an evil twin trying to kill him. 

You can see why they haven’t found the time to do the deed with anyone. 

But don’t despair!

The Closet Freak sinnabun:

Do not be fooled. They look and act like the Precious Angel types but they’re sinning left and right when night falls– and sometimes they don’t even wait that long. Yukimura (slbp) and Yuki (DtL) also fit in this category.

The Get Rekt sinnabun:

Your body will probably never be ready. 

You’ve got, in order: Saizo, who wrote the Lover’s Guide, Takasugi, its faithful practitioner, Sid, who can’t even wait until he gets indoors, Haru, who makes sure you can’t get up out of bed, Shingen, who makes sure you can’t even walk, and Hijikata, who canonically likes it rough. 

Gird your loins!

The Maverick sin/cinnabuns:

 Depending on the situation, these guys can fit into any category, so look out. You may not know what you’re getting into, but you probably won’t be complaining. They’ll reel you in with that sweetness and then you’re done for.

The ZFG sinnabun:

For these fine purveyors of sin, not a single hot buttery eff will be given with regard to who’s around, what time of day it is, or your location. All they know is MC indicated s/he wanted them and they’re more than happy to oblige.

Proceed with caution.

The Buns of Indeterminate Origin:

404 Sins Not Found. These Citation Needed buns haven’t been given a fair chance to tell what type they are yet.

My guess is Robert (Get Rekt), Shigezane (Maverick), Kageie (Closet Freak), Rayvis (ZFG), Kagetsugu (Precious Angel), Toramatsu (Maverick).

Otome fandom in relationships!

Out of the games you’ve played, who does your S/O remind you of and why? Can be a mixture of different characters from different games, too. Does it match up with your favorite character?

Life is filled with choices that will alter you and rattle you to your core// regardless you ultimately will have to make those decisions. Some will lead you closer to your happy ending while others will delay you or worse lead you to a life of mediocrity.

 Face all of it [him] head on and be honest with your feelings. 

The worst thing that could happen is you have to start over to reach your happy ending. 

Don’t hit pause just to miss out-make your choice.    

Fair Use of Voltage Inc. IP

Since its creation in 1999, Voltage Inc. has been a leading name in interactive romance novels. We develop more than apps—we produce dramas about love and the challenges associated with it. This passionate subject has created a passionate, talented community of fans. We are humbled by the interest shown by our fans in sharing our games and creating their own work based on our creations! At the same time, we at Voltage spend a lot of time, thought, and money creating these games you love, including the characters, music, sound effects, stories, and illustrations. We need to protect them so we can keep creating.

You can consider this document a guideline for “fair use” for our English-language games. Copyright can be complicated, however, and this cannot cover all situations. Please be respectful of your fellow fans and of us.

Here are some examples of things we are okay with:

  • Original art inspired by our games and characters
  • A few screenshots
  • Avatars, banners, and other personal-use images
  • Our announcements and images as released on social media

Here are some examples of things that are not okay:

  • Videos, screenshot series, or text reproductions of a story
  • Posting our music and sound effects
  • Anything being sold
  • Misleading or confusingly similar apps or art

In short, we don’t want anyone confused, we don’t want to spoil stories, and we don’t want what you share to replace the experience someone can get straight from the source (us!).

Please remember that these guidelines are subject to change and are not legally binding. We want to find a balance with our fans; it takes time to do that. Whenever possible, we will reach out to fans posting material in the “gray area” before making a formal takedown request.

Thank you for taking the time to read this policy. We hope it helps!


This is literally me in EVERY voltage route

Huedhaut MS

Otome Sitch: Pregnancy Scare

Prompt brought to you by this Precious Anon. Here we go!

Rank: You’re sorry you even bothered

What you said: “…a little late, I think.”
What they heard: "Baby on the way!”

Before you can explain that you’re not sure yet, they’re already cartwheeling around the room in ecstasy. You exchange an exasperated side-eye with Nanny (Kanetsugu/Giles/Kirisato/Tadatsugu) and throw your hands into the air. They’ll figure it out eventually. 

Kenshin has thrown himself head-first into his room of requirement storage room, and started digging around, looking for the most beautiful of his treasures. To set aside as heirlooms, of course. He’s even sorting things properly so that he can accomplish his task. You start to say something, but find that Kanetsugu has snuck up behind you and clasped his hand firmly over your mouth. “Don’t you dare!” he breathes. “I’ve been trying to get him to clean this junk out forever!”

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