midnight rx

Here Mr. Burns displays a rare moment of caring about another person’s well-being. He decides the only way to revive Smithers is to put their lips together and breathe into him. Immediately after doing so, this is how he looks:

After he’s done swooning, Smithers does indeed revive, and Burns immediately begins to get up. Check out his expression:

He wears a peaceful smile before souring into his usual frown.

Then, in a shocking turn of events, Mr. Burns exhibits…shame.

Not because he was a greedy bastard, but because his greediness hurt Smithers, who is of great utility to him as an employee and as a friend.

Either he really disliked Smithers kissing him in Lisa the Skeptic, in which case he was being a bit selfless by enduring a similar contact for Smithers’ sake, or maybe he kind of liked it and was looking for an excuse to try it out again. Either way, it betrays an affinity for Smithers that is greater than he would like to admit.


There are episodes that show a rare moment in Burns’ demeanor, where outside forces cut through that miserly wall and thrust his emotions into public view. While he is still a plutocratic tyrant we have to be reminded that Burns is still a product of humanity and (as much as he tries) thusly no amount of wealth will separate how a king and his peasants behave on a grounded level. But, still he is an asshole.