midnight return

Imagine Hawkins Middle School holding an annual Father-Daughter dance and Eleven proudly insisting that Hopper go with her. Now imagine Hopper in a nicely pressed suit and El in a fancy dress she picked herself out as they waltz together in the school auditorium, just like they practiced so many weeks before with Eleven’s feet resting on Hop’s to learn the rhythm 

“I saw [Vivien] make a number of scenes during the six-month shooting period, during which time she had only five days off the set. She was tireless, amazing everyone by the way she stood the strain. She was always made up, properly dressed, always knew her lines and was ready to face the camera at whatever hour was set for the shooting–at the studio or on location 50 miles away. She worked many times from morning till midnight, returning as fresh and eager and ready to go again.” – Mayme Ober Peak

They hurt you, didn’t they, little redbird?  I saw … I saw your face,” Damon said in his new choked up voice.  Bonnie didn’t know what to say.  But suddenly she didn’t mind how hard he squeezed her.  She even found herself squeezing back.  Suddenly to her shock, Damon broke her koala-bear grip and pulled her up and kissed her on the lips very gently.
—  Bamon in TVD Book 7

Helen Betty Osborne, a Cree Aboriginal, was born in Norway House, Manitoba. In 1971, she joined a government programme in which families were paid to home Native students; she was sent to live with a Caucasian family, the Bensons, in The Pas, Manitoba, when she was 19-years-old. She attended Margaret Barbour Collegiate nearby to study to become a teacher and settled in within the community and made numerous friends. Sadly, her hopes of becoming a teacher were stolen from her on 13 November, 1971. She had spent the evening with her friends at a local cafe before deciding she would go downtown with her friends for a few drinks. At around midnight, her friends returned home without Helen. It’s unknown what happened to her between 12am and 2:30am, but at approximately 2:30am, Helen was abducted and brutally murdered - she had been raped, severely beaten and stabbed over 50 times with a screwdriver. Her naked body was discovered the following day by a local teenager. The case remained unsolved until 16 years later when four Caucasian men from the Pas, Dwayne Archie Johnston, James Robert Paul Houghton, Lee Scott Colgan and Norman Bernard Manger, were implicated on her brutal murder.  Regardless of the evidence against them, only Johnston was convicted - Houghton was acquitted, Colgan received immunity for testifying against Houghton and Johnston, and Manger was never charged. Due to the circumstances surrounding her death and the shoddy investigation, the case became the subject of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry - they discovered that the injustice was the direct result of racism, sexism, and indifference.

The Life of Helen Betty Osborne, by David Alexander Robertson, is based on her life.

Drunk Texting - Sebastian Stan x Reader

obsessedwithfandoms-us said to rogerthat-bucky: Could you do a prompt with Sebastian Stan based on 23 and 4 please? Love all your writing by the way!! Hope you get better soon!!

23. “Go then, leave! See if I care!” & 4. “I had to see you again.”

You felt cold.

And it wasn’t just the way your skin felt, it was deeper than that; it felt almost like a frost had settled upon your heart and it was all because of a singular piece of paper. This paper was being held tightly in your two hands as you awaited your boyfriend’s arrival home, just sitting on the couch with a single lamp lighting up the room.

It is midnight when he returns home, several hours after he left to go out for a meal with some of his other friends.

Sebastian reached the door and he seemed to fumble for a while before he finally got the door unlocked. He took off his coat and shoes, putting the jacket onto the hook and the shoes on the designated shelf. Then he turned around and practically jumped three feet in the air when he saw you.

“Well hello there,” he giggled, clutching his chest as though that would calm his racing heart. You were happy to find that Sebastian hadn’t gotten himself overly drunk, meaning he’d have a somewhat sober and sane mind during the argument about to come.

He made his way over to greet you as he always would do, leaning down to press a kiss on your lips. But rather than happily joining in with the kiss, you pushed him away harshly. “Oh, now you want to spend time with me?” You hissed.

The chill that had coursed through your body had transformed into hot rage. Perhaps if you hadn’t just sat in the lonely darkness, over think what that paper meant for yours and Sebastian’s relationship.

Sebastian was obviously confused as to why you were acting in such a way when before he left you’d seemed fine, promising that you’d be awake when he got back. “What’s wrong with you?2 He asked, his words coming out much more snarky than he’d intended. An effect of the alcohol he’d consumed no doubt. This was an obvious sign that he was much drunker than you’d first thought, but your anger made you ignore it.

You didn’t bother to speak, instead you pushed the rectangular paper into his hand, stood up, and walked to the other side of the room because you couldn’t handle being so close to him whilst feeling so angry.

The paper is warm in his hand, obviously you’d been holding onto it for quite a while. “My plane ticket, what’s that got to do anything?”

“Look at the date, Sebastian.” You ordered, your gaze not wandering once as you stared daggers at him.

Again he just looked at you, his confused feeling not yet leaving him. He didn’t even need to look at the ticket to know the date printed on it. “Yeah, I’m leaving tomorrow so what-” He was about to continue ranting when his expression fell, “Shit, I forgot to tell you.”

You then released a boisterous laugh, the kind of insane chuckle that would be found only in the insane asylums seen in horror movies. “Yes, you did!” You continued, speaking through the giggles, “so, not only did you not tell me that tonight would be our last night together. But you also spent it with your friends.” This entire time Sebastian looked to the floor whilst biting his up, he knew that he’d fucked up. “You could have invited me out with you, or had your day with them yesterday night when all we were doing was watching netflix.”

“Y/N,” he sighed, trying to interrupt you but you still had a rant left in you.

“Or maybe you could have come home earlier. But none of that matters because you didn’t tell me. You didn’t fu-”

“Y/N!” This time he yelled and it stopped you completely. Sebastian was never violent, he resented the very idea of it when it came to how people used it towards their significant others. Which is why whenever he did yell, you knew it was very serious. Once he sees that you’ve actually listened to him he released an angry breath, “I’m sorry that I forgot to tell you. I’d packed my schedule up so much that when they told me yesterday that I needed to go, I completely forgot to tell you. I was so distracted.” His explanation didn’t do anything to calm you. It had been a mistake, a dumb mistake that could easily have been resolved if he’d just been smarter. Sebastian only made it worse when he said the following: “Besides, why does it even matter, I didn’t think you were the type of girl who needed the boyfriend to spend every waking second with her.”

Your hands clenched into two tight fists on either side of your body. “I’m not,” you clipped, defending yourself. “But I am the type of girl that likes to know her boyfriend actually wants her around. Just put yourself in my place Sebastian, what would you do if I came back from long trips and spent all my free time with everyone but you?”

His reaction to your plea was a scoff, “I can’t listen to you any more, I’ve got to get out of here!”

“What?” The word fell out of your mouth pathetically.

Whilst sat staring at the piece of paper you had imagined every way this argument could possibly go; what you hadn’t expected, was for him to walk out on you.

He wandered back over towards the door, putting back on his jackets and shoes. “You’re basically saying that you don’t believe I love you anymore.”

You’re eyebrows rose, “that’s not what I’m saying at all, what I’m saying is that I want you to actually spend time with me when you’re home.” Sebastian didn’t respond, instead he seemed to be giving you the silent treatment.

Even though you knew he was drunk and therefore acting in ways that he normally wouldn’t but still you found yourself feeling very angry. You were touchy from sitting and dwelling in your anger, and he was the same because he’d drunk so much alcohol. And that’s what led you to snap at him so harshly.

“Go then, leave! See if I care!” You instantly regretted what you said, even Sebastian had to pause and look at you like a hurt puppy. And he was, this was something he had never had you say to him. Neither you nor Sebastian would ever even say ‘I hate you’, not even jokingly. Because you both respect that certain words had power; and what you said to him then held a lot of power.

“Fine.” He snapped, proceeding to glare at you before leaving.

You cried a lot after that. You stood in the same spot and silently let tears fall from your eyes. You angrily wiped them away and then went to turn the lights off, somehow you managed to keep your emotions bottled up until you entered your bedroom. You saw Sebastian’s overwhelming fear that he’d never come back, and that fear broke you.

Your knees collapsed beneath you and you clutched your hands against your heart, trying to calm the heaving sobs that escaped you. You loved him so much and nothing was worth losing him over, and now you could possibly have made him have you because you said such horrible things.

You cried loudly, then you cried softly, then you cried quietly, then you slept.

When you awoke you felt gross and very much like you needed a shower. But the sadness that filled you made it hard, it felt almost like there were weights keeping you from moving. You did eventually reach out for your phone to try and keep your mind distracted, but what you found surprised you.

In front of the lock screen image of you and Sebastian smiling side-by-side, was a notification saying you had nine messages, all from Sebastian:

1:06am - Are you okay?

1:06am - Just so you’re not worrying, I went to a hotel. I’m not wandering the streets drunk.

1:09am - God, I hate it when we fight. Can we just apologise to one another and move on? I love you too much to not be with you.

1:10am - I know I was an arsehole. I know and I’m so sorry and I love you soooooo much and this bed is really cold without you beside me.

1:11am - I may have had more drinks when I got to the hotel, so I apologise for whatever I say next but yeah I’m dwunk

1:13am - I’m guessing you’re asleep, I hope so, sleep is good. I should try and sleep

2:29am - I miss how you always have this little smile on your face in your sleep. I miss the light snores that are barely audible (I swear). I miss how much you move around in your sleep. I just miss you. Have I mentioned how much I hate it when we argue?

3:01am - I don’t care anymore. I messaged my manager and told them to cancel my interview tomorrow. I want you. I’m coming home!

4:00am - I’ve left my keys at the hotel, please answer the door

The time when you look at your phone was 10:35am, and the panic set in and your care for Sebastian lifted those weights so you could throw the covers off your body and run downstairs.

A part of you hoped that Sebastian wasn’t stupid enough to just sit outside all night waiting for you to answer the door. But then you had to take in the fact that Sebastian had been far drunker by the time he’d made it to your home.

Timidly, you pulled open the door and looked through the thin opening. And low and behold there he was, cuddled up into a ball, sleeping soundly away.

“Sebastian,” you cried, flinging open the door and kneeling beside him. “You idiot,” you hissed as he finally returned to consciousness.

He was freezing cold beneath your touch and so you rushed to lift him onto his feet and get him inside. It was nearing the end of summer and entering autumn so the nights were becoming longer and colder.

“Uh… what?” Sebastian was still trying to remember everything that had transpired whilst you were panicking and pushing im into the house where you planned to give him a blanket and a warm cup of coffee. You noticed he kept putting his hand against his head so whilst you were making the coffee you handed him a bottle of water and some drugs for his headache. “Thank you.”

“What the hell were you thinking last night?” You were trying to remain angry towards him though it was quite difficult.

He looked up at you through his lashes, “I had to see you again.” You wanted to scream at him, because when he said stuff like that you felt immense love for him. “I couldn’t just leave like that after an argument, cause, you know, I love you.”

You rolled your eyes and then rushed over towards him, grabbed his head, and kissed him. The kiss only lasted three seconds before you pulled back. “God, you’re cold.”

A small smile lifted up the side of his lips. “You are worth it,” he shrugged.


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For The Best

Summary: The aftermath of a kidnapping

Barry was terrified when he had realized that an insane meta had kidnapped you.
It was your weekly movie/date night and after being an hour late and not responding to any of his texts or calls, he had automatically assumed the worst.

Calling up Cisco for his technical skill, he rushed to do absolutely everything in his power to find and save you.

But it was almost five hours after you had been abducted when the team had finally become aware of your location and rushed to save you.

Broken and bruised, Barry was able to rescue you and return you back home (that is after having Caitlin do a quick check up to make sure you were physically alright) where he could keep a close eye on you.

It was nearly midnight when Barry returned you to your apartment and practically invited himself to spend the night (not that you would have made him leave or even wanted him to leave your side after that traumatic experience, having him close to you was comforting).

The bedroom was unusually cold, despite the warm weather outside and the multiple blankets he had piled on your bed and it forced you to cuddle into Barry for his warmth.

Completely compliant, Barry was glad to have you back in his arms where he knew you were safe and sound.

He continued whispering sweet nothings in your ear (which mainly consisted of how much he loved you and how worried he was) until he noticed your breathing even out, signaling you had given into sleep after your exhausting day.

But, because of that, silence filled the room, leaving Barry alone with his thoughts that seemed to be eating him alive.

He had to make a change.

Waking up to an empty bed was quite disappointing seeing as you were excited to cuddle with Barry some more and practically glue yourself to his side. But you decided to scurry out of bed and quickly found him in the living room, sitting on the couch while some murder show played on in the background (as if he didn’t see enough of that at his job), though Barry seemed to be much more focused on picking at his nails, a nervous habit he had picked up.

“Hey, Bare.” You said, plopping down beside him, pressing your cold toes against his shins but he wasn’t fazed at all.

“We should talk, y/n.” He said, refusing to meet your stare and that was a dead giveaway to tell you that something was wrong. He doesn’t hide things from you so it was nerve racking to see him so uncomfortable around you.

“About…?” Your mind went to the worst and you prayed he didn’t cheat on you—he wouldn’t do that, would he? No, Barry was definitely above that. He would never. So what was it? Why was he so nervous to talk to you all the sudden?

He felt his palms sweat and he tried to wipe them off on his pajama pants while convincing himself that he had to do this; that this was the right thing. “I think it would be best if we took a break. Dangerous metas out there know that you know information about The Flash and they’re ready and willing to use it against you and if we put some distance between us then you’d be much safer.”

Your entire body chilled. You never expected this. Those meaningful conversations about your picture perfect future together seemed to go up in flames as he continued his thoughts.

“Last night should have never happened but it did and I can’t fix that. But I can prevent it from happening again and this is me taking steps to do so.”

“This is insane, Barry.” You said when you finally gathered your thoughts. “After everything we’ve been through—everything that we’ve overcome together, you’re just going to throw it away over a stupid, insignificant incident?” It took nearly all your focus on no crying to prevent the tears from escaping your eyes and making this scene worse. Determined not to let him make you cry, you decided to hold your ground to make him realize how irrational he was being. “You’re willing to let go of us that easily?” The words hurt, but, at that moment, the were real and felt like a stab in the chest.

“You don’t understand, y/n.” He shook his head, fighting all his instincts to comfort you and shield you from any pain. He had to do this before something incorrigible happened. Barry could never forgive himself if he were to ever lose you—he had already come too close it that outcome last night. This was his last alternative, no matter how much he disliked it.

“Understand what, Barry?” You continued the interrogation because he wasn’t leaving without giving you answers. It was the least that you deserved. “That you’re basically breaking up with me for unintentionally getting dragged into your hero business and being used as leverage to lure you to the crazy, escaped mental patient metahuman? Do you think I meant to nearly be killed last night? Because I can assure you that I didn’t.”

That’s when he snapped, and you felt frozen in place. He had never yelled at you before, though you had witnessed his fury on multiple occasions it had never been directed at you. “That’s not my intention! Everything I do, everything I’ve done, has always been with you in mind. Whether that be picking you up flowers on my way home just to see that smile of yours or trying so hard to keep my identity from you in the first place in order to avoid a situation like the one we’re in right now. It’s always been for you and it will always be you. Last night mortified me. Not knowing if you were dead or alive all because these villains have connected the dots and realized your connection to The Flash. That’s why this is it.”

By now, tears were freely flowing down your cheeks but you made no attempt to stop them. He deserves to know that he’s making you cry, deserves to know the pain he’s causing you is much less then the one you suffered through last night. Because last night was temporary but you’ll have to live with the pain of letting Barry go for the rest of your life. Making it clear that he’d always be the one that got away. “This is it?” You questioned, but desperately feared the answer.

“This is it.” He leaned closer to you, finally meeting your gaze as he tried his best not to focus on the fact that he was the cause of those tears. “I’m sorry, but I’ve got to let you go. I can’t protect you and I can’t risk you getting hurt, not after I promised your mother I’d take care of you.”

Barry’s words seemed to sting more and more as he continued talking and at this point you just wished he’d shut up.

He was referring to this time you had first taken him to meet your mother and siblings. He had been so, so nervous, as had your mother, since this would make him the very first man you ever brought home to meet them so they all knew he had to be special. Your father had died years earlier fighting in the military so it was only your older bother Parker, younger bother Michael and Bonnie, your lovely mother who were there for dinner that night. After seeing what a delightful man he was, they all instantly welcomed him (though Parker took a bit more convincing since his big bother instincts said he was never supposed to like his little sister’s boyfriend but Barry was pretty cool so he decided to make an exception for him). But, at one point after dinner, your mother had pulled him aside and made him promise to protect you from harm since it was all your father ever wanted to do for you. He would want to know she’s got someone looking out for her, she said.

So bringing up that promise was a low blow.

“I will always love you—” He reached out to push a lock of hair behind your ear and your initial reaction was to lean into his touch so it took strength to resist his charm and hold your ground.

“If you loved me you wouldn’t be breaking up with me right now, Barry.” You interrupted.

He shook his head, twirling his fingers through your hair in an attempt to memorize every detail. “That’s exactly why I’m doing it. I wish I could be selfish and continue on loving you like that incident never happened but it did so there is a real possibility that it could happen again and I want to protect you for as long as I shall live. And I can’t protect when we’re together because that only makes you a target.”

“I can hold my own, Barry! I’m not some helpless girl who always needs saving. I survived just fine before I met you at the post office that one day. I’m not ready to throw away our relationship after how hard we worked to get here! I’d rather live knowing that at the end of the day you’re mine and I’m yours instead of letting you go because being with you makes me a target. I can handle being a target.”

Barry shook his head, pushing the strand of hair he was twirling behind your ear as he met your stare. “That’s where we disagree. I’d rather you be alive and hate me rather than dead because you loved me.”

The room fell into silence, only your sniffles being heard. “You should go.”

A moment had passed after you basically kicked him out when finally, without a word, he stood up and trekked to the door. Trying to memorize every detail of your apartment on the way out because he wasn’t sure he’d ever have a pleasure over being here again.

When you heard the door click shut, a wave a tears flooded out and you felt like they would never end; that there was a good chance you could drown in them.

Minutes passed before the realization hit you.

Now it all made sense why it was Iris who will have the pleasure of marrying Barry in the future. “It’s Iris.” You mumbled, wiping your cheeks of tears in an attempt to get yourself together. “It’s always been Iris.”

Barry’s heart cracked as he overheard that and he let his head thump back against the front door in shame. He had shattered and smashed every inch of your being that loved and trusted him. And maybe it was a good thing because now you could move past him and never give him a second thought. But he had never wanted you to assume it was Iris that he had loved; that she was always the one who held his heart while you were only temporary. In reality it was the exact opposite. He had thought he loved her but he soon realized that it wasn’t a real love. His love for Iris was based on his loneliness of being alone for so long. But you–you–were the embodiment of his dream girl and there was no competition between you and Iris because you would win every time.

But Oliver was right. Guys like him don’t get the girl.

He had royally screwed things up, but he still hoped you knew that his love for you was a real as it gets and maybe one day, when he learned how to protect those he loves correctly, he’d have the chance to repair your heart and maybe even make you Y/n Allen one day…

But for now, he had to let you go.

Drabble #10 – “I think it’s about time we stop avoiding the obvious.”

Submitted by: you-make-me-wander

Description: Stiles knows that Lydia is jealous, so he keeps pushing her.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Jealous!Lydia

Part 10 of the “Birthday drabbles” series

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The timing actually makes sense. She liked a couple of posts around 6pm London time so getting ready for their romantic evening. He starts tweeting after midnight so they have returned from a romantic evening, made sweet love and now she is asleep and he decides to get this promo tweeting done.

Did anyone think that him going online today of all days was the perfect way to throw everyone off? I mean look at everyone, they’ve lost it.

( @strngerdings )

It had been a long night for Drew. A long, but triumphant night. The dark bruises that formad along his upper body were what he considered trophies of the last few hours, though anyone who saw him may have thought otherwise. What mattered to him was that he won, and the pay was good. It was almost midnight when he finally returned to the home. A hoodie now covered his body, but his stumbling was enough of a giveway as to where he was. He looked around for any sight of the other.