midnight realms

When to Cast a Spell - By Time of Day

my personal correspondences by time of day, complied form my grimoire.

dawn - breaking curses, beauty and glamour spells. weather and sea spells. magic involving delicate feelings, friendship and forgiveness, budding romance.

morning - fertility, good luck, green/herbal witchcraft. best time to brew potions. intuition and justice. 

noon - wealth and career spells. success and motivation. confidence and courage spells. kitchen magic.

afternoon - the time to gather herbs. communication spells. travel protections. 

evening - psychic protections, peace/balance spells. kitchen spells and pop culture spells

twilight - catalysts, movement and growth. astral travel and divination. love/lust spells. technology witchcraft.

evening -  curses, hexes, banishment, bindings. space and cosmic magic. dream magic. hedgecraft

midnight - creativity, switching between realms. spirit work, liminal spaces, reaching through the veil.

Credit © コザキユースケ ‏ (Kozaki Yūsuke)

Original text:

『ファイアーエムブレムif 白夜王国/暗夜王国』本日発売日を迎えました!人生の中でクリエイトに心血を注げる期間の内、年単位で携わった仕事の結実日はやはり感無量です。是非長く楽しんで下さいませ!

Translated text:

“Fire emblem if midnight sun realm / dark night Kingdom” today marked the release date! Job in the yearly period in your life to create cardiovascular pour in the fruit, deep emotion is still. Please come longer fun! 

Dangan Ronpa x Persona Crossover

Hope’s Peak Academy,a place of murders between high school students.The Dark Hour,a mysterious domain hidden in midnight. Shadows roam the night. The source…the Tartarus.The Midnight Channel,a realm in the hearts of people everywhere. Each Place had caused trouble but now…..Those worlds collide.

The bells of Hope’s peak,Yasogami and Iwatodai ring in synch.

The Dark hour appears suddenly,the tv show the midnight channel and Monobear face appears on them occasionally.

Lance looked around,”The Dark Hour!”,he saw Daisuke,Celete,Fuyuhiko,Mondo, Leon and Ishimaru awake. “They…can use persona to?!”


Secrets. A corner stone in witchcraft. We all have our secrets, and so do the witches. It is in its very nature as a practice of outsiders, poisoners, betrayers, deceivers, of the blamed.

Darkness shrouds and becomes the unknown: this is an unbreakable trait from the night. The realm of midnight hides witchcraft, and we must search through the shadows to find its treasures.

However, we are also hidden. The night is our disguise, the blanket that keeps us safe from the light. As we search through the darkness to see what is unseen-able, to know what is unknowable, to be what is not be-able. We, too, are kept secret. For by searching in the blackness of the night, we become secrets ourselves. 

To the staccato of heartbeats –
how I hear you tremble;

to the lullaby turned war song –
how the prayers echo;

to the internal bleed –
I’ll meet you in silhouettes and

to the ever-expanding darkness –
how it all just blends;

to midnight & the realms of in-between –
how this battle lingers.

And to sunlight & its blooming –
how I’ve yet to know of defeat.


—  sdf 95/365