midnight parade

give me more modern gaelic polytheism

brigid, the slam poet, working woman, and community medic. the firebrand who does it all.

the morrígan, watching, waiting. striking down corrupt rulers where they stand. rallying protestors in the streets.

manannán mac lir, wanderer who blesses those kind enough to spare a dollar. who blesses the fringes of society. who keeps us afloat in dark times.

the dagda, ladling soup from a cauldron that never runs dry- giving out water bottles in sweltering summer heat, and warm blankets to fend off winter’s chill.

aengus óg, blessing lovers’ bonds the world over. in brightly lit pride parades and midnight alleyways alike.

the tuatha dé danann have always been hard to grasp: we see them not always in the epics but in the turn of the earth. in land, sea, and sky.

they might not be all-present, but they have always been here.

Calendars of Thedas: Systems, Ages,Months,& Holidays

Calendar Systems:

There are three Calendar systems in Thedas; The Chantry Calendar, The Tevinter Calendar, and the Elven Calendar. 

Chantry Calendar: The most commonly used system, the Chantry calendar began with the appointment of the first Divine, Divine Justinia I. Unlike the other two systems, the Chantry calendar marks time with the use of Ages, with each age being 100 years long. After the conclusion of every Age the scholars of the chantry come together to name the next one. Any time prior to 1:1 Divine is known as the Ancient Age, and is marked by negative numbers. 

Tevinter Calendar: In the Tevinter Imperium the authority of the chantry isn’t recognized, and thus the Imperium has it’s own Calendar. A system that predates the Chantry Calendar by well over a thousand years. Their calendar begins on the day the Imperium was founded and is marked by 0 TE. Any time prior to the founding of the empire is marked by negative numbers, much like the Chantry Calendar. 

For a short time, Tevinter abandoned it’s calendar system for the Chantry system. After the Schism the Imperium returned to the use of it’s own Calendar system. 

Elven Calendar: The Elven Calendar was established with the formation of the city of Arlathan. It was used for over six thousand years before it was banned after the Tevinter Imperium sacked Arlathan and enslaved the elves. Only a few significant Elven dates survived the passage of time including the Fist contact with the dwarves in 3000 FA, the arrival of humans in 4500 FA and the founding of the Tevinter Imperium in 6405 FA. The beginning of the Elven Calendar is marked as 1FA and is the oldest recorded date in the history of Thedas. 


The use of Ages began with the formation of the chantry, there has been 9 Ages to date with Thedas currently in it’s 9th Age. 

Divine age (1:1-1:99) Named in celebration of the appointment of the first divine 

Glory Age (2:1-2:99) Named for the prediction of a grand rebirth after the devastation of the 1st Blight. 

Towers Age: (3:1-3:99) Named for the completion of the Grand Cathedral in Val Royeaux, its towers visible for miles around. 

Black age: (4:1-4:99) Named as the chantry called for retribution against the Tevinter Imperium for its installment of the “Black Divine” to rule the Imperial chantry following the Schism.

Exalted Age: ( 5:1-5:99) Named during a period of near constant war with the Tevinter Imperium that included multiple exalted marches.

Steel Age: (6:1-6:99) Named after the assassination of Queen Madrigal of Antiva. She was found with three steel swords in her chest. 

Storm Age (7:1-7:99) Named during the war with the Qunari and the leaders of Thedas called for a storm of Violence to expel the Invaders. 

Blessed Age: (8:1-8:99) Named by the chantry as the age of bounty and prosperity. 

Dragon Age: (9:1-present) Named after the reappearance of dragons which were long thought to be extinct. 


Twelve thirty day months and four seasons are what currently make up a year in Thedas. The months have roots in the Early days of the Imperium and, with the exception of addition of chantry holidays, the month and primary seasonal holidays have remained unchanged for more than two thousand years. 
Each month has a Low Name, largely used among the common classes, as well as official high names based in the original Tevinter. Only scholars and members of courts use the months’ High Names. The common names will be listed first, with the High names in parenthesis followed by the holiday celebrated in that month. 

1st Month: Wintermarch (Verimensis); Holiday: First Day

2nd Month: Guardian (Pluitanis); Holiday: Wintersend

3rd Month: Drakonis (Nubulis)

4th Month Cloudreach (Eluviesta)

5th Month: Bloomingtide (Molioris); Holiday:Summerday

6th Month: Justinian (Fervenris

7th Month: Solace (Solis

8th Month: August (Matrinalis); Holiday: Funalis

9th Month: Kingsway (Parvulis

10th Month: Harvestmere (Frumentum

11th Month: Firstfall (Umbralis); Holiday: Satinalia

12th Month: Haring ( Cassus  


Throughout Thedas a majority of people celebrate five major holidays, each tied to a season transition or the start of a new year. Each Holiday is celebrated at the beginning of the associated month.  

First Day: The traditional start of the new year, this holiday is celebrated by visiting friends and family (in remote areas this was once an annual check to make sure everyone was still alive), as well town gatherings to commemorate the year past with drink and merriment. 

Wintersend: Once called “Urthalis” and dedicated to Urthemiel, the old god of beauty, this holiday is now a celebration of the Maker. It stands for the end of winter in many lands and coincides with tourneys and contests and the Proving grounds in Minrathous. In the southern lands this holiday has become a time to gather for trade, theater,  and in some areas, arrangements for marriage. 

Summerday:  Once called “Andoralis” and dedicated to Andoral, The Old God of Unity, this holiday is universally celebrated as the beginning of summer,a time for joy and, commonly, marriages. Boys and Girls who are soon to become of age done white tunics and dresses and join grand processions that cross the settlement to the local chantry. There, they learn the responsibilities of adulthood. Summerday is a particularly holy occasion in Orlais. 

Funalis (All Souls Day):Once this holiday was dedicated to the Old God of silence, Dumat. However since the rise of Dumat during the First Blight,Thedosian’s turn a blind eye to any old ties between the day and the dragon. The holiday is now known across Thedas as All Souls Day, and spent in somber remembrance of the dead. In some of the Northern lands people dress as spirits and walk the streets in parade after midnight. The chantry uses this holiday to remember the death of Andraste, with public fires that mark her immolation and plays that depict her death. 

Satinalia: Once dedicated to the Old Goddes of Freedom Zazikel -now attributed more to the second moon, Satina- this holiday is accompanied by wild celebration,the wearing of masks, and naming the town fool ruler for the day. In Antiva, Satinalia lasts for a week or more while a week of fasting follows. In more pious areas large feasts and the giving of gifts mark the holiday.  


The World of Thedas Vol. 1, Pg 19-23

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Dude!!!!! You're Midnight Parade??????? Holy shit, you're my favourite dark sebaciel author! This is PhantoMichaelis from AO3, by the way and I see that you recently changed you name..


WHAT???!!!! I AM YOUR FAVORITE WHAT??? OH MY GOD I AM DEAD.YES I KNOW WHO YOU ARE and yes I changed my username, again, I do that a lot actually ahaha~  

I just made myself toast at midnight, and my dad was singing Teenagers by My Chemical Romance while I was doing it, then as I was walking up the stairs with it, in my mind randomly, I suddenly changed the lyrics in Na Na Na to be about toast and I made myself laugh so much omg
“Toast gimme toast gimme toast I don’t need but I’ll make what I want for my belly and I’ll eat it”

happy thanksgiving to all those that celebrate it!! eat all the turkey and stuffing you can!! the holidays are meant for eating!!!! im thankful for my friends, family, and all of you that follow this blog and our personals and im thankful for all the vine creators!! you all are so talented!!

and i’m thankful for our seven idiots who manage to make me smile even in my saddest days :’)

stay safe if you’re going black friday shopping and love you all! let’s count down the days until christmas!!!

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I feel like I’ll just be that uncle who tell my nephews/nieces stories all the time. And I would tell them the story of the black parade:

There was once a young boy named Gerard. His father took him to see a marching band in the city. It was black and filled with beautiful skeletons that danced in the parade. The father turns to Gerard and says “son when you grow up, will you be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned,” and a tear falls from his eye, “will you defeat them, your demons, and all the non believers, the plans that they have made,” he wipes his eyes, “because one day, I’ll leave you a phantom, to lead you in the summer, to join the black parade.” A single tear falls down Gerard’s cheek as he nods.

It’s years later and these words echo in his ears as he lays alone in his hammock. Sometimes he gets a feeling, that something is watching him, yet he still feels lonely. He feels lost but knows where he’s going. People look at him and think he’s insane but he knows he’s not and assures himself that he isn’t. He gets out of the hammock and runs. He runs out his house that he hasn’t left in ages. As it turns out, the black parade was being attacked. The soldiers are the souls of the dead, and they ask for him to be the leader. He gets up the highest part of the parade and shouts that regardless of the fact that they are dead and gone, they will never be forgotten and their memory will carry on. He chokes on his words as the clangs of swords clash together. He shouts that he knows that these times are dark, and that dreams seem dead in this time of war, but we have to overcome them and because our own dreams can destroy us, but only if we let them. He then orders that they carry on and that their legacy will live on as he stares into the empty souls of the lost. One soul tells him that he struggled all his life and finally carried on even though that meant death.
Gerard remembers how disappointed people were I him but he didn’t care anymore. The demons that were attacking the parade were getting to him. They were crawling within him, chaining him up, slowly. He wants them to go bother someone else cause he’ll never be able to achieve the expectations of the demons. He fights it, pulling at the chains with all his might, he’s dying inside but he has to be the savior now. He isn’t afraid of the demons putting him down anymore, and struggles harder to escape. The lost souls praise him for fighting but he starts shouting that he is just a man, not a hero, just a boy, who got chosen to be the leader, but the demons get stronger and pull his chains harder. After all the fighting finally, he shouts, “I. DON’T. CARE.” And rips straight out the chains and kicks the demons down back to the ground, off the stand. He shouts that though many are defeated, they must carry on, even though some feel defeated, they must protect the parade. That it’s either you do or die, go hard or go home. And that the world has no authority over him or any of them. Finally, he shouts to carry on, and the demons are defeated.

They celebrated the black parade after that, but stopped on march 22, 2013 unfortunately. But legend has it, that the rumbling heard above from the clouds is the black parade, the marching band, and the light streaks are souls returning once more. And dreams, hope, and inspiration comes in the form of little water droplets.

And don’t forget, we all have a black parade inside of us, and demons want to tear it down, but you gotta fight them, and defeat them, and let NO ONE destroy your black parade.

I know I didn’t get some stuff right but it’s a story and I haven’t creatively written in months.


midnight parade - red light discor

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