midnight my little baby

@lucyhale:  28! 🙏🏼🎂 this picture is a perfect depiction of how I feel today. This last year was incredibly challenging, yet equally as fulfilling. I closed a huge chapter of my life and I’m moving on to the next phase and I could not be more grateful. My life is filled with my two amazing boys, my beautiful family and friends, a bunch of little angels in the form of fur babies, a job I thank God for, a passionate support system (you guys!) and many other blessings. Sometimes I don’t know how I deserve the life I’ve been given, but I promise to never take anything for granted. Thank you all for sharing many birthdays with me and for joining me on my journey. I wish I could share cake with all of you! ❤️ 📸: @byrdiebeauty

And history books forgot about us

And the bible didn’t mention us … Not even once

what is anatomy