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TalesFromThePizzaGuy: I hope they enjoyed their Dr. Pepper shower.

So this happened about a week ago, it was near closing time and we rarely get orders past 11:00 PM so I usually spend that time cleaning and generally doing everything I can to get out of the store as fast as possible.

We receive an order this night, it can’t be more than 10-15 minutes from midnight, I’m ready to finish up for the day but whatever, I suck it up and grab this guys’ order of breadsticks and a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper. Sure enough it’s the shitty ghetto trailer park on the northern side of town, where it feels like a maze because certain areas are closed off, the numbers on the trailers are sometimes impossible to read if they’re even there and to finish it off the roads are terrible and have what seems like 3 or 4 speed bumps on every street.

So I get to the residence, I’m already agitated enough but this guy has the audacity to a.) tell me he really just ordered for the soda as they were all out and the corner store had just closed and b.) not tip a single dime after making me come out to this hell hole on a Tuesday night, well passed midnight at this point. On top of that he had this douchey attitude that wasn’t outright disrespectful but you could tell he didn’t give two shits about the guy handing him his precious Dr. Pepper, in his mind I’m sure he probably felt he was doing me a service in some twisted way.

I’m heated enough, but not even 2 minutes after leaving this dick’s house I get a call from my manager telling me that the customer had called the store to inform us that the guy ordered TWO 2 liters and asked if I could stop off at a gas station and pick one up and he would reimburse me. I’m steamed at this point but it has nothing to do with my manager (douches exist and I didn’t read the ticket properly) and he’s actually a pretty cool guy so I agree to do just that.

I’m not ashamed of what I did, as if the bumpy ride back to his trailer wasn’t enough, I grasped that 2 liter of Dr. Pepper firmly with both hands and gave it three (I counted) good shakes, at this point the bottle was as stiff as the justice boner in my mind. I get to his house and give him a “my bad, here you go” and drive off.

I’d like to say that this made me feel 100% better, but the whole incident just left a sour taste in my mouth. Both this guys’ selfishness and me witnessing this devious side of me that I’ve maybe only seen once or twice in my lifetime just left me bitter for the rest of the night.

Thinking back though, I don’t regret a single shake.

tl;dr - douche orders soda from pizza place minutes away from closing, doesn’t tip and lives in a shitty neighborhood, I forget one of his sodas, go purchase one from a gas station and angrily shake it before giving it to him

By: Purpleliketastes

Soulmate AU Masterlist

Tattoos or Marks

  • Red tallies appear for every person you’ve loved, black for every person you’ve loved that has died, and a white tally for when you meet your soulmate (Credit to Quinn Anderson - Please check with her about using this)
  • A mark that matches, sometimes like a puzzle piece to someone else, and grows hotter the closer they are to you
  • You have a tattoo of what your soulmate is most passionate about
  • You have a tattoo of the first words they say to you
  • You have a tattoo of how old you both are when you meet
  • Changing tattoo that tells you the coordinates of where your soulmate is
  • Tree tattoo that changes with the seasons, but blooms pink in spring instead of white if you met your soulmate
  • Identical tattoos or birthmarks
  • Incomplete tattoos that complete themselves on your skin when you meet the person with the rest of your tattoo
  • Tattoos that change colour depending on what your soulmate is feeling


  • Heterochromia - you have one eye of your soulmates eye colour and when you meet you get your own eye colour instead of having two different eye colours.
  • You only see in black and white until you meet your soulmate
  • Reverse black and white where you give up seeing colour when you meet your soulmate
  • You only see in black and white until you touch your soulmate
  • You only see in the different shades of your soulmates eye colour until you meet them
  • You can’t see the colour of your soulmates eye colour until you meet them
  • You see colour the first time you hear your soulmates voice directly and the colour spills from their lips


  • You can hear your soulmates voice in your head, but only when they sing
  • The secondary voice in your head is your soulmate speaking
  • You can speak once you meet your soulmate
  • You can hear once you meet your soulmate (the first thing you hear is their voice)

Time & Age

  • When you reach 18 you stop aging until you meet your soulmate
  • Watch countdown to when you’ll meet your soulmate
  • Reverse countdown, your clock counts up and freezes when you meet
  • You have a clock on your body that tells you what time it is where your soulmate is, it changes colour when they get closer to you

Body or Hair

  • At new years on midnight for a single minute you possess your soulmates body
  • Your chest glows when you look them in the eyes
  • Marks on your soulmate appear on your own body
  • You have your soulmate’s hair colour on a stripe at your wrist, when they dye or chance their hair colour the stripe changes
  • If you change your hair colour, your soulmates changes to the same colour (your hair goes to it’s natural colour when your soulmates does)
  • When you change your hair colour, your soulmates eyes change to that colour
  • You and your soulmate share all physical senses (I.E pain, heat, pleasure, etc…)


  • Red sting to connect soulmates
  • Your soulmate is the only person you remember from your past life
  • Everyone is given a journal that they can use to write to their soulmate
  • When you sleep, if your soulmate is awake you can see what they’re doing
  • You dream your soulmate, but very basically (such as their silhouette or the view of their back) 
  • Telepathy soulmates
  • Sharing skills and talents with your soulmate
  • When your soulmate eats something you crave what they’re eating
  • When your soulmate cries you cry
  • When you kiss your soulmate for the first time your entire body glows

I got a lot of ideas from this post so I recommend you check that one out too!

Common AU Masterlist Link

Yume Nikki - month
Day 04 - Crossover between YN and FGs

Y’know, ever since I saw the room with the child effect in Yume 2kki, I always imagine Urotsuki considering Madotsuki as a kind of deity of sorts.

In my mind, she’d be so eager to show the ultimate dreamer her own dreams


TOP TEN RUCAS TAGS (as voted by my followers)  
                       » 6. otp: you’re really important to me. 

If it wasn’t for you i don’t know if I would’ve got on that bull. And if it wasn’t for you, I don’t know if I would’ve survived in New York. You’re really important to me. 

So I sent you an ask on your other blog about this, but I’m realizing now that I need to explain it a little bit better, so I’m going to do it here instead.

Let me tell you about my college, and the Midnight Scream.

During finals week every semester, we have this tradition known only as “The Midnight Scream.” It is, essentially, exactly what it sounds like- a few minutes before midnight, all students who want to participate (most of us) find their way outside, to the grassy spaces outside dorms and the library. And then, at exactly 12:00, we scream. As loud as we possibly can. At exactly 12:01, we stop, and everyone returns to where they were, continuing their studying as if nothing had happened.

This sounds weird already, right? Well, the more I think about it, the weirder it sounds.

For example, nobody knows how the Midnight Scream started. We have a lot of events on campus during finals week, and there are flyers up all over school about them, but you won’t see the Midnight Scream advertised anywhere. As a freshman, you can only learn about it from others. Upperclassmen pass it onto freshmen, who pass it on to each other. And, every year, there are the unlucky few freshman who don’t hear about it, and who are then woken at midnight by the sound of literally thousands of students screaming in unison.

None of the teachers or staff members talk about it, and most of the students don’t, either. It is simply something that happens. At this point, all of the seniors have been participating in the Midnight Scream since they were freshman, so no one knows how long it’s been happening. Perhaps it’s been happening forever.

(I’ve never thought about this much before, but I’m now realizing that it sounds very… Elsewhere University-ish. Just thought you might be interested in another strange but true story.)


Carry On Countdown // Day ten {December 2nd} // Youtuber AU

carry on cast + youtube, my personal hc/au (?????)(it’s post canon but also au anna why do u always have to make things complicated idfk)

  • okay so i think it would all start with agatha
  • she would start a youtube channel with one of her friends in california
  • it’s like all aesthetically pleasing beautify + life style blog. 
  • picture make-up/ hair/ nails/ idek videos but also baking videos, house/apartment tours anything hauls. 
  • the kiddo’s over in london would start watching her, first just because it’s nice to see what agatha’s up to in ca, but they get low-key addicted to her channel because her video’s are just so nice and the aesthetic is on point.
  • i feel like baz would get hardcore addicted. like he’d love all her video’s and would literally text her about the nice clothes she showed in her haul and stuff like that. (such bonding)
  • simon would try out recipes from her baking videos and sent agatha pictures of the results and aah it’s just all so cute and nice. 
  • penny enjoys the make-up vids way more than she likes to admit.
  • anyways, baz is so into agatha’s channel and just the entire youtube thing that he’s thinking of starting one of his own
  • agatha finally convinces him to just start one and see how it’ll go. 
  • so he starts one but gets lost quite quickly because he doesn’t know what to make video’s about
  • his first video is a clothing haul and like, he does enjoy doing it, but his heart just isn’t fully in it.
  • so he makes like one meh video every 2 months, not really knowing what he’s doing until he decides that he needs to rearrange some stuff here.
  • baz starts daily vlogging.
  • lbr baz can talk a lot and just is such a snarky person. imagine him filming his day with his witty comments on the things that happen. 
  • penny and simon find it stressful at first because they always need to be sure baz doesn’t accidentally film simon’s wings/tail or penny using magic or something.
  • but like they get used to it and baz is just having a lot of fun. 
  • he notices that, because he’s filming his everyday life, he gets more out of his way to do more new stuff to make the vlogs as entertaining as possible. and it just somehow makes him more excited about just living life if that makes sense. somehow it becomes this whole therapeutic thing for him. 
  • simon and penny appear a lot in his vlogs. baz’ viewers live for sassy conversations and discussions between penny and baz. and penny has no problem with being on camera.
  • for simon it takes some time to get comfortable with speaking in front of a camera. he’s not a talkative person so this whole vlogging thing is just ???¿¿?¿?????¿? to him, but baz’ viewers find simon cute and nice.
  • baz and simon never really said anything about their relationship on baz’ channel and they don’t really act like they’re in a relationship in front of the camera. (they’re just normal them in front of the camara, but no pda stuff) so the viewers don’t really know about their relationship
  • though……after some time the viewers start to suspect things because of the way the boys sometimes look at each other and stuff.
  • sO that’s how the ship SNAZ comes about ((yes, baz’ viewers do choose the cool ship name))
  • once the shipping starts baz’ channel really starts to grow (because lbr that’s how a lot of those things work in the world of fandoms. sorry.)
  • simon and baz start to notice how baz’ viewers are shipping them and like, posting edits and fanfiction of them on the social media and they think it’s great. 
  • simon and baz are very amused by the shippers and start to act a tiny bit more pda on camera. just to make the viewers flip their shit
  • like simon will shortly rest his head on baz’ shoulder or baz brushing smudged chocolate from simon’s chin on camera and giving simon an Intense Look™ that u don’t give to ‘just friends’ ppl
  • the snaz fandom is dying. leGIT DYING 
  • simon and baz are just dying of laughter. 
  • but then the fights start on social media
  • the ‘you should say all this stuff because it’ll make simon and baz uncomfortable and i’ll ruin their friendship’ drama.
  • simon and baz see all this unfold on social media and just face palm.
  • they’re like “should we just tell them that we’re dating?”
  • they don’t want to be forced to be open about their relationship online just because people are fighting about it, but at the same time they never really wanted to hide it either. they didn’t even feel like they were purposefully hiding it.
  • it was just that at first they didn’t do pda stuff in front of a camera because simon didn’t feel fully comfortable whilst being on camera and after that it just kinda became a silent rule that they didn’t do pda stuff on camera.
  • but they never actually cared about if people knew about their relationship or not so…..
  • one day baz just starts his daily vlog whilst still being in bed, barely woken up, and you can see simon next to him in bed in the background. 
  • once that vlog is up everyone DIES
  • but the Not Shippers are just like “nono baz was just sleeping over at simon’s and penny’s it’s totally normal for them to sleep in the same bed”
  • simon and baz: *sigh*
  • second attempt of Exposing™ (not actually on youtube): baz posting a picture on instagram roses with the caption “buying flowers for my special boy @~simons ig~”
  • people die again, but still there are people like “special boy as in Special Good Friend” 
  • simon and baz are ready to cry
  • so is the snaz fandom
  • so. next vlog. there’s baz and simon in the same bed again. there’s baz calling simon “love” and there’s baz just talking to the camera about something that happened (idk, him rambling about a film he just saw with simon?) whilst simon is sitting next to him with his head resting on baz’s shoulder.
  • the entire snaz fandom is crying happy tears and feeling blessed and thanking baz for bringing this level of adorableness into their lives.
  • there are idiots tweeting. “no baz isn’t dating simon u stupid fangirls”
  • and baz being so done just tweets back. “sorry sir/madam but simon snow, cute kid, crazy hair, is in fact my boyfriend who i have been happily dating for some time now. gnight.” 
  • and the whole snaz fandom just explodes. 
  • snaz is real ya’ll 
  • (((also later, when snaz is big™ they’ll bring out sweaters and beanies with the words ‘snazzy’ on it and it’s great)))
  • ((((also also. in an interview: “so, baz, since many big youtubers are brining out a book as well?” baz: “yes. it’s called twilight. it’s out september 6th 2006.” interviewer: ???¿????¿¿?¿??))))