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365 Film Challenge: #18/365

The Midnight Meat Train

I’m not one for horror/gorror movies. I never saw the appeal of them. They don’t scare me and I don’t really like buckets of blood flying everywhere. I only watched this movie because Bradley Cooper is in it. I didn’t really like this movie. Not only because I don’t like overly gory films but because I thought the story was bunk. I haven’t read any Clive Barker and that may be my problem. I thought this was mostly a serial killer story, which does interest me, and about a photographer solvin’ the case! If only it was that simple. There’s demons and a secret society or something. I hated the not-so-happy-ever-after ending. But I guess the ending did fit. I don’t know. I’ve heard people do like this movie and I can see the appeal, but the rivers of blood and the poor CGI, by the way, was this during the horror movie 3d craze? Because this had way too many body parts flying at the screen. Eh, just not for me.