midnight marauders

Check it out, I found a pic of the Midnight Marauders album cover without anything obstructing the heads.

If you think about it like a grid, the left to right axis is numbered 1 to 8. The top to bottom axis is labeled A through G. So, for example, Puff Daddy at the bottom left has the coordinates “G1.” And Busta Rhymes, in the checkered bandana, has the coordinates “B8.”

I’ve done my best to identify all the heads in this pic. Can anybody identify the ones I missed?

A1 Daddy-O (of Stetsasonic)
A2 Chuck D (of P.E.)
A3 Too Short
A4 Large Professor
A5 Afrika Bambaataa
A6 DJ Jazzy Joyce
A7 Mike G (of The Jungle Brothers)
A8 Afrika Baby Bam
B1 Litro (ATCQ Road Manager)
B2 Maseo (Plug Three, De La)
B3 Posdnuos (Plug One, De La)
B4 Ice T
B5 Heavy D
B6 Kool Moe Dee
B7 Grandmaster Flash
B8 Busta Rhymes
C1 MC Lyte
C2 Crazy Legs (of Rock Steady Crew)
C3 Mr. Wiggles (of Rock Steady Crew)
C4 Doug E. Fresh
C5 Prince Po (of Organized Konfusion)
C7 Mike D
C8 Ad Rock
D1 Doitall (of LOTU)
D2 Litro again?
D3 Slim Kid Tre (of The Pharcyde)
D4 Romye (of The Pharcyde)
D5 Fat Lip (of The Pharcyde)
D6 Grandmaster D (Whodini’s DJ)
D7 Diamond D
D8 Special Ed
E1 Casual
E2 Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
E3 Teddy Ted (of Awesome Two)
E4 ?
E5 ?
E6 Pete Nice
E7 Ruel (of Rock Steady Crew)
E8 Mr. Funkyman (of LOTU)
F1 Opio (of Souls of Mischief)
F2 Phesto (of Souls of Mischief)
F3 Tajai (of Souls of Mischief)
F4 A-Plus (of Souls of Mischief)
F5 ?
F6 DJ Jazzy Jay
F7 Skeff Anselm
F8 Dallas Austin
G1 Puff Daddy
G2 Kid Kapri
G3 Pee Wee Dance (of Rock Steady Crew)
G4 DJ Evil Dee
G5 Rashad Smith
G6 Buckshot
G7 5ft. Accelerator (of Black Moon)
G8 Trugoy (of De La Soul)

UNCOVERED: The Making of A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders Album Cover (1993) with Art Director Nick Gamma. (via egotripland)

This Saturday, November 9th marks the 20th(!) anniversary of the release of A Tribe Called Quest‘s Midnight Marauders. The third in the trilogy of classic LPs that kicked off ATCQ’s recording career – after 1990′s People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm and 1991′s The Low End Theory – MM also possesses one of the most iconic album covers in hip-hop history. Featuring the group’s signature striped female figure amidst the floating, headphone-clad heads of dozens of hip-hop luminaries spread over three different (red, black and green bordered) incarnations, Midnight Marauders‘ unforgettable cover design was the creative brainchild of Jive Records head art director Jean Kelly with assistance from fellow art director Nick Gamma. This, after the ambitious original cover concepts from Quest leader Q-Tip were abandoned. [Read More]

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