midnight madness and beyond

hogwarts aus that will never exist no matter how much i cry

  • veela light yagami
  • wedy trying to break into gringotts
  • L eating so many chocolate frogs he develops a habitual ribbit
  • matt choosing hufflepuff because the hufflepuff dorms are right by the kitchen and he gets mad midnight munchies
  • beyond owning an entire cabinet of ready-made polyjuice potions
  • on a completely unrelated note, beyond owning a separate cabinet filled with L’s hair
  • mello sending howlers to near while literally sitting beside him, silently eating breakfast as mello’s howler mocks near endlessly
  • near sending howlers to mello that are just recordings of him quietly reading out his last OWLs report card
  • A dies halfway through third year and starts haunting the shit out of beyond to throw his ashes down the shitter already, but no??? obvs beyond needs A to be his yule ball date also ghost blowjobs