midnight jamboree

jumpin on the bandwagon a lil late but woo!! follow forever!!

ive made soooo many friends in the past few months, and the funhaus community has been so kind to me, i couldn’t NOT do a follow forever eventually!! you guys have really made this place feel like home to me, and ive never felt anything less than welcome here!! i love you all very much.

most of these are mutuals, btw!! and im rly sorry if i forgot anyone!!  

also no shout outs at the end, bcus i was typing them out and it was so LONG. theres so many of you??? i love you all, though.


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It has been such a fucking awesome year; I graduated high school, started college, and dealt with that entire rollercoaster of bullshit all while making friends and living life. I figured I’d end it with a bang, and tell all 600 of you how much I fucking love you. Because oh my god there are 600 of you. hi. welcome.

This is the first follow forever I’ve ever done, and I wanted to show some love to all the cool and amazing people I get to sort of, in a weird way, hang out with everyday (mutuals and people I really admire for something or another) If you are a mutual and you didn’t make it on here, sorry my brain is a piece of shit forgetful poop fest <3 happy holidays everyone!!


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really cool blogs like jeez i’m cowering in your coolness over here


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Oh, by the way. I owe you guys some closure on the couch saga. As it turns out? It never went missing at all. Our friend Graffiti Mario was none other than @hiyokoko and @midnight-jamboree themselves, along with assorted other members of the animation department. The couch has been moved to a safe location where it will not be stolen from the students who use it ever again. Bravissimo, ye victorious UMBC animation students. I’m proud to be among you.