midnight in paris cast

Imagine meeting Tom at a “roaring twenties” theme party. The venue is stunning - crystal chandeliers, feather accents, and touches of Art Deco patterns on every surface. You scan the room for your friends as Tom walks through the door. Your eyes meet, sending a pulse of electricity through your body. He meanders through the crowd and asks you to dance, but you tell him you don’t know the steps; he says it doesn’t matter. You spend the rest of the night bonding over gin, jazz, and spectacularly failed dance moves.

Sebastian Stan request

hi love! can you please write an imagine where the reader is sebastian stan’s girlfriend and she’s an actress, and she’s away in another country filming, so they skype all night (well, night for her cuz they’re in completely different time zones) cuz they really miss each other? your imagines are the best!! 💕💕

As you chugged the rest of the coffee in your mug your skype popped up on your computer. Smiling at the little picture of Sebastian’s profile you clicked the answer but and looked at Sebastian’s smiling face and his messy hair. “Hi baby,” you grinned.

“Hey my girl. How was your day?”

“Busy. And tiring; we’ve been filming the “Running” scene all around Paris today. Tiring in itself but it’s been warm all day and packed! How was your day?”

“Wasn’t bad, grabbed some lunch with Mackie today. Did laundry, cleaned the apartment a little, you know, adult stuff.”

“I wish I was there to do that boring adult stuff with you,” you said sadly.

“I wish you were here too babe. But, you only have a couple months left of filming and then you’ll be back. How’s Paris? What time is it anyway?”

“It’s just passed midnight here. And, Paris is beautiful. The cast and I have been going around visiting the sights and doing some shopping and stuff during the weekends and after filming. I got you something yesterday.”

“Oh yeah, what?”

“You’ll have to wait to see. It’s what…5 there?”

“Yup, I’m heating up dinner right now. Do you want me to let you get some sleep?”

“No way,” you smiled, “I feel like we haven’t talked in forever. It’s the weekend, I don’t have any filming tomorrow so you’re all mine.”

The conversation between the two of you was full of giggling and happiness. You two were happy to be seeing each other, even if it was just over the computer. Hours passed and you found yourself yawning again, even though you were three cups of coffee in. “Babe, I love talking to you, but I think you need some sleep. You did get up at 5 this morning and it is,” he did the math quickly, “5 in the morning for you again now,” he grinned.

You gave him a tired laugh, “I’ve been up for 24 hours now. Ugh, maybe you’re right, I should be getting some sleep.”

“Sleep tight, ok. I love you and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“I’ll text you when I get up tomorrow. Love you too.”

Léa Seydoux / Photography by Juergen Teller / Wmagazine 2014

“ I’m a huge fan of Woody Allen. He 
is my god. When he cast me in Midnight in Paris, he was already shooting the film. He saw a picture of me and called me up and asked how long my hair was. I told him, ‘It’s around my shoulders.’ He said, ‘Okay, cool, see you tomorrow on set.’ I hadn’t read the script, and I hadn’t read 
for him, but I said, ‘Of course.’ When God calls, you answer. ”

i’m actually really mad kathy bates as gertrude stein and tom hiddleston as scott fitzgerald had to happen in midnight in paris because that’s perfect casting and deserved an entire movie