midnight in mexico

8.2 earthquake tonight in Mexico City, Puebla, Estado de México & Pacific Coast.
It felt so horrible, seriously! And now there’s a possibility for a Tsunami.
These last couple of weeks have been so crazy in Mexico.
FYI, the Hurricane Harvey also hit us and Hurricanes Katia & Irma will hit us too.

Yo soy infinita.
Soy el universo entero. A veces necesito colapsar para luego poder estallar y volver a crecer. Dentro de mi, tengo los agujeros negros más negros y profundos; pero al mismo tiempo contengo las galaxias más hermosas y las estrellas más brillantes. He aquí, todo lo que soy. No me haré más pequeña, no puedo hacerme más pequeña. No puedo ser retenida.
Yo soy infinita.

We’re already all hyped from kcon mexico and then sm gotta drop this. how much more hyped can we get.

So let me tell you something, between 15 and 16 of september at midnight here in Mexico hundreds of people go to the center of the country, there is a show and then the president holds the flag and screams: ¡Viva México!.

Now, with all the hate people has for the actual president you would think no one would go, a lot of mexicans said they wouldn’t go and they wanted the place to be empty so what did the government did? They took their employees and said “if you don’t go you will get punished, they basically forced them to go and behave. They also hired a very popular band here in Mexico so more people would go.

In the center of the city the people that was forced to go were in the first row, the people that went to see the band were behind them, and the people that went by their own will was as far as possible from the president but still in the videos taken by the civilians you can hear people swearing to the president stuff like "puto” and “culero” (I think those words would be like motherfucker in english). Some students were protesting (remember that to the date the 43 students are still disapered) they were just standing there with a sign in their hands but the police made them leave. All of this stuff I saw it on the internet because the news and the live transmision of the event didn’t show anything.

Please spread this, we mexicans are very angry.

THOSE BRIGHT DESERT LIGHTS twenty new tracks and throwbacks for roadtripping through the American Southwest, for creepy desert towns, mysterious lights, run-ins with Death himself, and the hottest nights this side of Hell. listen.

One for the Road: Arctic Monkeys//Your Owls are Hooting: Showbread//Ride: Lana Del Rey//Mexico: That Handsome Devil//Bad Things: Jace Everett//Sunset Grill: Don Henley//A Handsome Stranger Called Death: Foe//(Don’t Fear) The Reaper: Blue Oyster Cult//Bandits: Meg and Dia////M83: Midnight City/// Down in Mexico: The Coasters//Fortune Days: The Glitch Mob//People are Strange: Echo and the Bunnymen//Sour Cherry: The Kills//Skulls: Bastille//Paint it Black: The Rolling Stones//Hey Pretty: Poe//Coyote: The Lonely Forest//Oh, Death!: Pearl and the Beard//Bad Moon Rising: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Alfredo Corchado tells Dave Davies about his uncle’s burial in Ciudad Juarez:

I kept listening to the sirens that were outside and all the other people burying loved ones. I couldn’t tell whether … they were victims of violence and so forth, but there was just so much death around you. And one thing that this guy had told me — the guy who had carried my uncle’s casket — he said, ‘You know, the only business these days, the only business that’s growing are funeral homes and people are talking about expanding the cemeteries because we’re running out of space.’ I think that was one of the saddest things I heard that day.

Image of Ciudad Juarez via The Global Post

“Burning the Midnight Oil”- Short film about garage building

Hello there,

I am an aspiring filmmaker and I made a short documentary about a garage builder. The film highlights his passion in building, and how it makes him a happier person. I was wondering if you might be interested in taking a look at it, and and if you like it, perhaps post it here on your blog?

Thanks for your time.

Here is the link to the video:



Gabe Priestley

Alfredo Corchado talks to Dave Davies about meeting a source at a restaurant on the American side of the border:

We had just sat [down]. We were about to order when these guys come in. To me they look like gang members, and one of them takes his hand out — his right hand — and points at me and does what seems to me like he was using a gun: bam bam bam. And I looked at him and I didn’t know whether that was a new greeting in Laredo, and I looked at [my source] Ramon and I said, ‘What was that about?’ And he said, 'Well, that’s strange.’ The manager then comes up to us and says, 'You guys need to leave now.’ Ramon gets really upset about that. He says, 'What’s going on?’ And [the manager] says, 'You need to leave,’ and just by the sound of his voice I thought, 'OK, this is urgent.’

Image of Mexico’s missing via Human Rights Watch