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Kaz’s rec list for Cas!Girls

Welcome to the 1st edition of my Recommendation list for Cas!girls.

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Well, as some of you may  know I’m Castiel trash, like really trash, and whenever I see rec lists, they usually have only like 1 or 2 Cas fics and sometimes they’re not my cup of tea. On the last months, I’ve been reading some very good stories and like a month ago, this idea came to my mind: I should be the one doing a rec list specially for my bae!

I’ve been trying to recall some of the fics I’ve read and that I’d really like to recommend you -I’m not even done yet!-. This is just part of my list and on the next ones you will see again some of these great authors’ names.

Note: The summary of the fics are in italics. Some of them are written by their authors, and some others are written by me. All the series start on chapter one, except if they have their own masterpage. The text written after this “–” hyphen it’s just me fangirling. Some of them might not have it just because the story left me speechless. So yeah, let’s get started:

One shots


  • Safe and sound by @carry-on-my-wayward-imaginesYou are all stressed out because of school and Cas comforts you. –Perfect to read for finals.
  • Birthdays by @unadulteratedstorycollector. (A lil smut and tiniest bit of angst). –I didn’t know where to place this because it’s the best of three worlds.
  • What is a Netflix? by @icecream-and-gadreel​. (No pairings) AU where Castiel and Gadreel try to watch Netflix. –This gurl right here writes the dorkiest Cas to ever dork and I’m trash, so this is a must read if you want your heart to melt and become trashier, just like mine.
  • A new addition by @theinsandoutsofcastiel. Pregnant!Reader AU. You’re pregnant with Cas’s child. After you deliver the baby, he shows you the nursery he built. –I’m a slut for Domestic AUs and it’s no secret.
  • 10 seconds by @kaz2y5-imagines. The boys, Cas and you go on a hunt on new year’s eve and you are the bait. –I don’t know how to describe these strange sounds I’m producing. This is beautiful.
  • Afterlow by @kaz2y5-imagines. The reader’s first morning after with Cas. – heeeeck! This is exactly how I imagne Cas would be and I wish ya’ll could feel my frustration right now.


  • Your favorite customer by @bovaria​. Coffee shop AU. You work on a coffee shop, it’s your last week working there and your favorite customer finally decides to make a move. –This is one of the first fics I read and I knew there was no going back. I’m very fond of it, so THANK YOU <3
  • Sticky by @abaddonwithyallYou wake up at 3 am only to find your boyfriend Cas has been causing a ruckus in the kitchen. –Smut with the exact amount of fluff. Everything I want in life.
  • Saved by @unadulteratedstorycollector. Hot sensual glorious smut. –This is a must, folks.
  • Both hands on the wheel by @not-so-natural-spn​.  Sex with Cas in the car. –There’s no more to add. Go and click the link.



  • Professor Novak by @abaddonwithyall​. Professor!Cas AU. You are on your last college year, college messes up your credits and you have to take another language so you can graduate. –Seriously, if you haven’t, at least, heard about this series, you’ve been living under a rock. After reading this, reading/listening “There she is” won’t be the same for you. Prepare for all the glorious smut and let Jess ruin you. 
  • Midnight sermon by @icecream-and-gadreel. (NSFW) (Priest!Casxreader): A college girl and a priest explore their sexual wants and desires together. There is only one rule: No strings attached. –This is what dragged me to the void of trash for Ashli’s fics. I’m telling you: one of my favorite series EVER! If this not provokes you things, I will personally give you a refound because GODDAMN! Come and join us on this roller coaster going to hell, cuz I can assure you, it will be totally worth it.

So, this is it for now. I still haven’t collected all the stories and I have a few more blogs to stalk to add some more + a bunch on my waiting list. I hope to post my lists weekly, so there will defintely be more.
Enjoy these, send your love to the authors and be trash with me.

And laslty, I NEED YOUR HELP! 
Like a month ago, I read a fic where the reader was a poet, she wrote a poem to Castiel and beautiful smut ensued, BUT I CAN’T FIND IT! And I don’t even remember the name of the blog -I suck, I know-. I think that one was her first fic and only had like two more. I’ve been like crazy because I don’t remeber how the hell I found it either. So if you’ve read it, know who wrote it or you’re the writer, WRITE ME A MESSAGE! I need to find it or I’ll go crazy. This has become personal, hahaha.

☾ ☽

The Full Moon is in Taurus ~~
time is placid…flowing like a melting milk pot. music sounds slower.

it has been raining here, dark, the taurus moon melancholy, literature seems to sing, theres lethargy but theres no need to sleep, there’s something like a night lullaby

a slow process of emotion, a feeling of renewal and deep reflection. the taurus-scorpio axis is one of value, material and physical. it’s also a highly fertile time, the taurean archetype representing the fertility principle, scorpio’s reproductive ruling, and the feminine lunar processes. this is not only in terms of pregnancy, but also giving birth to ideas relayed from the bottom of consciousness, creative melodies, and regenerative purification that give new light to old perspectives and previous experiences that are wearing us down and causing us to carry a dead weight

it’s a time to indulge. midnight icecream. sensual luxuriation. bath bombs. meditation. and sitting under the full moon

dont’ forget to put your crystals out ;)

-Cherry <3

Joshua as a boyfriend!
  • Would be so caring when it came to you.
  • Your much more out going and louder then him but that’s what he loves about you
  • He loves staring at you when he knows your not watching because he loves the expressions you make.
  • They come out so naturally flawless that he questions your existence.
  • He would buy you chocolates and flowers not only on special occasions but sometimes on random days to show you he loves you.
  • He would always pay for your food like a gentleman and let you pick what you guys are eating.
  • He would find it funny when your clumsy and probably laugh before helping you up.
  • Cuddling is a must he would love having you wrapped up in his arms
  • Especially when watching his favourite anime or adventure time episodes
  • When he gets jealous he doesn’t say much because he trusts you but because he feels uncomfortable he would try to take you out of the conversation
  • When ever you joke about another member being your bias be does his head bop thing but when it’s just you two he whines “jagiiii, don’t say that!”
  • He would love that he can rely on having a deep conversation as well as a funny one.
  • Love that you know all his favourite foreign singers as well as his favourite places to eat in America.
  • He would take you to the beach so you guys could relax and have fun as well as walking down the beach and sunset
  • He would like taking stupid, funny pictures with you because even though you might whine and hate them, he loves that they show the hidden side of you.
  • Love that he can break into a song with you no matter where you are what time.
  • Take you to eat ice-cream at midnight!!
  • Always be texting you.
  • Whether you guys are just at home or whether he’s in another country.
  • If he’s touring he would text you crazy things he found and saw on the tour
  • You wearing his clothes would be the death of him. His facial expressions might not show that because he would already be dead.
  • Piggy back rides all the time. He would love carrying you on his back.
  • When you secretly hold his hand he would look at your hands interlaced and blush “ohh jagi i didn’t realise.”
  • Jamming sessions where you guys are start innocently with humming then you start screaming songs together and he starts playing his guitar very violently.
  • When every your upset he would hold you and make sure your okay giving you A++ advise. Even when he cant give advice he would just sit with you.
  • When hes upset he would find it soothing if you sit and listen with him.
  • Love it when you run your hands in his hair. Would like to do the same to you.
  • Love kissing you probably the one to slyly sneak a kiss when ever he wants.
You're allergic to peanuts



Ashton had went to the studio really early, so when you woke up you were home alone. You walked into the kitchen and noticed a plate with some cookies on it. You started eating one when you realized it was peanut butter. You spit it out and brushes your teeth. You knew it could be a few hours before the effects started so you took a Benadryl. An hour later Ashton came home and seen you had eaten some of a cookie. He started apologizing repeatedly “Ash it’s fi- oww.” Your stomach started hurting Ashton knew what was happening, so he helped you to the couch. Ashton sat down and you laid your head on his lap. He started rubbing your stomach and you eventually fell asleep.


You and Calum were on a date. He took you to a really fancy restaurant. You looked over the menu several times not understanding any of it. When the waiter came you just picked something random and went back to talking to Calum. When the food came you still weren’t sure what it was. You took a bite and were surprised at the wonderful flavor that seemed to explode in your mouth. Calum seen your reaction and laughed “I may have to compete for your love.” You both laughed and went back to eating. You never told Calum about your peanut allergy since you had it under control. All of a sudden it felt like your throat was closing in. Calum looked at you worried “E-epi-pen” you managed to stutter out. Thankfully Calum understood and found it in your purse. He injected you and held your hand rubbing circles on it. “Are you ok” you nodded “thank you.” Calum smiled in response “So I probably should’ve told you I’m allergic to peanuts” “that might’ve been useful.” You both laughed and Calum shared his food with you.


You and Luke were going on a midnight icecream run. Everything was going great until you felt a weird tingling in your lips and tongue. “What’s wrong?” Luke asked seeing the worried expression on your face. “I don’t know my mouth feels really tingly.” “Y/N you’re breaking out” you looked down and seen hives on your skin. Luke sped to the hospital “I NEED A DOCTOR!” Luke yelled out as he carried you in the ER. A nurse came out and checked your vitals and everything. A couple hours later the doctor finally came back in “it seems you have a peanut allergy.” You and Luke looked at each other and back at the doctor. After that Luke got more protective over the things you ate. It could get annoying sometimes but you knew he cared.