midnight gin


Black Snake Moan (“Some pretty mama better come and get this black snake soon”).

“Midnight Gin” Morph of a Boa Constrictor. It was born with a normal pattern and surprisingly turned all black within 2 ½ years.If you ever needed a proof that black is literally beautiful: Here it is.

White Snakes

         WANTED: any information on the “12 Dancing Princesses

Twelve princesses, each more beautiful than the last, sleep in twelve beds in the same room. Every night, their doors are securely locked. But in the morning, their dancing shoes are found to be worn through as if they had been dancing all night. The king, perplexed, promises his kingdom and a daughter to any man who can discover the princesses’ midnight secret.

Roaring Gin Mill is an upcoming RPG based on the fairytale Twelve Dancing Princesses, set in the 1920s, incorporating the themes of a mob and town roleplay.

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