midnight fairy

One of my favorite things about fairy tail is the men’s collectively bizzar fashion sense.




The fuck are you wearing?

The fuck is this?

What is on your shoulder, Gajeel?  The fuck is that made of, feathers? From what?

Why is the armor only on your shins?

Why is your shirt only sleeves?

Are those pants really necessary? Or functional?

This whole outfit is a shit post.

Seriously, is this supposed to be a vest or a jacket?

Bickslow has two different versions of this shit

additionally, Bickslow has tattoos on both his face and tongue, which seems questionable and excessive, but I digress.

What era do you think this is, Freed?

Literally, no one questioned this as casual, everyday wear.

I mean, COME ON!

Then there’s Gray who can’t keep his shirt on, and Laxus who can’t put his arms in his damn sleeves, but this post seems long enough.

Listen. I know that Moana was amazing. It’s my current favorite movie. I’m sad it didn’t win. But let’s not diminish the message Zootopia was trying to convey.
Zootopia is obviously not about “validation of furries.”
Zootopia is about inclusion. Zootopia touched themes like racism and segregation. It was an animal-like representation of our human world. It tried to teach people that the fear of the unknown is, a lot of the times, a mistake.
It also taught us not to give up in our dreams and not to let ourselves judge people so easily and quickly.
Which is something that is a big problem right now.
For me, I loved Moana so much more, but that doesn’t mean that Zootopia didn’t deserve that Oscar

As much as i love Nalu, can we appreciate the Oracion Seis reunion?

I mean look how happy they are to have Cobra back.

These have ALWAYS been my favorite group of villains, because of things like this. They were loyal to each other. They came from the same tower. They grew up together.

When Mest needed help in Tartarous what was Cobra’s request? He wanted his guild released. Any other dark guild would have left the other members to rot.

But these are his friends, even if none of them want to believe it.

Bless this underrated brotp

Happy 11th Fairy Tail!

Tartaros Part 1 (Ch.364-370: Jellal vs Oracion Seis) - kaatseye

Here’s my part of the @ft11thanniversary project! Thank you for 11 years of Fairy Tail. Mashima!

+ | FT 11th Anniversary Video