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Because I will not allow myself to melt alone...

I made drawings based on the scenes below. Go on. Scroll down. Melt with me. huehuehuehuehuehuehuehue

I also have one from Nico’s event route, but I don’t have a screen for that, so… Okay, enough blabber. Let’s get to the main thing. <3


And Nico’s, featuring Lillie and Collie:


You know I love you guys, I know, you’re all welcome. LOL

Some angsty headcanons:

A lot of the students of class 1-A have nightmares. For different reasons.

Bakugou has nightmares about suffocating, due to his encounter with that sludge villain. He also has nightmares about being helpless, unable to move, unable to do anything. (Both due to his encounter with the sludge villain and him being kidnapped by the league of villains.)

Shouto has nightmares about his childhood – the hard, abusing training/life with his father, and the day were his mother burned him with hot water and gave him his scar.

Iida has nightmares about his encounter and fight with Stain where he has to watch Izuku and Shouto die because they wanted to protect him.

Tokoyami has nightmares about losing control over Dark Shadow and hurting his friends, like he did during the Training camp.

Shouij probably has nightmares about the exact same event – when Dark Shadow went wild. Not because he fears for his own life, but because he was (and is) afraid about losing Tokoyami to Dark Shadow or the other students getting hurt because of the rampaging Shadow.

Uraraka and Tsuyu both have nightmares about the night in the training camp. Getting attacked by a probably psychotic woman and having to watch how their friends got injured left some physical scars.

And Izuku has nightmares about all the time he broke his bones and hurt so badly. He has nightmares about becoming incapacitated and unable to protect anybody. He has nightmares about losing his friends. And he mostly has nightmares about Toshinori dying during that fight with All for One while Izuku himself has to watch and can do nothing.


(Don’t worry, now comes the comforting fluff.)

Because of all of that, a lot of the students are unable to sleep night through. That doesn’t change when they move into the dorms, so sooner or later, those who have nightmares run into each other when they wander through the house in search of some distraction to tire themselves out. Like, someone trudges half-asleep towards the kitchen to make himself a comforting hot-chocolate and runs into one of the other sleepless students. In the days following the move to the dorms, this happens more and more often, until all the nightmare plagued children form a little midnight get-together whenever they can’t sleep.

Eventually, the others find out about it. Either because they notice that their classmates are more tired and jumpy in the morning, or because they walked right into one of their midnight-meetings. And one after another, the whole class gathers in the living room or the kitchen and all of them watch movies together or play games (gaming night, anyone?) to distract those who could not sleep, anyways. It’s their kind of therapy-session, and it works, somehow. It makes the nightmares less often, makes the haunting memories of them go away for a while. 

Bonus: Cue in Toshinori and probably the other teachers catching up on all of this and suddenly, not only the students are gathering in the middle of the night, but also the teachers – Aizawa in his sleeping bag, Toshinori a comforting presence next to them, and Mic and Midnight the entertainers who tell stories and jokes.



Bonus to the bonus: Due to Izuku’s most recent nightmare – Toshinori dying during the fight – he goes to knock at Toshi’s door one night, still half-asleep and in panic because for one moment, he believes his dream true and believes that Toshinori is gone. Cue in here lots of hugs and comfort and probably a sleepover in his teacher’s room because Toshinori does not want to leave Izuku alone in this state.

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last day for @mysticmessimagines‘s valentine event! thank you so much for hosting this event; i had a lot of fun with it!! it was nice to read your comments on everything i drew, and it was really nice to see this event succeed with everyone’s art, writing, etc !



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