midnight entity


Listen to me, whatever you want, if it’s life or form or consciousness or voice, you don’t have to steal it. You can find it without hurting anyone.

One of the things I like about RTD is that he was pretty good at one-off monsters.

Obviously, the Midnight entity takes the cake for me. That episode is everything a scary one-off episode should be, and the monster completely depends on the actress’ spectacular performance.

But the Midnight entity would be completely ruined if it showed up in another episode. One of the best parts about it is that we know absolutely nothing about it.

The Adipose, too, were good for a one-off monster, but if you brought them back, they’d probably not be as good the second time around.

This is something Moffat needs to learn, how to leave a good one-off monster as a good one-off monster.

Blink was very well-received because of the Angels (I think it’s only decent at best, but that’s beside the point). Bringing them back, he completely changed what they were. Suddenly you couldn’t look at their eyes, or you’d die. You can’t take a picture of one (even though that exact thing happened in Blink and it had no downside), or it’ll come to life. Suddenly, they had to steal power from electric spaceships to fix themselves if they were ever damaged or something. We saw them move for the first time.

And there was also this:

Those two angels can definitely see each other out of the corners of their eyes, at least, and yet, they’re fine once Amy’s gone. Apparently they just need to think you can see them, too, while you don’t actually have to see them.

And they just got worse as time went on (culminating in the metal Statue of Liberty being a Weeping Angel (which are made out of stone) being able to trick people into not seeing it as it teleported across New York).

The Weeping Angels would’ve been much better if they were just a one-off monster. The Silents would’ve been better if they didn’t come back in Time of the Doctor. Moffat needs to learn to sometimes leave good monsters as one-off monsters, as opposed to recurring monsters.

Day 3 - Favorite "Villian"

I have a few favorite “villians”, although a couple of them weren’t too bad, like the Dalek Human or the CatKind. So I’ll go with 3 of them.

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The Midnight Entity was terrifying because not even the Doctor knew what it was, and he also didn’t have Donna to help him. It was the first time everyone started not trusting the Doctor, which I thought was terrifying… and yet pretty fucking awesome.  Made for a great episode at least. Also, DO YOU SEE THAT PLANET? It’s BEAUTIFUL!

Raxacoricofallapatorians. Slitheen. I hated these guys at first. But they’re just SO DAMN COOL LOOKING. Also, Margaret was pretty cool. I was happy she let that pregnant reporter go. Also, the story for both of those episodes were great.

Vashta Nerada were terrifying as all fuck. I didn’t want to go to bed after I saw those episodes. And I’m 18. They are based off of a regular Human fear, the dark. Which is pretty damn clever. Even though that’s what the writers always do. BUT STILL.

Doctor Who 30 Day Challenge

Day 4 - Favorite Villain

The Midnight Entity, the doctor didn’t know what it was nor what it wanted. Then it takes over the Doctor, and the passengers go bat-shit insane. He was very vulnerable in that episode. He didn’t have Donna, nor the Tardis. That thing was scary, while I was watching the episode Im waiting for the explanation but it never comes. That is why its my favorite we never get an explanation, it stays a mystery.


Midnight: a summary
  • Doctor: This is going to be fun.
  • Audience: *Laughs*
  • *ship crashes*
  • Doctor: This could be worse.
  • *Sky gets possessed*
  • Doctor: I can still sort this out.
  • Passengers: You're weird.
  • Passengers: You're too clever and confident.
  • Doctor: Humans, please calm down.
  • Doctor: No it isn't and I'll prove it.
  • *Midnight entity possesses him*
  • Doctor: Oh shit.
  • Passengers: Throw him out.
  • Doctor: Oh shit.
  • Audience: Oh shit, No you idiots.
  • *Gets saved at the last second*
  • A passenger: It wasn't my fault.
  • Doctor: You liar.
  • Audience: LET ME HUG YOU!!