midnight dabs

Interstellar | Oneshot

Summary: interstellar (adjective): occurring or situated between the stars
Word Count: 2,231
Genre: angst??, fluff??
Member: Lee “Dino” Chan 
TW: none i can think of! let me know if you need anything tagged

A/N: this is bad, late, and not proofread :/ not the best i’ve done so far, but hopefully the next one will be better!!

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Simo and Yousef IG Livestream (June 22)

This was approximately after 12am until before 12:30am. They were both laying in bed. Please correct me if I’m wrong in any of these. This post may be updated/edited at some point. These points are in chronological order.

  • Yousef’s birthyear is 2000.
  • They’re gonna be in Copenhagen at 9am (along with the rest of the Balloon Squad). They have to wake up in approximately 5 hours to travel there. They’re gonna stay in Schæffergården.
  • (About some comments telling them they look gay - they were both topless) Yousef: I’m comfortable enough with my sexuality to pretend I’m gay, so it’s cool.
  • (About uploading Hei Briskeby once Skam is over)
    Yousef: Fuck no.
    Simo: It’s a secret. You guys have to wait and see.
  • “You guys miss Skam already?” Simo said yes.
    Yousef: Yeah, I do, sort of.
  • “Can you dab at midnight?” They did.
  • Fans asked them to speak Italian, Arabic, French, Spanish, Turkish, and German.
  • (About drugs/weed/etc)
    Simo: He’s (Yousef), like, stupid because he’s 16 and doesn’t have a lot of experience.
    Yousef: That’s even worse to say ‘cause you’re worse than me. You can stay in school and do drugs. [Something about Simo/what he said being pretentious]
    Simo: Study and work.
    Yousef: Don’t listen to him.
  • Yousef’s birthday is September 8 and he’s turning 17 (Virgo).
  • Simo is turning 20 in November 30 (Sagittarius). 
  • Simo is born and raised in Oslo (Moroccan parents), and Yousef is half-Norwegian and half-Egyptian.
  • “Is this a pyjama party?” Yousef: No, I’m not wearing anything.
  • Simo is going to Morocco on July 3 (from Oslo to Amsterdam, and he’s gonna be in Amsterdam for 4 hours). Someone asked him where in Morocco, and he said Tétouan (I didn’t catch the other place he said).
  • Yousef: You’re all pretty cool. I’m going to sleep now ‘cause I really need it.