midnight convention 2012

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Hi! I was wondering if you happened to know of a master Billie/David post, not fanfic but kind of a manifesto? I'm asking because I've been out of dw fandom for a few years now & I'm having trouble finding David/Billie things that aren't fanfic.

Welcome back! I assume you mean David and Billie as in the actors (and not like Doctor/Rose), right?

 I’m not sure about a ‘manifesto’ but I have some tags on my blog you might be interested in:

My overall David x Billie tag
RPF on a timeline

IMO the most exciting ‘news’ of the past year on this front are these recovered photos. You can also track the general david x billie tag. thebadddestwolf‘s david x billie tag is also something magical you’ll want to mine :-)  Hope that helps!

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bless you and your blog. I need david/billie and ten/rose in my life at all times and you're one of the few blogs I can turn to. do you have any fics/videos to cheer a sad shipper up??

Haha, thanks! David/Billie is an inherently angsty ship but let’s be honest, that’s what we’re in it for… :-) Below is my tagging schema (one day I’ll make a navigation page!) for my own blog, and I highly recommend checking out thebadddestwolf‘s David x Billie tag for much, much more!

Because if you can’t be organised about David and Billie, what CAN you be organised about?!

Awkward replies to the even awkwarder "would you sleep with David Tennant?" question at the 2012 Midnight Convention
  • **Lots of bumbling from David and Billie ensues**
  • Billie Piper: …I think that ship has sailed.…
  • David Tennant: I think that's the darkest question...
  • BP: It seems very unnatural to talk about that…
  • DT: It really does... I mean, I'm very fond of you but...
  • BP: Sure, I think you're great...You're attractive, but...
  • DT: Sure, sure. [audience laughs] So...peculiar