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Character Development
  • Me during TaB: Lysandra, you expensive ass ho, get away from ma girl Celaena.
  • Me during EoS: Lysandra, you are an icon of female empowerment. Vote Lysandra for President 2020.
Queen of Shadows TV

One of the scenes I’m most looking forward to in the TV series is the part where Celaena butchers Grave.

Not that I’m looking forward to the gruesome assassination or anything.

Its more because this is the first time we truly see Adarlan’s Assassin. The anger, the coldness, the violence, the brutality, the skill… but most importantly, the fierce, unbreakable love and loyalty Celaena has for her friends.

sarah j maas: now to find a badass name for this character

sarah: wait i know

*punches the keyboard*

sarah: ahh perfect

u ever cry bc the assassination classroom wiki says karma’s parents are always travelling and they neglect him??? like how does karma deal with that??? does it ever get too much for him??? does he ever get lonely??? is his parents’ neglect a reason for his behavior??? bc he’s bitter and frustrated and wants more??? like do u ever think abt how karma is human and even he has his limits and how he’s so much more?? is he okay and well-fed??? does he know how much i love and cherish him??? has anyone ever told him that he rlly deserves more??? has anyone ever told him that they’d give him the moon and the stars in the sky bc he deserves it??? these things rlly keep me up at night

I’m sick and I don’t know what’s more painful: feeling like I’m swallowing glass, or reading SJM’s books. I feel like shit either way.

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In Your Dreams, Princess: A Short Story(Part 1)

Here’s a story involving my favorite author, @sjmaas phenomenal Throne of Glass series characters. This is a little different from my usual short stories, but I hope you like it:)

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The world was burning. Literally just one big flaming inferno. Everything around Celaena Sardothien was painted in angry shades of red and orange. Sweat trickled down her back and neck, causing her tunic to stick to her in a most uncomfortable way.

Stray pieces of hair stuck to her face, forcing her to brush them repeatedly away in frustration. She couldn’t see. She couldn’t see anything and at once she was certain the smoke and fire was going to swallow her up whole. 

“Come on, Princess. That the best you got?” 

Aelin whipped around, searching for the source of that voice. But all she could see was red and gray and orange. 

“Who are you?” No sooner had the thought come to her mind than a man stalked out of the smoke, a wicked looking weapon in his hands. He was currently engaged in a treacherous battle. At least ten other figures circled, dancing around him like a predator would its prey.

He’s a dead man, she thought.

But when he yelled at her to get her ass over there and help him, her feet didn’t hesitate. Suddenly, they were back to back and her weapons were drawn. The swords and knives gleamed viciously in the moonlight, swearing death to anyone who dared cross them.

The man, she realized, was big, no huge. His bulky frame towered over hers, muscles honed from years and years of brutal training. His white hair glistened, and as his gaze flitted to her, his pine-green eyes burned with something dangerous.

One of the figures lurched, taking that moment of distraction to catch the man off guard. Celaena could tell before the ginormous man pulled out his weapon that that was a massive mistake on the attacker’s part. 

It was over within seconds. One moment, the dark figure was pouncing, the next, he was strewn across the floor, head severed. The detached head rolled menacingly toward one of the other unknown attackers and stopped just a few mere inches from their foot. 

A wicked, promising grin, wild in its fierceness was now adorning the man’s face. 

Before another thought could pass through Celaena’s mind, the other figures dashed out at both her and the man behind her. She didn’t hesitate in skewering the figure that managed to reach her first. The body fell to the ground with a loud thump.

The next two were more strategic in their strike. 

“You’re good as dead, little girl,” one of them spoke. She couldn’t see its face, if it even had one. The sound of its voice was horrific. Deep and scratchy and filled with something that made Celaena’s body feel as if a thousand ants were crawling all over it. 

They circled around her like sharks, but she waited patiently for one of them to strike first. Arrobyn Hamel’s voice snapped at her in her head, “Let them come to you.”

“Apparently you didn’t see what just happened to your little friend. You’ll end up much the same.” The thing laughed, a dead, soulless sound.

“You are naive. How can you stand up there, parading around like a show horse in that filthy, cursed kingdom!” It chuckled once more. “You are no better than the King himself. You are no better than any of them.”

The other one piped up, “Although I must admit…you are quite easy on the eyes…and so is your friend over there,” it nodded in the man’s direction. “Too bad looks are as good as a wet noodle right now. They’ll do nothing to stop us from ripping you limb from limb and feeding you to the creatures of the sewers.”

Some couple feet away, Celaena could hear the man engaged in a battle with the other three creatures that weren’t progressively inching closer and closer to her. 

“You’ll have to catch me first,” she smirked.

“It’s quite sad, really. The fact that if we don’t kill you tonight, the King will do it himself.”

Celaena forced herself to keep her face devoid of emotion as she said, “What are you talking about?”

“The King, dearie. He has plans…big plans. Plans that would make even you have night terrors, little assassin.”

She kept her eyes on them, and a part of her told her to just end it now. Slice all three of them up without a second thoughts. But then she’d never get any more information out of them.

So she decided to ask, “What’s he planning?”

“He’s been arranging this for years. Even if we told you, there’d be nothing you could do to stop—”

Suddenly, the thing’s voice is cut off. A frightening screech filled the air and not a moment later, all three of the creatures were lying dead on the floor. Celaena looked up to see the man carelessly wiping his blade off with the hem of his shirt.

A blinding rage filled Celaena’s chest as her gaze met his. Her eyes burned holes as she said with alarming calm, “Why did you do that?”

He replied, equally as calm, “You’re gonna have to be a bit more specific, Princess.”

She gritted her teeth. “Why did you kill them.”

He sheathed both of his blades and knives meticulously before answering. “Maybe you didn’t get the memo, but that was kind of the whole objective of this.”

“I don’t appreciate you speaking to me like I’m a gods- damned child.”

He smirked, and it was so full of arrogance that it made Celaena’s blood boil. “Don’t act like one and maybe I’ll deign to speak to you like a competent adult.”

She placed her hands on her hips and scoffed. “It must be true what they say, then. The bigger the man the smaller the brain.”

“Ha ha. Very funny, Princess.” He sighed. “I swear, every day you become more trouble than what you’re worth.”

She froze. “What are you talking about?” Her confused expression mirrored on his face as he stalked towards her. When he was but a mere few inches from her, she realized with a start that a wicked looking tattoo covered one half of his face.

“Don’t play games with me.”

“For your information, you gargantuan bastard, I’m not playing any games. I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

Something glimmered in his eyes. It was only for a second, but her eyes never betrayed her. What was it? Fear? Panic? Concern? Celaena had a feeling it was an odd mixture of all three.

“It’s me,” he said. “It’s me. Ro–”

Celaena woke up with a start. Again. It had happened again.

She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, rising and resting her weight on her elbows. She could feel her exhaustion in every bone and crevice of her body. The last few weeks had been of torment. 

During the day she busied herself with training hour after hour with Chaol Westfall, building up her strength and agility. It left her utterly exhausted at night and she fell asleep easily.

However, as of late, her mind had taken to having the strangest dreams. It always included the same man. The remarkable one with the bizarre tattoo and dazzling pine-green eyes. 

Every dream, for the past few months, she finds out something new about him. It’ll be small, fleeting. A change of his stance, the color of his eyes, the deep rumble of his voice, the deep care he showed for his weapons. No matter how many hours she stayed up thinking about him and trying to figure out who he was, she could never figure it out. It was quite infuriating.

There was only one person whom she knew could help her out with this. 

Speedily, Celaena freshened up and got dressed.

Today, she would finally find out who this man in her dreams was and what, exactly these strange dreams meant. 

~End of Part 1~