I could really get used to having midnight serenade me daily, considering the New York singer songwriter’s seductively plush voice. If you feel the same way, then it might be the opportune time to snag a copy of his debut XII Labors EP, out now on iTunes. I’ve already featured a few of the swooning electro soul tunes off the EP, but today, midnight gives us free reign to fall head over heels for the second track on XII Labors, a future soul track named Floating & Falling, produced by Greece’s craves. It’s soaked in sensual lust and flooded with sweet, determined devotion.


Wait til Midnight!

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Every year has been hard, but this year has been the hardest. I have gotten worse. Reality has become nothing but a question to me. I have come to the point where everything in sight has been in observation. I study the leaves and how they move with the wind. I study the passing cars going to their destination.  I study the sound the crickets make and think about how they have a completely different life than us humans. I study everything and wonder if anything studies me. Times like these I feel odd. I feel distant. Everything is a blur. I feel the world all around me. I am nearly a tiny person in this vast universe. I look up at the stars and wonder what life is out there. I wonder if life is even at all. Everything is confusing. I do not understand anything.
—  I took a walk and wrote as I observed life around me