I want coffee shop love. The kind of love that is unlike anything. Where everytime you look at her you get butterflies and you wonder how on earth you got such a wonderful girl to call yours. I want to go to little towns that have old book stores and chocolate shops and take pictures of her laughing at my clumsiness. I want to sit in bed at midnight with only the glow of candles lighting up the silhouette of her face. I want long drives with my hand on her thigh and her singing along to the playlist she made just for us. I want a summer love that last forever.

I like watching the world fall asleep.

Tucked underneath a skyline, and a blanket of atmosphere winking with stars, it’s almost as if seeing something I’m not supposed to.

But it’s beautiful anyways.

I feel so large and so small. And I let my thoughts run with the night.

Mostly I think of you.
I wonder where you are, what you’re doing, and who you’re with.

And we haven’t met yet, but one day. When we do.
I like to think, maybe you’d like to watch the world fall asleep with me.

—  A scribbler // Maybe You Think of Me Too.
The guy’s multiplying faster than a catholic rabbit
—  Nick Fury; Avengers Age of Ultron