Let me introduce you to our new wonderful beautiful and totally bonkers poster for IANASK. 

Commissioned by Robbie Ryan. Designed by the amazing Midnight Marauder.

With only 24 hours to go to the North American release I have no idea if anyone will watch the film! But in honour of this either reasonably big event or reasonably damp squib, I’m going to put up a sort of charity shop of bits and pieces from the last 6 years of (trying to) make this film.  Watch this space.


this is probably forgetting a lot of ppl.

if ppl respond to this post w/recs, i’ll turn this into a masterpost w/updates ‘n such. thanks!

Wiener-Dog | Todd Solondz | 2016

Poster from Annapurna Pictures via midmarauder on Twitter

I always feel a little behind the curve with contemporary films but this is something I’m very much looking forward to! A new Solondz with Greta Gerwig as Dawn Wiener (even though that threatens to tear the very fabric of the Solondz universe apart) is very exciting! I’m also looking forward to the new Kelly Reichardt film Certain Women which reunites her with Michelle Williams and also stars Laura Dern and Kristen Stewart.

Two films I’m actually waiting for rather than just “know about”…