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You're 20 which means youre already halfway to your midlife crisis, which means its time for your mid half life crisis.

actually i have no idea when im going to die so its just an Every Day Crisis to make sure im living up to my full crisis potential

8 Ways You Can Survive — And Thrive In — Midlife
One secret to midlife happiness is being a rookie at something. Trying new things and failing keeps you robust. Also, to revive a midlife marriage, mix things up: Hike, go dancing or set out in an RV.

After two years of research and more than 400 interviews about midlife, former NPR reporter Barb Bradley Hagerty received dozens of insights about how to live well in the middle years. We’ve distilled them here, with a little context. And, by the way, these ideas work well for people on both sides of the midlife divide.