So like
It just hit me that Skyward Sword is almost FIVE YEARS OLD
Like wtf time really flies 
Twilight Princess is like ELEVEN years old too

like fuck i know i’m not old yet but this shit really makes me feel like it

seriously tho SS is 5? wtf world

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Why do you ship Jaime and Brienne?

Because I always ship canon, and they’re George’s canon romance. Who am I to argue?

In the show, I like the chemistry. In the books, it’s more that I think they’ll be excellent partners for the roles George has planned for them to play in the rebuilding of Westeros. They can trust each other to act as agents on each other’s behalf - vitally important to two heirs whose holdings would mean the sun rises and sets upon their lands - and to share life goals…anyone who has ever had a joint bank account and a shared mortgage has to recognize how important those things are. Do you want a deck built? Because that’s how you get a deck built. Or do you want someone to blow through your kids’ college funds buying midlife crisis penis cars? That’s what you get if you choose Cersei.

They’re good for one another, and they both have too many responsibilities to saddle themselves with dependents who bring nothing to the relationship and who can’t be trusted to not fuck things up the second they turn their backs on them. Jaime has never known what it is to be in a relationship with a non-dependent, and Brienne has never imagined she could find someone who would value that quality in her. Strong enough, indeed. 

But in the books, the ship that actually made me sit up and go ooh! was Jaime and Cat. I started reading the series about two months before ASOS came out. RW wrecked my ship, man. Cat isn’t a dependent type, she’s a partner. It isn’t just about size and strength, it’s about strength of character. 

Ultimately, I think Jaime is a man who has to be in a relationship. You can consider that weak if you like, but some guys are like that. I think it easily could’ve been Cat, but it isn’t. It could’ve been Elia, they would’ve been fine. Lyanna, sure. Tbh, I think Jaime could come to love and appreciate a huge variety of women, and we get a taste of that in his POV. He ain’t that picky, and I actually mean that as a compliment. That fact doesn’t lessen my appreciation of J/B at all. Because the way it worked out, it’s Brienne, and considering the harsh realities soon facing Westeros, she’ll be the best partner for those conditions.

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B4 I watched Vol/tron some1 i followed reblogged an antishadada post. I read it b/c drama is amusing to witness not to experience. The way it was written made me think $hiro was a grizzled war veteran and the others were a bunch of young rookies under his explicit command. Latter I watch the show and what do i find? $hiro's a tired college student who's been elected head of a group project even though he doesn't really know what he's doing anymore than the others do, but he's doing his best.

Sh//iro is literally the embodiment of someone who’s experiencing his midlife crisis at like 20 and forgets to pay his bills on time and drinks coffee out of a canister

Anonymous said:

You shouldn’t be saying things like “midlife identity crisis.” It’s not something to be so casual about, and you have no idea if it’s true, so you’re breaking your own rules by throwing out completely unfounded assumptions based on your personal interpretation of videos, photos, and comments. The way you read a situation may be completely different to how someone else reads it and it’s incredibly dangerous and detrimental to a persons image to create rumours. You may think its just a comment but you said yourself you have over 3000 followers so you are in a position to influence people’s opinions and need to be more aware of that when you comment so casually on things. You will make people think there is something wrong with him when there may not be and I’m sorry but that isn’t right for you to do.

To anon:

That’s why i said “I think it’s possible that he has an identity crisis”. I’m not stating a fact, I’m sharing my point of view. You and others can agree or disgree with me.