midlength gas system

I bought an AR15.

Not knowing which direction the election was going, I went into my local gun store to talk to the owner, Brandon. He’s absolutely awesome. I had mentioned to him before that I was seriously tempted to buy a DDM4V7, and I saw online that he had one. I stopped in, and looked at his gun wall. He doesn’t stock a huge amount of firearms. He sells mostly suppressors, actually. But he orders stuff in for customers or does super cheap transfers.

As I looked at the $1500 Daniel Defense, I noticed a tag on the wall for the new Springfield Armory Saint. The gun had a ridiculously stupid, overhyped, and downright laughable advertisement run up to a “launch” of their new and original idea, just to have the gun forums tear it apart as bland, boring, yawn-worthy, and just another entry-level AR. but at the price point of $799, I was at least mildly curious. Too bad I had taken a few extra minutes that morning getting out the door, and Brandon told me he sold it not 10 minutes before I got there, since it was the Thursday before the election. 

I got Brandon’s thoughts on the gun - A solid entry-level rifle at a pricepoint between DMPS Oracles and MP Sport II’s, that comes better outfitted than either with BCM Stock, grip, and slim foregrip with  front-half keymod. Comes with a metal rear sight and A2 front sight (which, he admitted, may be a turn-off for some.) It also has a slightly upgraded trigger over typical entry-level guns. 

Long story short, (too late) Brandon was able to find one SAINT left available that day, and, well, I jumped on it. It arrived today. First off, the case is huge. Springfield likes their boxes, I think. Someone online said “Forget the box and just drop the price another $75. jeez.” it’s huge, and the gun will spend most of it’s time in the safe or somewhere other than the case, but I think it’s a nice case regardless.

It came with one Gen 3 Pmag, which is always nice. Aside from that, it’s just the lock and little packet of paperwork.

BCM stock. I typically always swap out stocks for Magpul or DD, but this one seems pretty good. No complaints. The pistol grip is BCM as well, and I do believe it’s more of a vertical grip angle than a typical A2.

I fully expected the foregrip to mirror something like magpul’s foregrip - a bigger handful of solid-feeling plastic. While this BCM foregrip is still plastic, it is quite slim. It also has keymod, but only on the last half of the rail, where most attachments would go anyway. I heard someone in the gunstore when the rifle was announced say “C’mon, dude. That’s stupid - a plastic handguard? 8 mag dumps and it would just melt off.” I’m not planning on burning through 240+ rounds whilst trying to break any RPM records, so I think i’m safe. I also do like that it’s a midlength gas system. 

There’s a lot of picky people when it comes to the logo on the lower. I’m not much for the spikes spider, and the punisher, pirate, or trojan all just feel gimicky, etc.
Yes, this one is HUGE, but I kind of like it. meh, color me ambivalent. 

Springfield definitely likes their logo. it’s everywhere on this gun. Not a bad thing. It completes the package. also note the A forge marking on the upper. 

Springfield again, on the sight. A metal rear flip-up sight that doesn’t pop up, but locks up. It seems like a solid sight. I’ll keep it, for sure. 

and finally the other side, just because. multi-cal marked, another Springfield logo.

Yep. just another AR. but it fit my budget, and I’m happy to have another AR in the safe, especially for less than half the price of my last one, and will run just as well, I’m sure. 


You know I wasn’t too stoked at first when I saw the initial announcement but now that we’ve had a few go through the shop the Springfield Armory Saint is growing on me.

For retailing between $825-$900 depending on where you shop it’s a step above the economy line AR-15s but doesn’t break the bank. You get a midlength gas system, pretty decent furniture, a hard case, and the upper receiver tensioning screw is a nice touch.