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Coventry Railway Station (1962) by W.R. Headley and Derrick Shorten.

Grade II listed railway station designed by WR Headley and Derrick Shorten of British Rail’s London Midland region. The booking hall was constructed using a concrete frame, and is double storey height and finished in white tiles.

Image from The Chemistry Set

The Independent published Saturday the results of an investigation in which they found that more than 3,000 police officers in the U.K. are under investigation for assault. The majority of complainants are racial minorities — namely residents of African and Asian descent. In London, black and Asian people make up a third of the population, but 55% of alleged brutality victims. In the West Midlands region of the country, they make up 14% of the population but nearly half of brutality complainants, the report states.

Internal probes into these incidents remain ongoing across the U.K.’s 45 police forces. Meanwhile, 98% percent of the officers under investigation are still on active duty, with only 2% suspended or placed on restricted duty, according to the Independent investigation.

Recalls by Region, GRAND TOTAL

1. Ulster: 112

2. Mid-America, USA: 99

3. Mid-Atlantic, USA: 68

4. Southern Region, USA: 64

5. Connacht: 59

6. Southern Region, England: 52

7. Midlands Region, England/Wales: 51

8. Western Region, USA: 48

9. Munster: 43

10. New England, USA: 37

11. Eastern Region, Canada: 36

12. Ulster/Mid-Atlantic: 32**

13. Scotland: 25

14. Western Region, Canada: 23

15. Leinster: 19

16. North West Region, England: 18

17. North East Region, England: 12

18. Victoria, Australia: 10

19. New South Wales, Australia: 6

19. Queensland, Australia: 6

21. Mainland Europe: 3

22. ACT, Australia: 2

22. New Zealand: 2

22. Western Australia, Australia

25. South Africa: 1

Some caveats: these might not be perfect. It’s not a perfect science, especially with the way data is presented. If you notice a mistake, please let me know and I will try and fix it. This includes solo recalls only, NOT teams!

As for the DP issue: I don’t have time to track down where each of the dancers were from. From a data collection standpoint, it is very annoying that they are the only school that doesn’t list the dancer’s region. (All of the other cross-region schools do and I can’t figure out why they don’t.) However, I’ve decided not to pursue it because it won’t change the rankings– only if all 32 of the unallocated DP dancers were from the Mid-Atlantic Region would the rankings switch at all, and I’m 99.9999% sure that isn’t the case. 

So, here you have it! 

Update 1: changed Western Australia from 1 recall to 2