The signs at a funeral
  • Aries:Went on the roof with Sagittarius because funerals are lame
  • Taurus:Low-key wants to get underneath the table with Gemini because of food
  • Gemini:Sneaks underneath the table and snatches food when no one's looking
  • Cancer:Tries to cry quietly but has the sniffles during the moment of silence and is embarrassed
  • Leo:Practiced crying in front of the mirror at home to know what to say to the family that lost
  • Virgo:Genuinely hurt, but partially because it's an attention contest between them and Scorpio
  • Libra:The only reason why they showed was to look fabulous and sad
  • Scorpio:Is midkey salt because of Virgo, but blames moodiness on the funeral
  • Sagittarius:With Aries, brought beer-- one to pour for the homie, the rest is for the both of them
  • Capricorn:Says/does nothing throughout the service but enters and leaves with "I'm sorry for your loss" and a handshake
  • Aquarius:Hides in the back of the room to prevent social encounters
  • Pisces:Tries not to laugh at keywords like "duty" and is forced to sit in the back of the room for uncontrollable snickering

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