Nette & I plan our workouts via google docs

I’ve told you guys this before I believe. I plan the nutrition and lifting and she plans the cardio workouts. & I opened this weeks to this header..


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(Spontaneous night, many months ago @ Taboo, Singapore)

I love spontaneous nights out. Downing drinks. Exploring new places. Eating till our pants burst. Bumping into familiar faces. Acting like nothing has changed. Actually nothing has changed lah. Drinking gross drinks. Drinking good drinks. Drinking. Going around with a smashed face. Dancing like no tomorrow.

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E: Now unfortunately we couldn’t bring her into the studio, but here we have- live herself, Miss Cassie Neil!
C: Hola Ellen! Can you hear me alright?
E: Perfect, doll. So! I’ve seen Portia scrolling through your photos many times, I must admit, I’m a bit jealous. I’m thinking of getting the same haircut as you- what uh, what do you think?
C: *laughs* I think you’d look even hotter with it, send me pics when it’s done!
E: Will do, now people keep saying they’ve seen you reportedly with uh, an author guy named Charlie? I think it was? Charlie, Charles, something?
C: Cap'n Aulette! Yes, yes. He is one of my very best friends. He’s so amazing, and so strong, and I just loved him when I first saw him
E: Aw well that’s sweet! Now we also heard you like Patrick? The uh, the starfish guy from spongebob?
E: *laughs* Alright, alright wow, well we’re sending you over all the Patrick Starfish merchandise we could find
C: *shrieks* OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!
E: *laughing* Yeah-yes! I thought you’d like it. So um, a particular fan tweeted in, wanting to know if you would say Charlie is your starfish?
C: My starfish? Charlie is practically everything. He’s the girlfriend you need when you’re down in the dumps, he’s the 5 year old from pre school who used to pull on your pigtails. He’s the cooking partner, the awkward loner kinda guy you meet in High School. Charlie is my Patrick. He’s always there for me and he’s just- he’s such a great guy you know? But yes, Charlie is definitely my starfish, but he’s not just that- I mean. Charlie is practically life itself because he’s so full of just- everything. 

- Cassie Neil on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 29.01.13