FAQ Series: Royal Glossary of Terms

Abdicate: To give up, as in one’s succession place or the throne
Queen Beatrix abdicated the throne in favor of her son.

Abolish: To do away with
Greece chose to abolish its monarchy in favor of a republic in 1973.

Absolute monarchy: A form of government in which the ruling sovereign has total power 
An absolute monarchy is mostly a thing of the past, but Lichtenstein’s constitution gives one of the closest modern examples of an absolute ruling sovereign prince’s powers.

Accession: To reach the top of the order of succession.
Prince Charles’ accession will take place upon his mother’s death.

Aristocrat: An untitled individual of the highest social class; sometimes shortened to “aristo”
Prince Harry’s former girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, is a popular example of an       English aristocrat.

Banns: A written proclamation of the intent to marry; traditionally read in front of a congregation of people
The reading of a royal couple’s banns of marriage is a historic ceremonial         tradition in some countries, most notably Sweden, that usually takes place a       few weeks prior to the wedding.

Black tie: A semi-formal style of dress worn after 6 PM
Men wear an evening waistcoat or dinner jacket. Women wear an evening         gown.

Civil ceremony: A legally-recognized marriage ceremony performed by a government official; also referred to as a civil wedding or civil marriage
Royal civil ceremonies usually take place a few days prior to the religious         ceremony and are traditionally smaller affairs.

Consort: The spouse of a reigning monarch
Queen Mathilde is a queen consort, meaning she is queen by right of               marriage, not birth.

Constitutional monarchy: A form of government in which the ruling sovereign’s power is determined and restricted by the constitution
This type of monarchy is the more frequently seen in today’s world.

Coronation: a formal ceremony involving the placement of a crown on the new monarch’s (and/or consort’s) head, officially marking the beginning of a new reign
Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation was held 16-months after her actual                 ascension, due to the mourning period for her father.

Count: a noble rank below a marquess but above a viscount; known as “Earl” in some countries

Countess: The feminine form of Count or Earl; can be held by right of marriage or in one’s own right

Courtesy title: A non-substantive title that is based upon usage, not law, and is not inherited or directly bestowed by a monarch; it can be used to mean the title held by an heir or those used by members of abolished monarchies
Crown Prince Pavlos is the heir to an abolished monarchy (Greece). He holds the title of crown prince by courtesy only. 
Heirs to noble titles (such as James, Viscount Severn) usually hold one of their father’s lesser titles as a courtesy title.

Crown Prince: A hereditary title used by certain royal families to indicate whom will inherit the throne
As heir, Crown Prince Frederik is titled differently than his younger brother       Prince Joachim.

Crown Princess: The female counterpart of crown prince; usually held by female heirs and wives of male heirs
Crown Princess Victoria is the future monarch of Sweden.
Crown Princess Mary is the wife of Denmark’s heir apparent, Crown Prince     Frederik.

Defunct: No longer in use
The titles of abolished monarchies are considered to be defunct.

Dowager: The widow of a titled male
A dowager queen is the widow of a deceased king. 

Duchess: The feminine form of Duke; can be held by right of marriage or in one’s own right
Catherine is the Duchess of Cambridge because she is married to the male bearer of that title.
Princess Madeleine is the Duchess of Halsingland and Gastrikland because that title was bestowed to her, in her own right, by the king.

Duke: a title that can indicate a member of the nobility (ranking just under the monarch), or a monarch ruling over a duchy/dukedom
Prince William is now formally referred to as The Duke of Cambridge because   the title of duke outranks the title of prince.
Luxembourg is the only remaining area with a monarchial duke.

Earl: A noble title indicating rule of an earldom; ranking below a marquess but above a viscount; known as "Count” in some countries

Enthronement: a formal ceremony marking the beginning of a new reign, similar to a coronation, but without the placement of a crown
Albert II of Monaco had an enthronement, instead of a coronation, because      of his princely status.

Grand duke: The sovereign ruler of a grand duchy; below a king, but higher than a sovereign prince
Luxembourg is the only nation currently ruled over by a grand duke.

Heir: The person first in line to the throne

Heir apparent: An heir whom cannot be displaced; a concrete position, unless extraordinary circumstances take place
Catharina-Amalia is heir apparent in the Netherlands because a future               brother would not displace her.

Heir presumptive: An heir whom can be displaced; a tentative position
Leonor is Spain’s heir presumptive because a future brother would displace     her.

Hereditary title: A title that is automatically inherited according to a set tradition or precedence 
Most noble titles, like Earl of Wessex or Duke of Kent, are hereditary and are     traditionally inherited by the eldest son.

HIH: The style used by members of an imperial family 
His Imperial Highness/Her Imperial Highness

HM: The style used by a reigning monarch and/or consort 
is Majesty/Her Majesty

HRH: The style used by most members of a royal family 
is Royal Highness/Her Royal Highness

HSH: The style used by members of a princely family 
His Serene Highness/Her Serene Highness

Illegitimate: Children born out of wedlock (to non-married parents) 
In most cases, illegitimate children are not given succession rights.

Name Day: A public celebration of a royal’s birthday
Victoriadagen is the official celebration of Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday.   Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday celebration is marked by a parade event   called Trooping the Colour.

Investiture: A ceremony in which someone is given a new title or honor; occasionally interchanged with enthronement or coronation
Willem-Alexander’s investiture ceremony was held on the same day his           mother officially abdicated as queen. 

Monarch: The head of state in a monarchy; usually the king or queen regnant
Felipe VI is the current monarch of Spain.

Morganatic marriage: A marriage where there is no gaining of succession rights, styles, or titles by the spouse or resulting children
A rare occurrence in modern royal times.

Morning dress: a formal daytime dress code; usually consists of a morning coat (with tails) and top hat for men and a knee-length or midi-length dress (not gown) and hat/fascinator for women
Morning dress is the traditional dress code for Royal Ascot and most                daytime weddings (i.e. the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s).

Noble title: a title held by a member of the nobility; usually held by a non-royal individual (ex: the Duke of Northumberland), but the title itself may have a royal history, even if the current bearer does not possess an HRH
Many royals also hold noble titles in addition to royal titles, such as HRH           Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

Parure: A matching set of jewels intended to be worn together
The Napoleonic Amethyst Tiara is part of a parure.

Popular monarchy: A type of monarchy in which the sovereign’s popularity with the people determines his or her power
Belgium is the only popular monarchy in a existence today; this explains why   King Philippe is known as King of the Belgians instead of the king of Belgium.

Pretender: The claimant or heir claimant to a defunct throne

Primogeniture: The preference given to the order of succession.
Spain and Monaco have male-primogeniture laws, meaning male heirs come   before female heirs (in a respective family), regardless of age.
Great Britain recently adopted absolute, or equal, primogeniture which             allows the eldest child to inherit, regardless of gender.

Prince Consort: A formal title that may be granted to the spouse of a queen regnant
Queen Margrethe II gave her husband Prince Henrik the title of Prince               Consort in 2005. 
Although Prince Philip is the consort (spouse) of Queen Elizabeth II, he has     not been formally bestowed the title of Prince Consort (with a capital C).

Principality: A sovereign state, not large enough to be a country, ruled over by a prince
The principality of Monaco is governed by its sovereign prince, Albert II.

Queen dowager: the surviving widow of a king
Queen Noor is considered a queen dowager because she is the widow of
King Hussein of Jordan.

Queen mother: a woman who is a simultaneous dowager queen and mother of a reigning monarch
Elizabeth Bowles-Lyon was a queen mother from the time of her husband’s       death in 1952 until her own in 2002.

Regent: The guardian of a young monarch who is not yet old enough to reign/The temporary substitute for an absent monarch
Princess Benedikte acted as regent when her queenly sister and princely           nephews were out of the country on holiday.

Regnal name: A name, other than a given name, adopted by a monarch at the time of his/her accession to rule under
Prince Albert, Duke of York chose to rule under the regnal name King George   VI when he took the throne in 1936.

Regnant: In his or her own right.
Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Margrethe are both queens regnant, meaning     by right of birth, not marriage.

Sovereign: an individual that holds supreme power, usually a monarch
King Harald V is Norway’s current sovereign monarch, although most               contemporary sovereigns are just figureheads.

Style: A manner of address often used in reference to members of a royal family
Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine of Sweden
His Majesty The King of Spain

Subsidiary title: A lesser title that is held, but not regularly used; sometimes referred to as “secondary titles”
The Princess of Asturias holds several subsidiary titles, including Princess     of Girona and Princess of Viena.
The title of Viscount Severn is one of the Earl of Wessex’s subsidiary titles.    His son and heir, James, is referred to as Viscount Severn by courtesy. 

Substantive title: A title that is based upon law and one that usually follows the bearer’s name
Princess Catharina-Amalia holds the substantive title Princess of Orange.

Succession: The order of inheritance to a throne
Princess Isabella is third in Denmark’s line of succession.

Title: a form of identification by which royals and nobles are distinguished
Carl XVI Gustaf holds the title of King of Sweden by right of inheritance.
Prince Daniel holds the title of Prince of Sweden by royal decree.

White tie: The most formal style of dress code; Worn after 6 PM to state dinners, formal balls, and evening weddings
Men wear waistcoats or tailcoats with white bow ties, women wear ball             gowns and tiaras. State decorations are also worn.

Disclaimer: Every attempt was made to simplify the information here to improve overall understanding, sometimes at the expense of technicalities. Definitions provided here are intended to contextualized as applied to royalty and not any broader applications. *Read: Please don’t bless me out over small-ish details or inconsistencies; If you spot an error that majorly affects the understanding of something, privately and politely message me so we can discuss it. 

To be updated as necessary. Part II pending.

I only kiss on dates

The autumn wind tickled your barely visible face, your white wool scarf covering nearly everything but your eyes and nose. Your camel coat hugged your body, making you feel so cosy and keeping you warm. Clutching your fresh cup of coffee you stroll through the busy London streets admiring your surroundings. Newly moved here from a relatively small remote village from Ireland, the pace of, well everything, amazes you. No one acknowledging one another, being too preoccupied with their own work load or some thing or another. You had today off, your teaching job letting you stay home during the weekends. 

Your small frame made everyone look like a giant compared to you. At only five foot two nearly everyone towered over you. You weren’t that bothered about it anymore, growing used to, and loving your petite curvy body just the way it is. You had a body to kill for, and with the gym visits lately your health radiating through made you look a million bucks. After enjoying your walk, you start making your way home, set on grading the last 5 essays for this semester. On your way home you pick up a bottle of wine, to enjoy with your dinner later.

You get home to a text from Eleanor telling you you’re all going out tonight. By all she means you, her and about a dozen other friends from college. You and Eleanor have been friends since you were 15 and 10 years later the friendship is still as strong as it was a decade prior.After your recent break up you’re not really looking for anything too serious, making your visits to the club with your friends a lot more fun. Heck, you’re only 25 if you can’t live now, then when? And with that, you waste no time replying, telling her to come to your apartment at around 9. You make yourself that dinner, wash it down with a glass of wine and enjoy your cat’s company for a while before heading to your bedroom to start getting ready. 

You start the shower and blast some music on your speaker while you wash yourself. It was tradition after all. After getting out, you decide t pick your outfit while your body dries off. You settled on a red body con midi length dress, stopping just above the knee, with a pair of nude pumps you wore way too much. That dress made your skin look a caramel color, and made your chocolate brown locks look divine. Hair and makeup was easy, choosing to go for bouncy waves and a brown smoky eye. You looked good, Eleanor even acknowledging it. 

The club was busy, but it was a more select location, giving you space to breathe and clean usable bathrooms. You head straight for the bar, ordering a scotch and downing it in one go. Your party girl status still intact from college. Making your way to the crowded dance floor you decide to let loose for a little. The music taking control of your actions you started swaying your hips and dancing like there was no one there but you. It felt good, your senses all blurred from the whiskey, all you cold hear was the music and your matching heart beat. You loved dancing , it was a release for you and every time you had a chance to get your groove on was always greatly appreciated.

You were aware of the eyes laid upon your swaying body but as the 5th song ended you decided it was time for a break. As you near the bar, you notice and empty stool and run towards it, your feet needing a little time off. You turn to the bartender and order another whiskey. You take your time to take in your surroundings. You loved this place, especially the out door balcony over looking central London. The balcony was huge and there were so many plants and shrubbery there it felt like a heavenly get away. You decided to take your whiskey outside, to let your body cool down from all that dancing. 

There's no one outside, actually apart from you, there was one other person, a man. He looked to be about your age, maybe a bit older, with black hair slicked back into a bun. From the back you could tell he is well built, taller than you in your heels, but not by too much. You figured about five foot seven. His black jacket hung effortlessly on his broad shoulders, making him look oh so good from the back. He’s smoking, the smoke encircling him, making him look other worldly. He’s not even facing you and he already takes your breath away. 

You walk towards a bench outside, sitting about 10 feet away from this beautiful man. 

“ Aren’t you cold out here?” the words snap you out of your trance and you look up, only to lock eyes with his. You couldn’t muster a word. He literally took your breath away. Facial hair just perfectly groomed, pink plump lips curling into a smirk and those eyes, oh those eyes, not leaving yours for one second. 

“ I came here to cool down, too hot inside.” You both knew that was a lie. The place was air conditioned throughout the year, making it quite chilly at times. He took his time replying, taking his eyes from yours only knew that was a lie. The place was air conditioned throughout the year, making it quite chilly at times. He took his time replying, taking his eyes from yours lowering them and bringing them back up to meet yours.

“Fair enough, I’m Kit.” He held out his hand and you shook it, not failing to realise how it engulfed yours, sending a jolt down your spine. Or maybe it was the chilly night. You’ll never know. 

“Nice to meet you,” You tell him your name, but you already knew who he was, having  watched Game of Thrones religiously and Spooks Pompeii and any other film he’s appeared in. You let that go and get a little braver, finally your second drink beginning to kick in. 

You invite him to sit down beside you, him accepting almost immediately sitting a little too close. You didn’t tell him to move, enjoying the closeness. You spend a fair amount of time chatting hitting it off extremely well. His job came up and you admitted to watching him, not wanting to lie right off the bat. He was on his fourth whiskey as you were on your third when things started getting a little more interesting. Your hand grabbing his arm jokingly, his hand sweeping past your thigh  on more than one occasion, stolen glances every now and then, you were aware of the tension starting to build up. He takes matters into his own hands when he grabs your thigh while softly whispering sweet nothings in your ear, just to get to be close to you. You let him, loving every second of it, not wanting it to end any time soon. 

After shamelessly flirting he decides to take things further, pulling you onto his lap, letting his hands rest on your hips dangerously close to your ass. He looks at you, his smirk taking hold of his features making him look irresistible. You smile back, now obviously more comfortable around him. 

With that he inches closer, you mirror his actions, eagerly waiting something, anything. Instead he brings his lips to your ear, biting it lightly, eliciting a moan from you before whispering in your ear.

“I only kiss on dates.” With that he slips his phone number into my hand helping me to my feet, while walking away, only to turn around and mouth ’ Call me ’ before entering the club and disappearing from your sight. 

You stand there for a while, shocked and extremely pleased. You examine the piece of paper with his number on it, smiling like a fool. You turn to look out of the balcony while putting his number into your phone. 

He’s definitely getting a call tomorrow.


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“It’s 2 o'clock, you’d best be ready.”
Jungkook’s whispered from outside the bedroom door, he’d only given you an hour to get ready and with you being somewhat a perfectionist it seemed an impossible task, though to your own amazement you were ready for whatever surprise he had planned. You looked yourself over in the mirror one final time, you decided to wear significantly different makeup from what you would usually wear, opting for a simple cat eye with fluttery eyelashes and a bold burgundy lip. 

“Come in!” You replied, giggling to yourself as you played with the tendrils of loosely curled hair that framed your face, you draped your leather jacket over your shoulders, the weather looked somewhat unpredictable from the view of the window and you decided not to risk only wearing a loose fitting t shirt and high waisted shorts. The door opened in one swift moment, Jungkook stood in the doorway with his arms folded over his broad chest. He was wearing an oversized white t shirt, blue ripped skinny jeans and his favourite golden Timberland boots. You turned to face him, your gaze caught his momentarily and to your surprise he was already staring at you with a confused expression, he chuckled lightly to himself before widening his eyes and entering the room, 

“Oh my god. You’re actually ready? Wow.” He patronised, his voice laced with sarcasm. 

“Shut up. Where are we going?” You asked, before walking past him and heading to the door, Two strong arms snaked round your waist and pulled your body back into his hard torso, he rested his chin on top of your head before spinning you around so you were inches away from his face, 

“The real question is, where do you think you’re going without me?” From this angle he looked both undeniably and unattainably handsome. His jawline was as sharp as knives, his full lips curved into a shy smile as he looked down at you with warm eyes. The next thing you knew his mouth was on yours, kissing you softly. He held the back of your head with one hand, and gripped onto your hip with the other, pulling you closer. Everything in that moment was perfect, you were left slightly dazed when he pulled away from you, taking your hand in his. “Come on, let’s go.”

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